Names That Are Perfect For Pisces Babies

If only everyone had Pisces' empathetic, caring traits. According to InStyle, people belonging to this sign are born between February 19 and March 20 and are typically known for being dreamers. They also usually enjoy using art and romance as forms of escape from reality and sometimes they even have their heads in the clouds. While they may seem difficult to be around because of their emotional attitude and occasional pessimism, it's impossible not to love this sensitive yet sweet sign. Especially when you see how a warmhearted Pisces shows love.

According to Tarot, Pisces enjoy parenting with a loving, generous approach. One of the first (and most fun!) responsibilities every parent has is choosing a name for their child. Whether you're a Pisces parent trying to pick a name inspired by your sign, or you're a parent about to have a Pisces baby, we know some names that are perfect options for you.

Water-inspired names

Not only is Pisces a water sign, but its iconic symbol consists of two swimming fish (via Allure). Since water holds so much meaning for this sign, we recommend water-inspired names for Pisces babies, as these monikers connect your newborn to their origins. Aqua is a beautiful name, and explains that the word means water and refers to a soft blue-green color that reminds us of ponds and lakes. We also love the names Ocean and River for babies of all genders. For a girlier spin on the name River, Rivera sounds lovely as well (via ThoughtCo.).

Names with a magic flare

According to Horoscope, some dreamy Pisces have psychic powers, so why not use that amazing trait as inspiration? People often associate magic and psychic abilities with the moon and stars in the night sky, so we adore the name Star for a baby Pisces of any gender.

Scary Mommy also rounded up some excellent moon-inspired baby names, such as Selene, Jericho, Luna, Apollo, Chandra, Titan, Mona, Bader, and Larissa. We adore all of these unique names, and maybe choosing one of these monikers will inspire your child to tap into their psychic side in the future!

Weather-related names

PureWow noted that Pisces are extremely sensitive, and we know how moody a Pisces can be! We suggest leaning into that emotional personality as you think about different names for your baby. Since it sometimes feels like Pisces change their moods like the weather, we think that weather-inspired names are fitting for this sensitive sign. 

The names Storm and Stormy beautifully represent Pisces' emotional mindset. For more specific weather-related names, some unique choices include Rain, Sunny, Ray, Rainbow, Cloud, Misty, and Hailey (via Nameberry).

Naming your baby after a loved one

According to StyleCaster, Pisces are sentimental, deep thinkers. For this reason, sweet Pisces will enjoy being named after a loved one. If there's someone in your family who you're close to, we recommend talking with them about naming your baby after them. Not only is this an honor, but it will build a bond between them and your baby once the child is born.

On the other hand, if someone you loved passed away, naming your baby after them will make a lovely tribute to this person, and it gives you a story to tell your child when they're older.

Famous Pisces-inspired names

A fun way to honor your baby's Pisces roots is to name them after a famous Pisces. According to Glamour, some iconic Pisces celebrities whose personalities make so much sense include Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Dakota Fanning, Emily Blunt, Rashida Jones, Eva Longoria, Rebel Wilson, and Adam Levine.

Rihanna, Justin, Dakota, Emily, Rashida, Eva, Rebel, and Adam are all excellent name options, as some are traditional while others are a bit more unique. If you want to get creative with it, we like the idea of choosing one famous Pisces name for your baby's first name and another as their middle name! Maybe there's a Justin Adam or a Dakota Emily in your future.