The Perfect Piercing For A Libra

Does your friend group have that one person who tries to mediate every argument and keep the peace at all costs? If so, one of your friends is probably a Libra or at least has some of this air sign's traits. According to Allure, Libras are born between September 23 and October 22, and they crave harmony, as their symbol is a scale and they enjoy being social. They typically desire relationship,s and often think about the type of person they should marry, as they love romance.

Furthermore, Bustle noted that Libras are very creative. This zodiac sign is known for being drawn to beauty, so they're likely to enjoy creating artwork and admiring beautiful objects and people. Body modifications such as tattoos and piercings are great outlets for adding your creative flair to your appearance, so Libras are likely to have fun with body art and piercings, too. While Allure explained that this air sign is a bit indecisive, we know the perfect piercing for a Libra.

One earlobe piercing on each ear will satisfy a Libra

We know that Libras love beauty and sometimes struggle with making decisions, so we understand that you may have trouble choosing which piercing you want. After all, there are a plethora of intriguing options out there. However, PopSugar noted that the classic earlobe piercing on each ear will fulfill any Libra's desire for balance, as wearing one piece of jewelry in each ear gives off a harmonious vibe for a cohesive look.

In addition to lobe piercings suiting Libra's aesthetic preferences, this style of piercing is fitting for them because they're one of the most people-pleasing zodiac signs out of everyone (via PureWow). Although we disagree with people judging anyone or making assumptions about them because of their body modifications, not everyone is a fan of bolder piercings, such as nose, nipple, or belly button piercings. However, earlobe piercings are a more traditional option with a classy look, so we couldn't imagine anyone objecting to them. Plus, you can make your lobe piercings look as subtle or dramatic as you'd like through your choice of earrings to match the vibe of where you'll be going and who you're going to be around.

What to know about earlobe piercings

If you've never gotten a piercing before, you shouldn't feel too scared about getting your lobes pierced; Pierced explained that not only are earlobes the most common location that people request when getting their ears pierced, but most people get this type of piercing as their very first piercing, too. You shouldn't be too worried about the pain either, because FreshTrends explained that these types of piercings usually don't produce any more pain than a pinching feeling, as long as you remember to go to a trustworthy piercer who uses a needle instead of a piercing gun.

To keep your piercings clean and healthy, you must be diligent with cleaning them; luckily, lobe piercings usually only have a healing period of one or two months. According to Healthline, to ensure successful healing, you should treat cleaning your piercing like any other hygiene ritual, such as showering, and you should only touch your piercing when your hands are clean. You should gently dab it with a salt solution around three times daily and clean the area of the piercing any time you remove it. Furthermore, try to prevent yourself from sleeping directly on the piercing to avoid harming it.