If You're A Gemini, These Are Probably Your Favorite Types Of Songs

Astrology can influence every aspect of your life just as music can. Just like reading your full moon horoscope, certain things in songs can speak to you about what you're going through right now. "When a song resonates with you, it might feel really personal, like it's speaking about your own experience," astrologer Chani Nicholas explained to Spotify. "When there's something collectively going on where a song resonates for a lot of people, it's the same way that a horoscope will speak to the archetypal themes of the moment."

For Gemini, music is an especially personal aspect of who they are. They're the word-lovers who are hungry for constantly changing mental stimulation. But not just any music will do for Gemini. Just like with their social life, they want to surround themselves with good stories. This is thanks to Gemini being ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and expression, per Cafe Astrology. The music they're drawn to falls into two categories: songs that tell them stories, and songs that help Gemini tell theirs.

Mercury's influence on Gemini makes them hungry to learn new things about new people. "Gemini are very curious, which means they're great at asking questions, and fast learners," Imani Quinn, astrologer and co-author of "Astrology SOS" told Bustle. This translates into lyrically-driven music that either makes a Gemini look at something in a new way or just tells a really good story. But this also means they're constantly searching for their next favorite song.

These songs are made by Gemini for Gemini

If you ask a Gemini what song they feel defines them, they'll probably give you something written by a musician also born during Gemini season. Ruled by Mercury, it's no surprise so many iconic writers and musicians share their sun sign. Even though Gemini can get written off as gossipy and two-faced, there's way more going on beneath the surface than a love of conversation.

One of the reasons Gemini are so social, Co-Star Astrology believes, is because of how vivid their imaginations are, and how easy it is for Gemini to get stuck in a daydream. But if Gemini can harness that creative mind, they can become unstoppable artists. Just look at the list of iconic musicians born during Gemini season; Prince, Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, Notorious B.I.G, Tupac Shakur, Brian Wilson, and Lana Del Rey are just a few.

That's probably why Gemini really love songs like Tupac's "California Love" and Lana Del Rey's "Gods & Monsters," named by Odyssey as one of the top Lana Del Rey songs that "will make you feel reborn." "Bella Donna" by Stevie Nicks also should be on their confidence-boosting playlist if it isn't already. The Nerdist explains that "Bella Donna," under its witchy vibes, is actually about an empowered woman learning to put herself first — something Gemini have a hard time doing.

Gemini probably love these covers more than the original songs

Gemini are born at the end of spring, edging close to summer, which can explain their dual natures, explains Chani Nicholas. Always looking forward, Gemini thrive on new versions the way they thrive on new seasons. It should be no surprise then that they end up loving covers of songs more than they liked the originals. The caveat here is that the cover has to make the song something new; Gemini like to see things from new perspectives.

On the playlist Chani Nicholas tailored specifically for Gemini, you'll find covers of Nirvana's "All Apologies" and Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight." But those aren't the only great covers Gemini are going to want to throw on repeat. According to Rolling Stone and Far Out Magazine, Jimi Hendrix's cover of Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower" is the top cover of all time.

Dylan, a Gemini, was actually inspired by the cover. "[Hendrix] found things that other people wouldn't think of finding in there," Dylan explained about Hendrix's cover during a 1995 interview with The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. "He probably improved upon it by the spaces he was using. I took license with the song from his version, actually, and continue to do it to this day" (via Rolling Stone).

If you're a Gemini, you probably already have these vinyl in your record collection

Gemini need a good story to keep them interested. That's why when it comes to music, we will sit and listen to a full album, especially if that album is focused on a story. So when it comes to concept albums, you don't care if it makes you a hipster — you usually love them.

It's no surprise, then, that some of the most iconic concept albums were created at least in part by Gemini: Brian Wilson with The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds," Paul McCartney with The Beatles' "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," and, of course, Stevie Nicks with Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors" (via Far Out Magazine).

Therefore, when it comes to adding new albums to our collections, Gemini can be pretty picky. That's why you'll want to check out Kendrick Lamar's "good kid, m.A.A.d city" and The Mountain Goats' "All Hail West Texas," both named by the Chicago Tribune as some of the best storytelling albums to listen to if you loved Taylor Swift's "folklore."

For the musical theater-loving Gemini, Green Day's "American Idiot," either their version or the Broadway Musical Cast version, is another must-listen.

These are the songs every Gemini should add to their focus playlist

Astrologist Annabel Gat explained to Vice that air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius gravitate towards new trends in music, especially if technology is involved. Just like with their love of song covers, Gemini respect reinvention and innovation,n and when they're met with something new, the experience can be inspiring.

This is probably why Gemini are so drawn to techno and house music. House music, Musician Wave explains, is the chill, melodic side of the electronic music coin while techno's rhythm-focused sound can have a more futuristic vibe. Both genres are great options to help Gemini stay focused — something that's not easy for them to do. Curiosity kills cats but also pulls Gemini in a thousand different directions and they need help quieting down their minds.

So if you're a Gemini building a playlist to help you focus while you work, you're going to want to add "Afterbeach" by Flamentone immediately. The song's airy, floating quality can connect with Gemini's alignment with the air element, letting everything but the project in front of you fade away. Nicolello's "Floating In Space" has similar qualities but with a faster tempo for the Gemini who needs a little more stimulation.

Both songs are featured on Spotify's House Focus playlist, but we wouldn't be surprised if you already have this saved to your favorites.

Gemini love these lyric-driven, sad songs

Gemini love lyric-driven songs that hit them in their core. As Trusted Teller explains it, Gemini are especially drawn to music that will help ease their troubles and make them feel less alone in what they're going through emotionally.

That's why Gemini probably are either secret or not-so-secret fans of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" or Robyn Sherwell's haunting cover of the hit. Fellow Gemini Stevie Nicks wrote the song when she was only 27, according to The Independent, which is thought to be "one of the most poignant and astute meditations on how people change with time, and the fear of having to give up everything you've worked for."

There's also The Cinematic Orchestra's "To Build a Home," which is probably already on your playlist for when you're feeling sad, Gemini. Not only does this song scratch a storytelling itch, but it's one of those songs you can put on repeat and cry to. This is so true that Marie Claire included it on their "61 Sad Songs for When You Just Want to Sit With Your Feelings" list. Grace Page also does a simple cover of "To Build a Home" that puts a subtle, more raw spin on the already heart-wrenching ballad.

Gemini, you're probably also a big fan of Phoebe Bridgers, aren't you? Her song "Savior Complex" documents the decline of a relationship where the narrator — presumably Bridgers — talks about using trying to save someone else as a way to avoid dealing with their own problems, per Lyric Genius.