If You're A Capricorn, These Are Probably Your Favorite Types Of Songs

Have you ever worked with someone who insisted on taking charge of every project, putting in more hours than necessary, and not stopping until they finished — long before the deadline? If so, they just might have been a Capricorn or have a Capricorn moon sign.

Per Allure, Capricorns are born between December 22 and January 19 and are well-known for their determination and unbelievable work ethic. Although they may seem uptight, the earth sign actually loves to have fun and blow off steam after a long day of work.

One way Capricorns might unwind is by listening to music, which, as Healthline notes, is great for your mental health. If you're a Capricorn looking for some Spotify recommendations, your zodiac sign might just be the key to curating the perfect playlist. From songs that will stimulate your intellectual side, to tunes that will leave you feeling nostalgic, we know the music that Capricorns are sure to enjoy. 

Capricorns will enjoy older tunes

According to Bustle, Capricorns tend to enjoy tradition, drawing them to older songs rather than whatever new hit may be trending at the moment, so they'll be likely to enjoy vintage music.

Capricorns looking for an older sound to vibe likely love Queen. Although the rock band formed back in the 1970s, it's still beloved today. If you want to go even further back in time, try The Beatles. The iconic British group has remained popular decade after decade and will probably never lose its massive fan base. If you aren't sure where to start, Rolling Stone has ranked their top 100 songs.

Classical music is another excellent option for the Capricorn sign. One of the most famous composers of all time is 18th-century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, per Britannica. Much of his music is soothing, which may help a busy Capricorn unwind or even help them focus while working on a big project; check out this YouTube video from Halidonmusic which features several hours of calming tunes from the composer. 

Capricorns should check out songs that reflect their feelings

Livingly noted that Capricorns often hide their emotions and may initially struggle when they develop real feelings for someone as it goes against their seemingly unemotional exterior. Music can be a good way of helping Capricorns get in touch with their feelings and address some of their most toxic relationship traits. The outlet recommends Dua Lipa's "Break My Heart," which relates to a Capricorn's worries of getting heartbroken as summed up by the line "I hope I'm not the only one that feels it all."

Another moody song that can help Capricorns as they navigate love is "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri, as lyrics like "I've learned to live, half alive" can remind Capricorns of the emotional side they may try to conceal.

Music can also help Capricorns tap into more upbeat emotions. HuffPost explained that this sign is typically confident and doesn't need to depend on anyone else. A fun pop song that reflects Capricorn's independence is "Love Myself" by Hailee Steinfeld. Capricorns don't need anybody besides themselves to be happy, and this song recognizes that with lines like "I love me! I'm gonna love myself, no I don't need anybody else."

Motivational songs match driven Capricorn energy

Capricorns are determined to succeed, which is why The Daily Targum recommends they listen to Tears For Fears' "Everybody Wants To Rule the World." The lyrics "So glad we've almost made it, so sad they had to fade it, everybody wants to rule the world" scream ambitious Capricorn

Another inspirational song that reflects Capricorn's outlook on life is the classic "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. While this song's iconic chorus reflects Capricorn's resilience, a verse lyric reminds us of Capricorn's realistic attitude: "Some will win, some will lose," as Capricorns know that as hard as they try, not everyone will win in the end, and that's okay.

Elite Daily explained that Capricorns have praiseworthy determination, so they might enjoy "The Greatest" by Sia as it's all about refusing to back down when faced with challenges. Motivational lyrics include "I see another mountain to climb, but I got stamina" and "Don't give up, I won't give up!"

Capricorns will enjoy music by other Capricorns

Capricorns should explore music by musicians of their sign, as they'll be likely to enjoy their sound and relate to their lyrics. For example, singer Dove Cameron is a Capricorn, and her hit song "Boyfriend" depicts her Capricorn determination. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the song is from the point of view of a girl who's trying to prove to her crush that she'd be better for her than her current boyfriend. Throughout it, you can feel her determination through intense lyrics like "What am I gonna do? Not grab your wrist? I can be a better boyfriend than him" and "up all night, I won't quit."

The talented Hayley Williams is the lead singer and writer of Paramore as well as a solo artist, performing all of the instruments on her album "Flowers for Vases / Descansos" (via Apple Music). Her many musical talents are giving us major Capricorn energy! Her sign also explains why so many of Paramore's songs reflect a Capricorn mindset. For example, the song, "That's What You Get" seems to warn listeners of the pain that can result in listening to your heart over your head. We can just imagine how a practical, realistic Capricorn might smirk when listening to this down-to-earth song. 

Pop-punk is perfect for edgy Capricorns

Pop-punk may not be everyone's jam, but this genre of music will pair wonderfully with a Capricorn's edgier side, as YourTango explained that when this seemingly uptight sign commits to a night of partying, it's unbelievably wild and fun.

If you're a Capricorn looking to explore an edgy band, you should check out Fall Out Boy. Most Fall Out Boy songs have a similar punk-inspired sound, and their party-focused song "Dance Dance" will appeal to any Capricorn who's ready to show off their moves after a couple of drinks. Another pop-punk band is All Time Low, and Billboard noted that their song "Monsters" was a big success. "Monsters" features pop star Demi Lovato and presents a balance of edgy lyrics and a rocking beat, making it perfect for Capricorns. 

YourTango also noted that Capricorns can be quite flirty when they're immersed in the party scene, so they'll likely love Machine Gun Kelly's pop-punk ballad "Bloody Valentine." The sexy lyrics "I don't do fake love but I'll take some from you tonight, I know I've got to go but I might just miss the flight" paired with a dance-worthy beat will tempt Capricorns to let out their seductive sides or at least let loose on the dance floor.