Molly Shannon Opens Up About An Unsettling Interaction With The Late Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman found breakout success playing Arnold Jackson on "Diff'rent Strokes." His acting career continued to grow following the show. He landed roles in the likes of "Married... With Children," "Dirty Work," and "My Wife And Kids" (via IMDb). However, the former child star faced many controversies over the course of his life. 

People noted that Coleman had a strained relationship with his parents, which traced back to a lawsuit he filed against them and a business manager. Although the legal drama took place in the late '80s, the family was still reportedly not close years later. Coleman faced other issues, too. The star was arrested in 2010 after allegedly failing to show up for a court date dealing with domestic violence charges (via TMZ). His wife faced domestic violence charges of her own in 2009, according to TMZ. Coleman also suffered from health issues including kidney disease, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He underwent two unsuccessful kidney transplants early in his life. 

The "Diff'rent Strokes" actor died in 2010 after complications related to a fall (via Today). However, his name is in the center of a controversy again after actress Molly Shannon made a startling claim about an interaction they shared.

Molly Shannon detailed a deeply startling interaction with the late actor

Molly Shannon opened up about the alleged interaction on "The Howard Stern Show." She said that she was introduced to Gary Coleman by their shared agent. The "Diff'rent Strokes" actor reportedly invited her up to his hotel room, and she unsuspectingly agreed. Once there, the "Saturday Night Live" alum claimed Coleman asked her to sit on the bed and began tickling her. "He was relentless," she added. 

"He was, like, trying to kiss me and get on top, and I was like, 'No, Gary. Stop.' So, I push him off. Then, I would get off the bed. Then, he would bounce on the bed ... and wrap himself around me." Shannon added that the interaction continued; however, she was able to get away. "I wish I could have stood up for myself more," she added to Stern.

The New York Post noted that Shannon also discussed the topic in her new memoir "Hello, Molly!" She opened up about several other life experiences in the book, which was released this month. Notably, Shannon explained the tragedy that inspired her character Mary Katherine Gallagher. "I'm a lot like Mary Katherine Gallagher. I'm a survivor," she noted (via People).

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