Who Creates All Of Lizzo's Iconic Manicures?

We can never get enough of Lizzo's fun, dance-worthy music. We love how her songs have such unapologetically confident lyrics, such as "Bling-bling then I solve 'em, that's the goddess in me," in her breakout hit "Truth Hurts," and "hair toss, check my nails, baby how you feeling? Feeling good as hell" in her upbeat song, "Good as Hell." With a current count of 12.1 million followers on Instagram, it's no wonder why the beautiful musician is so confident!

Lizzo is not only known for her musical talent but also for her body positivity and influence on the fashion and beauty worlds. She's worn a plethora of iconic outfits and even created a shapewear brand called Yitty, a brand meant to make women of all shapes and sizes happy (via Instagram). We can never get enough of her various looks either, whether she's rocking bold pink hair or a more subtle soft glam look. In addition to her hair and makeup, we're constantly obsessing over her beautiful manicures, which made us want to learn about her talented nail artist.

Eri Ishizu is Lizzo's nail artist

Eri Ishizu does Lizzo's manicures, as she even has a highlight devoted to Lizzo on her Instagram page, where the musician has shown excitement for the nail artist's work. Currently having 32,300 followers on Instagram and representation from Opus Beauty, Ishizu seems incredibly successful in her career as a nail artist. Not only does she do Lizzo's nails, but her Instagram indicates that she's also worked for other big-name stars such as Laverne Cox, Queen Latifa, and Jennifer Lopez. We'd do anything for the chance to get a manicure from Ishizu!

One look that she did for Lizzo that we'll never get over was her gold, sparkly, super-long nails from her hit song "Rumors" featuring the one and only Cardi B. In an interview with Page Six, Ishizu explained that creating these nails was a time-consuming project, saying: "I think they took like two and a half hours because I had to place all of the stones individually." While this wasn't an easy job, the final product couldn't have looked better.

Some of Lizzo's iconic manicures

As obsessed as we are with Lizzo's elaborate nails from "Rumors," we had to point out some of her other iconic manicures, as we're blown away by the singer's ability to pull off such a wide variety of styles. One of her most fun and playful looks was a long pink manicure that spelled out "LIZZO 100" with a different letter and number on each nail in a graffiti-inspired font. Eri Ishizu completed the look with some rhinestone details. The pink hue, daring letters and numbers, and bits of sparkle made this look the perfect blend of girly, edgy, and glamorous.

Furthermore, Ishizu helped the musician use nail art to make a statement at the 2020 Billboards awards. At this event, Lizzo wore black nails that clearly said "VOTE" in all white letters on her ring finger. She paired the manicure with a matching dress by the talented fashion designer Christian Siriano, and we admire her ability to use fashion and beauty to motivate viewers to exercise their rights to vote.

While we adore Lizzo's nails with fun patterns and letters, we still love to see her rock a solid-color manicure without the extra embellishments. The musician looked edgy yet elegant in straight, ultra-long all-black nails. While they were a classic black hue, their long length and sleek look made them anything but basic.

More iconic Lizzo manicures

We can't stop there! One of Lizzo's coolest manicures looked like it jumped right out of a futuristic movie. Eri Ishizu painted the musician's nails in black polish with a mesmerizing chrome pattern on each nail, tempting us to explore the chrome look. The Trend Spotter noted that chrome-inspired nails are super trendy; Lizzo nailed this trend to perfection.

Furthermore, Lizzo wore a fun and festive manicure for the holidays that was too cute not to share. Each nail had a different variation of a candy cane-inspired design, and the details were beautiful. We saw some candy cane swirls, snowflakes, and sparkle, and the manicure came together cohesively. Of course, Lizzo went all-out with her look, featuring green Grinch-inspired eyeshadow, a red outfit, and an intricate headpiece with green hair and ornaments.

Additionally, we had to include one of Lizzo's most unique manicures. This look featured semi-long, glossy-looking nails with tiny gold star-like details and sparkles on each nail. As dreamy as this looked on its own, Ishizu took this manicure to the next level by adding a Cuban chain detail at the cuticle area of each nail. We've never seen a manicure quite like this before, and we love all the details.

Last but not least, Lizzo's rocked one of the sparkliest manicures we've ever seen. Inspired by bubbles of ice and paired with a super tiny white Valentino purse, everything about this look screams glamour.