Here's What It Really Means If You Have A Capricorn Moon Sign

Most people only know their sun signs. That's the zodiac sign most associated with your personality based on when you were born, but there's so much more insight you can learn by knowing your entire birth chart. Your moon sign can actually tell you a lot about your emotional energy, according to Stars Like You. While your sun sign is what is reflected on the outside, it's your moon sign that most reflects your inner emotions, obsessions, and longings, according to Cosmopolitan

That's why it's important to find out your birth chart. According to Allure, your birth chart tells you the location of all the planets at the time of your birth. From there, you can determine things like your moon sign, your rising sign, and even your Venus sign. So, what you'll need in order to determine yours is your date of birth, time of birth, and exact location. If you know your birth chart and happen to have your moon sign in Capricorn, that might mean that you're a very responsible person.

People with a Capricorn moon have their emotions in check

Capricorn is an Earth sign, which means it's very grounding (via HelloGiggles). If you have a Capricorn sun sign, you may be very pragmatic and determined. And since moon signs are more internal, if you have a Capricorn moon sign, you're a very pragmatic person who has your emotions in check. According to Cafe Astrology, you're a competent person. That doesn't mean you can't be stressed out and worried on the inside, but you keep your cool on the outside.

In fact, Your Tango says that people with a Capricorn moon are very grounded and self-sufficient. You may even be the person in the group project who kind of takes over, but that's only because you want to get the "A" you deserve. You've got big goals and you won't let anyone get in your way. This is why you share a Capricorn moon with celebrities like Cher and Sarah Jessica Parker (via Metaphorical Platypus). Even Cher has a very iconic Capricorn moon quote from her Dateline interview in 1996, when she said didn't need to settle down with a rich man. As she put it, "'Mom, I am a rich man'" (via Bustle). As a Capricorn moon, you don't need anyone either to achieve all your goals.