Hallmark Star Brennan Elliott Shares Devastating Health News About His Wife

Brennan Elliott, who has starred in Hallmark movies including "All of My Heart" and "The Perfect Pairing," has shared some devastating news with his fans: his wife Cami is battling stage IV metastatic stomach cancer. The actor revealed the sad update on Instagram, explaining that his wife "forges ahead into spring taking on the one of the most aggressive types of chemotherapy and immunotherapy."

The couple wed in 2011 and share two children, a boy and a girl. Although Elliot has mostly kept his private life under wraps, he did share that Cami is the "genius of the family" with a Ph.D., and her dedication to their family is what has allowed him to pursue his acting dreams. "Well, behind every strong man is a strong woman, let me tell ya," Elliot told My Devotional Thoughts. "If she wasn't taking care of the kids and taking care of our whole life, I wouldn't be able to go off for months at a time and work."

In addition, Elliot disclosed in his Instagram post that Cami has already fought "several bouts of cancer" through the years, and in 2019 he posted a tribute to her in honor of World Cancer Day on Twitter. Now with this latest diagnosis, Elliot is asking fans to send out positive thoughts and prayers for his wife, writing, "there is no one I consider braver, stronger, more fearless even when you're faced with a sinister opponent who never plays fair. Even after countless surgeries and chemotherapy rounds."

Brennan Elliot's friends are sending love to his wife as she battles cancer

After Brennan Elliot revealed on Instagram that his wife, Cami, is battling stage IV stomach cancer, a host of famous friends sent their well wishes to the couple. Cameron Mathison, who also faced his own battle with cancer, wrote in the comments of the post, "Thinking of you both and sending so much love. Love you guys." And "Mean Girls" star Lacey Chabert, who has co-starred with Elliot in several Hallmark movies, shared, "We love you guys and are holding you close in our hearts. Cami is stronger than anyone I know. We are praying for you and sending all our love." 

The news comes three weeks after Elliot signed an exclusive, multi-picture deal with Crown Media Family Networks, which owns Hallmark. "It's been a dream to have worked with the wonderfully creative and supportive team at Hallmark over the years," he said per Deadline. "I'm thrilled to continue this relationship that's meant so much to me and have the opportunity to bring to life new characters and tell stories that will make people smile."