The Perfect Piercing For A Virgo

Virgos are some of the most intelligent, hardworking people in the zodiac realm. Before getting into a relationship with a Virgo, though, it's important to remember that this sign can also be a bit judgmental. According to Allure, people belonging to this Earth sign are born between August 23 and September 22 and have realistic, logic-based mindsets. What everyone gets wrong about Virgos is that while people think this sign acts judgy to be mean, they're typically just trying to help because they care. While they may not show it at first, Virgos have softer, sweeter sides to their personalities despite their tendency to criticize.

Furthermore, YourTango explained that Virgos are more likely to be perfectionists than any of the other signs. Since this Earth sign desires to appear perfect, they'll likely obsess over their outfits and makeup with little patience for flaws. Additionally, this perfectionist attitude will make them want to be 100% sure they like a piercing before booking their appointment. Fortunately, we know which piercing will please a perfectionist Virgo!

A cool cartilage piercing fits the Virgo vibe

Virgos are naturally critical and logical, so they probably won't like flashy piercings that society enjoys for a short period before interest fades out when the trend is over. As such, HelloGiggles notes that this Earth sign will enjoy rocking a cartilage piercing. We've seen people wearing these sleek piercings for years, and while they're not necessarily head-turning, they match any type of outfit and add a bit of edge to your look, so they never seem to go out of style.

According to InStyle, Virgos are notoriously detail-oriented and it's this meticulous mindset that makes a cartilage piercing the perfect option. Since these piercings are typically small and off to the side of the ear, they're not immediately noticeable. However, Virgos pay attention to every detail and will admire the beautiful jewelry themselves. Unlike louder signs, Virgos don't feel the need to draw attention to themselves with face jewelry or larger piercings in more noticeable areas. So, they'll appreciate a subtle yet stylish cartilage piercing.

Whether you decide to get a simple yet chic stud earring or a slightly bolder hoop style, this piercing will never fail to add a bit of pizazz to your look without overdoing it. Maybe you'll like your piercing so much you'll decide to get another for a fun stacked style!

What to expect when you get his piercing

If you're a Virgo, you probably want to know exactly what to expect from the piercing itself to the aftercare required of your new bling before you even book your appointment. Bustle explained that physically getting the piercing can cause a painful pinching sensation, but it shouldn't feel too excruciating, and it'll be over before you know it. However, you should expect to feel sore after the fact, as these piercings take a long time to heal — some can even take up to a whole year.

Additionally, Healthline stated that cartilage piercings have a tendency to get irritated. To avoid this issue, clean your piercing consistently. Since Virgos are perfectionists, we expect that you'll do an excellent job with this! Healthline recommends only cleaning your piercing after you've washed your hands and using a saline solution or chamomile compress to cleanse the area. If you have any questions about cleaning your piercing, ask a medical professional or the person who gave you the piercing at your appointment.

One last thing to keep in mind is that this piercing may affect your sleep. Bustle explained that it's not a great idea to sleep on the piercing, which can be annoying for people who are most comfortable sleeping on that side. However, Virgos aren't afraid of the challenges that come with achieving perfection, and we know you'll want your piercing to heal as well as possible.