Chase And Savannah Chrisley Share Sweet Birthday Wishes For Their Dad

Happy birthday, Todd Chrisley! The USA Network reality star is celebrating his 53rd trip around the sun, with lots of love from both his family and over 2 million Instagram fans. The television personality first captured our hearts as the patriarch of the long-running series "Chrisley Knows Best" in 2014. While viewers appreciate the businessman's over-the-top personality and strong values, it's his deep love for his family that draws him the most affection. For example, Todd and Julie Chrisley's relationship is very strong, and he's also very close to his mother Faye, his granddaughter Chloe, and most of his five children (via Parade).

Despite falling out with his oldest daughter Lindsie, and only recently reconnecting with his eldest son, Kyle, the Georgia-native has always enjoyed an especially close bond with Chase, Savannah, and Grayson. In honor of their dad's special day, the stars of "Growing Up Chrisley" took to their respective social media platforms to share sweet messages for their father.

Todd Chrisley is Savannah Chrisley's best friend

On April 6, Chase Chrisley posted a sweet selfie with his father, Todd Chrisley, from their most recent trip to Lake Tahoe, captioned a heartfelt birthday message. In his Instagram caption, Chase thanks his father for all of the support he's given to him and the rest of their close-knit family. "We love and appreciate you more than anything! Love you pops," he wrote. 

For her special tribute, Savannah Chrisley shared a slideshow of images with her "best friend." In addition to a few snazzy selfies and candids, Savannah shared an adorable throwback picture from her childhood that has fans aw-ing. 

In her lengthy Instagram caption, she reveals that she's extremely grateful that Todd is her dad. She wrote, "You are the strongest, most loving, God fearing man that I know. Thank you for always showing up...thank you for being the best dad...and thank you for showing me how a man should lead his family." She also called him "America's favorite dad," which simply shows how much they've felt the love of the masses over the years.

Both Chase and Savannah's comment sections are flooded with more well wishes for the beloved birthday boy. "Happy birthday to your dad @toddchrisley. May today be filled with joyful, precious moments," one user replied to Savannah's post. Meanwhile, another said, "Those are beautiful words @savannahchrisley!! Happy Birthday @toddchrisley."