Names That Are Perfect For Leo Babies

People born under the fire sign of Leo (July 23-August 22) are represented by the lion (via Allure). Their ruling celestial body is the sun, which makes perfect sense; Leos have a way of being the center of things and their fiery energy burns hot and bright. They are natural born leaders and are passionate in all areas of their lives, from business pursuits to hobbies to romance. They can be hot-tempered but are also deeply loving and sensitive, and they know how to apologize when their anger gets the better of them. 


Leos like to be the center of attention and can sometimes seem self-centered in that way. However, they are among the most doting, generous, and magnanimous of the signs, and if you are good to them, they will take immense pleasure in being good to you, too. Like the big cat that represents them, while they can roar loudly, they purr just as enthusiastically.

So if you're expecting a little lion cub of your own, what baby names might fit this attention-grabbing sign?    

Lion-inspired names

Ariel is a biblical name, originating from the Hebrew language. It's a name that could work for a boy or a girl, and it translates into "Lion of God." While yes, it is the name of a certain aquatic Disney princess, it is also the name of one of the Arc Angels in Judeo-Christian religion (via Learn Religions). 


Aslan, which comes originally from the Turkish language, means "lion" (via Baby Gaga). If it sounds familiar to you, that's probably because it also happens to be the name of one of the most famous lions in western literature: Aslan of The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.  

Simba is another beautiful name that means "lion," as any fan of Disney's "The Lion King" are certainly aware (via Motherly). 

Leander is a name that originates from the Greek language and means "Lion Man" (via Name Berry). 

Llewellyn is a lovely Welsh name that means "lion-like" (via Pop Sugar).

Raphael is another biblical name, and it means "Angel of the Sun" (via Pop Sugar). 

And last, though it's pretty on-the-nose, a beautiful name that also means lion is the name of the zodiac sign itself: Leo. Alternatively: Leon.  


Sun-inspired names

Since Leo's ruling "planet" is the sun, it makes sense to consider names that are themselves inspired by the star that lights our world. 

Soleil is a beautiful name originating from French, and its direct translation is "sun." 


Aurelia or Aurelius, which come from ancient Roman times, translate to "the golden one" and would make gorgeous names for little Leo babies. 

Aurora also comes from Latin and means "dawn" (via Name Berry). Naming a Leo child after the sunrise seems fitting. 

Apollonia comes from the Greek/Roman god of the sun, Apollo.  

Cyrus is also a storied name that means "sun" and would make a powerful name for a Leo baby (via Motherly). 

Eileen is of Celtic origin and means "light of the sun" (via PopSugar).  

Last but not least, Helen or Helena both mean "light of the sun" and are beautiful, classic names (via Baby Gaga).

Royalty-inspired names

Because Leos are natural leaders and tend to take the reins in most areas of their lives, names with royal connotations make a powerful statement about a Leo baby. 

Eric means "forever ruler" and would fit the natural-born leader that a Leo person tends to be (via Very Well Family). 


Corona is the Latin word for crown, and interestingly, it is also the name of the ring of light around the sun, making it a doubly perfect name for a Leo child (Motherly). 

August is another name with two meanings for a Leo baby; while it is one of the months that Leos are born it, it also translates into "Great" and "Magnificent" (via Name Berry).  

July, similarly, has two meanings: it is one of the months Leos are born in, and that month was named for one of the most famous rulers of all time: Julius Caesar (via Dictionary). 

Gautier is a French name meaning "Powerful Ruler" (via Pop Sugar). 

Regina is a Latin name that translates directly into "queen." 

Rex, similarly, is a Latin name that translates directly into "king." 


Roderick is a Teutonic name that, according to Pop Sugar, means "renowned ruler." 

Reine also means "queen." 

Fire-inspired names

Because Leos are a fire sign and truly embody this energy, choosing a name associate with this powerful, intense element could be an excellent choice for a baby born under this sign. 

Aidan is of Celtic descent and translates to "fire" or, depending on the translation, "little fire" (via The Bump).


Blaise, which comes from the word "blaze" meaning "fire" would also make a powerful name for a Leo. 

Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire (via Pop Sugar),

Similarly, Vesta is the Latin name for the ancient Roman goddess of the hearth, where the home fires burn (via Pop Sugar).  

Ember is a name associated with fire, as the burning embers are what's left behind after a blaze (via Name Berry). 

Phoenix is the mythological bird that perishes in a blazing flame and is then reborn, and it would make a powerful name for a Leo (via Name Berry).  

Gemstone-inspired names

Ruby is the official birthstone of the month of July, when many Leo babies are born. It comes from the Latin word "ruber," which means "red" (via Family Education). It first became a popular name for baby girls in the 19th century. 


Peridot, similarly, is the birthstone for the month of August, the other month that encompasses the Leo sign. It is a French word that literally means "green gemstone," and it is usually given to female babies (via Baby Names).