This Is How Pisces Shows Love

When it comes to personalities and the different ways in which people operate, you can learn a lot from someone's astrology chart. For example, astrology can show you how you should start your day. Whether or not you believe in tarot, the stars, and/or the universe, it's still interesting to uncover new information about a person's personality based on their zodiac sign. For instance, the sign you were born under may help you to better understand your platonic and romantic interactions with others, as explained by YourTango.


Those born between February 19 and March 20 belong to the Pisces family. The water sign of the astrology world, Pisces are often identified by the fish symbol. Like every other zodiac sign, Pisces are differentiated by a host of distinct and interesting personality traits that explain how they tick. For example, Pisces' traits including being compassionate individuals who are artistic and very intuitive, according to Cosmopolitan UK. Pisces also tend to be gentle and wise. They like to showcase their passions through creative pursuits like poetry, art, and music — and they are similarly drawn to other artists. 

Pisces are ultimately selfless individuals who find worth in helping others and giving back. So, what does all this mean for their love lives?


This is how Pisces shows love in their friendships

Because Pisces are such loving people, they care equally about all the relationships in their lives. And while a friendship may not be a romantic relationship, Pisces will still demonstrate specific qualities that show they have been in close and serious friendships for long periods of time. According to, Pisces is a great friend to have, thanks to their sensitive and compassionate qualities. Moreover, as YourTango notes, Pisces might be one of the most trustworthy friends you'll ever have, enabling clear and open communication between the two of you. In other words, whether you need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to listen to your biggest concerns, Pisces will always be there to deliver thoughtful advice.


Pisces also love to put other people before themselves. While this can be seen as selfless and kind, it can backfire and put them in a bad situation themselves. Many times, Pisces are taken advantage of because of how giving and caring they can be. People will see their kindness and caring nature to be a weakness, which can do them absolutely no good in the long run. 

How Pisces approaches romance

In relationships, Pisces have a lot of love to give and showcase to their romantic partner. Of all of the zodiac signs, Pisces is known to be the most romantic. In fact, Pisces is totally ruled by emotions, Allure notes. The people of this sign are constantly looking for new ways to woo and romance their partner, whether that be emotionally or through gifts of admiration and affection. Pisces tend to look high and low for a romantic partner that they truly connect with. Because of this, individuals who are in the Pisces family fall quickly when they do feel that connection to someone else. However, on their search for love, they can oftentimes neglect their true morals and beliefs. 


When looking for relationships, Pisces do not like to be in flings or short-term love affairs. Pisces are always looking for the end-all, be-all romantic type of love. Think "Romeo and Juliet." They are always on the hunt and the search for the person to be "the one" and share their life with. Pisces will continue that search until they find the one they feel the most connection with, and even turn others away if it is not a perfect match. But, when they do find "the one," they give them their all, according to Vogue.

How a Pisces handles being in love

When a Pisces does find the right one for them, it's almost as if it's intuitive. Pisces are very intuitive people, so misleading them will not work. They always trust their gut and their heart. When they feel that the love match is there, they know it deeply and truly. However, they hesitate until they are 100% sure of their love match. They don't want to go in unless they feel it within themselves. When they do fall in love, they fall in head first, as explained by Thought Catalog


Once in love, Pisces devote themselves wholly to their partner. They are constantly going above and beyond to ensure the needs of their romantic partner are fully met. They fight for love, and they show admiration very deeply. However, Pisces tend to have a difficult time turning their emotions off, which can be a negative thing in a relationship when they need to face problems and issues overall, Bustle reminds us. They will think with their heart first, not their head.