If You're An Aries, This Is The House Plant You Should Get

People born under the fire sign of Aries (March 21-April 19) are represented by the headstrong ram (via Allure). The first sign in the zodiac wheel, Aries are very comfortable leading the charge and they jump headfirst into any goal, relationship, dream, or experience they set their sights on. They are unafraid to buck any obstacle out of their path and are unafraid of a challenge. This sign is also straightforward and honest and become frustrated with situations that feel overcomplicated or overly nuanced; they'd rather just cut right through it all and get to the point. 

This can sometimes make Aries appear hot-headed or self-centered, but few signs have softer hearts or more passionately caring natures. In fact, folks born under this fire sign can be incredibly invested caretakers where it comes to people, places, things, and causes they care about. 

So where it comes to raising houseplants, Aries could be particularly well-suited for the task if it's something they are passionate about, and astrologers and plant experts have ideas as to which plants are best suited to the house of a ram.  

Plants you'll love as an Aries

The Sill suggests that as an Aries, you might be drawn to raising an Orange Orchid. The fiery, beautiful blossoms of these plants evoke the same energy as the fascinating Aries. further, Orchids require careful, intentional care and a close eye, and because you aren't afraid of a challenge and love fussing over a living thing that you adore, the process of keeping an Orchid healthy and beautiful might be a hobby perfectly fit for you. 

The Spruce, on the other hand, thinks a cactus might be just the ticket for an Aries who is busy or constantly on the go outside the home. This is likely because there are a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and even colors where it comes to cacti, so you can find one that suits your particular tastes. They need very little care but, like you, enjoy sunshine and call to mind a sense of adventure.   

Other plants to suit an Aries

Similar to cacti are succulents, though they definitely give off a different vibe. Lifestyle Asia says these are the perfect houseplants for an Aries, as they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and while they can be very easy to care for, they can also be grouped together into gorgeous, elaborate indoor gardens and interesting planters. Like cacti, succulents only need occasional watering and plenty of sunshine to be happy, so if you're a busy Aries on the go, in the process of taking over the world, you can still come home to a serene, gorgeous space full of plants. 

Along similar lines, Better Homes and Gardens suggests an Aries might enjoy a Zebra plant. While the bold white stripes against the green of the plant grab attention (like you do, Aries), it is simple to care for as it is actually pare of the succulent family. While it's larger than many types of succulents, it won't get too much bigger than a foot tall and a foot wide, so it will make a statement without taking over your whole room. After all, you still need to be the star of the show, Aries.