Al Pacino's Rumored New Girlfriend Is No Stranger To Age Gaps In Relationships

Academy Award-winning actor Al Pacino recently entered the news cycle after he was spotted rocking an interesting accessory while out with a group of friends. "Aquaman" star Jason Momoa shared a snapshot of his dinner with Pacino and several others on Instagram, and Pacino's hilarious "Shrek" phone case is on full display in the photo (via New York Post). Fans of the "Serpico" star became so obsessed with his iPhone case that they missed another surprising detail: Pacino is seated next to producer Noor Alfallah, who is 53 years younger than the 81-year-old actor.

According to Page Six, the pair have been romantically involved for a while. A source explained, "She has been with Al for some time and they get on very well. The age gap doesn't seem to be a problem, even though he is older than her father." Alfallah's dating history indicates that she may even prefer being in a relationship with someone who's significantly older than her. 

Noor Alfallah previously dated a music legend

Before connecting with Al Pacino — who turned down a role in "Star Wars" — Noor Alfallah dated The Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger (per Express). The pair connected in 2017 and dated for several months before parting ways. Despite their 51-year-age difference, Alfallah told Hello! at the time (via the Daily Mail) that she doesn't regret their relationship and cherishes their memories together. She said, "Our ages didn't matter to me. The heart doesn't know what it sees, it only knows what it feels. It was my first serious relationship, but it was a happy time for me." 

After her split from the "You Can't Always Get What You Want" singer, the "Brosa Nostra" producer was linked to 91-year-old Clint Eastwood, though she denies their relationship was ever romantic (via E! News). Pacino is also familiar with picking partners from different generations. He most recently dated actress Meital Dohan, though the starlet couldn't get past the 39-year age gap. Dohan reportedly told the Daily Mail, "It's hard to be with a man so old, even Al Pacino." 

Maybe Alfallah has what it takes to go the long haul with the living legend.