Hunter And Alexis Share What Their Attitudes Were Going Into The Ultimatum - Exclusive

Netflix's new series, "The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On," has everything reality TV fans could want from a dating show. The series stars six couples who are looking for an answer to a big question: Should they get married? While one partner is ready to take that step, the other is holding back and must make a decision by the end of the series. To help them find clarity, the original couples are divided up and paired with someone else. The hope is that by living out a relationship with another person, they'll either realize they're better off in the relationship they had or see that they could be happier outside of it.

Disagreeing on whether to get engaged is bound to put a strain on any relationship. Add to that the jealousy of dating other people and the pressure of the camera crew, and you have a recipe for emotional turmoil. But Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr were ready to take on that challenge if it meant finally deciding how to move forward. They sat down for an exclusive interview with The List to discuss their feelings about going on the series.

Maloney went on The Ultimatum despite the risk

Alexis Maloney was ready to get engaged to her boyfriend, Hunter Parr, and wanted to do so before they moved in together. "I knew that Hunter was the one for me. We had done so much during our two years dating each other that I was ready to make the next step," Maloney said. But Parr was less sure and wanted to try living together before committing to marriage. Rather than compromise on her more "traditional views," Maloney drew a hard line that they would either get engaged or break up. The pair went onto "The Ultimatum" to see if Parr could be ready to commit to Maloney.

Though Maloney knew they'd be dating other potential partners on the show, she felt confident enough in their relationship to go through the experience. "Putting our relationship on the line and going through this experience, I knew that there could be a possibility that maybe it would end, but I did have a lot of confidence in our relationship," Maloney said. 

Despite the risk, she hoped that going through the process would show Parr how much their relationship meant to him. By the end of the experience, she wanted him to be 100% on board like she was. But she also accepted that "he had a choice, ultimately, to either pick someone else, pick me, or go away with nothing."

Hunter approached The Ultimatum looking for answers

Hunter Parr went into "The Ultimatum" with a different outlook than Alexis Maloney because he was the one being challenged to commit to marriage. "Being issued an ultimatum in and of itself is something you have to grapple with," Parr explained. While some people may resent being put in that situation, Parr still tried to go onto the show with an open mind. He wanted to take full advantage of the experience so that he could leave with a sure answer for himself and his partner. 

Parr explained his mindset, saying, "Okay, this is a serious relationship. Alexis is being very open and honest about her commitment towards me. I love her and respect her enough, so I have to take that seriously and I have to be open in this relationship, and, to her point, put everything on the line."

Going in with that view helped Parr learn from the experience and come away with a clear decision. In hindsight, he said, "It definitely allowed me to have that space to answer some of those key questions in order to give Alexis the answer that she deserves, whether [that's] good or bad. In this case, it was great, though."

All episodes of "The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On" are now streaming on Netflix.