Names That Are Perfect For Virgo Babies

People born under the earth sign of Virgo (August 23-September 22) are grounded, intelligent, thoughtful souls (via Allure). Ruled by the planet Mercury, which is said to be the ruling planet of all things communication related, Virgos are especially adept at internalizing and processing their environments, their lives, and the behavior of the people around them. Attuned to every detail and very grounded in the physical realm, Virgos like everything just so and are perfectionistic in a way that inspires them to deeply invest in the constant improvement of anything they care about, whether a talent or skill, a relationship, a career, their home, or the world they live in.  


Virgos have a strong desire to help. They make thoughtful, caring friends and partners, focused, dedicated workers, and devoted parents (whether of children, animals, or plants). Virgos are inspired by and deeply attached to the natural world and often retreat into nature to re-ground in their bodies when their heads become to full of analysis. They appreciate aesthetic beauty and sensual experiences. For all of these reasons, the sign of Virgo is represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture. 

If you are expecting a little Virgo of your own, here are some baby names you could consider that would fit the thoughtful, bright, caring person they are likely to be. 

Earth-inspired names

Kaia directly translates to "earth" and would make a beautiful name for a Virgo baby (via Traveller). 

Zola also translates directly to "earth." 

Theresa means "Harvester" and is a perfect reference to Virgo's close ties with the earth and the symbol of the goddess of wheat. 


Jared means "down to earth" and would be a great name for a Virgo boy. 

George comes from Greek and means "earth worker" or "farmer." (via Pop Sugar). 

Adam means "son of the red earth" and is an ancient biblical name (via Name Berry). 

Tess means "to harvest" and is a variation of Theresa. 

Nature-inspired names

Flora is a lovely name for a girl and means "flower" (Name Berry).

Poppy is the official birth flower of August, and also makes for a classic baby name (via Traveller). 

Aster is the birth flower of September, when many Virgo babies are born. 


Lilliana is a beautiful girl's name inspired by the lily flower (via Name Berry). 

Pippa is traditionally a girl's name that means "lover of horses," and since Virgos tend to be so well connected to animals, it may suit this earth sign well.

Leland is Old English for "meadowland" and is making something of a comeback as a boy's name (via Name Berry). 

Murray is a Scottish name that means "settlement by the sea," which is most certainly a place a Virgo would be happy making a quiet home, surrounded by nature and the elements. 

Divinely-inspired names

Artemis is the Greek virgin goddess of the hunt, wilderness, animals, and even childbirth (via Name Berry), making it a powerful name for a Virgo baby. 

Demitri is a boy's name that comes directly from the name Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest (via Traveller). 


Anona is an old Roman name that referred to the goddess of the harvest (via Pop Sugar). 

Gaia is the name of the Greek earth goddess, and also translates into "rejoicing" (via Name Berry). 

Value-inspired names

Because Virgos have such a strong set of values and care so deeply about using their innate wisdom, intelligence, and practicality to help those around them, it makes sense to consider names that represent these values. 


Ophelia is an ancient Greek name meaning "help" (via Name Berry), and we think it's been long enough since Shakespeare wrote "Hamlet" that the name deserves a new start. 

Ezra, similarly, is a name of Hebrew origin that also means "help." 

Sophia is a popular name that means "Wisdom." 

Virginia (pure) (Via Traveller). 

Solange translates into "earth angel," which encompasses both Virgo's earth-bound sign and evokes the idea of a pure-hearted person. 

Deborah is a Hebrew name that means "industrious woman," something many Virgos grow up to be (via Pop Sugar). 

Emery is a boy's name that means "industrious leader" or "ruler of work," which would apply well to a Virgo. 

Hugo and Hugh both mean "thinker." 


Jason is a Greek name that means "healer." 

Winifred is an old Welsh name that means "blessed peacemaker" (via Name Berry). 

Alden is an old English name that means "old, wise friend," something Virgos are excellent at growing into.  

Gemstone-inspired names

Sapphire is the birthstone of September, one of the months when Virgo babies are born (via Name Berry) . It is also a strong, unique name that conjures images of deep, calming blue. 

Peridot is the birthstone of August, and its gorgeous green color evokes early spring leaves, perfect for a Virgo baby. 


Sterling is a gorgeous name for a child also, and it the word itself means "pure," "genuine," and "of high quality" (via The Bump). Since the precious metal, sterling silver, comes from the earth and shines with pure white light, it would make a meaningful name for this earth sign.