Melissa Rivers Gives A Heartbreaking Update On Her Adoption Journey

One of the things Melissa Rivers misses most about her late mom, legendary comedian Joan Rivers, is her advice. In fact, she's sad that she didn't listen to Joan when it came to expanding her family.

"I wish I had listened to my mother, who wanted me to retrieve eggs while I was in my 30s!" Rivers said in an interview with Chanel Omari on her "Chanel In The City" podcast. "Now, I'm like ... 'I should have done it,' you know? But so be it."

Melissa has one son, Cooper, whom she shares with ex-husband John Endicott. In 2017, Rivers told People that her "biggest regret as a parent was not having more children." She added, "I love it — I love being a mom. I always tell [my son] it's the best thing I've ever done, just having him."

With that in mind, the "Apprentice" alum has been seriously considering adoption for six years, she explained to Omari. "Certain times, it feels like the absolute right decision, [and] certain times, it doesn't feel like the right decision. It's obviously not something I'm taking lightly — I would say I'm about 80%."

But, now, it seems that Rivers might be having some doubts about her decision to adopt.

Melissa Rivers isn't sure it's fair to adopt a child at this point

While Melissa Rivers has been considering adoption for years, she's now unsure if it's the right thing to do. 

The former "The Bold and the Beautiful" actress told David Yontef of the "Behind The Velvet Rope" podcast, "I'm over 50. I'm a single person ... I'm sure I could make it work, but I've really come to the conclusion that I'm not sure it would be fair to a child."

Rivers added that, although she definitely wants to expand her family, she is putting the potential child first. 

"You have to check yourself and put someone else's needs in front of what you or someone else, in front of what you want," she said. "Do I still want it? 100%. Do I think is the right thing to do? I'm not sure anymore. And believe me, I've cried a lot at nights with that realization."

In the meantime, Rivers is enjoying the time she spends with her son, Cooper. "The best legacy that I can give my mother — that everyone can give their parent — is to raise a good and decent child," Melissa told People. "One who gives back and has a clear understanding of not just being good, but doing good as well. Cooper is my mom's greatest legacy."