Here's How To Wear Gold Lipstick

According to Bustle, more unique lip colors have started to gain popularity within the beauty sphere in recent years, with gold-hued lipstick being one of this year's big colors. It's bold, sparkly, and effortlessly glamorous, and, believe it or not, deceptively easy to pull off. In fact, L'Oreal Paris advises that smothering your lips in a glitzy, gold-hued lipstick can be a great place to start; it's simply a case of finding the right lipstick. 


Wondering how you can achieve the gilded lipstick look yourself (and actually pull it off)? We've put together some pointers that should help you to nail the gold lip look. Honestly, it's easier than you would think to achieve that effortless-looking gold lip slick. After all, lipstick can be turned into a 3-in-1 makeup product, so why couldn't gold makeup be cute? 

You can use lip liners to help create a sleek, perfect look, and from there, you can create the rest of your look all centered around the gold makeup. After all, if you're going to do gold makeup, it should remain the focal point of your look.

How to pull of the gold lipstick look

The truth is that gold lipstick, while rather unusual, is far more versatile than you might realize, and also super easy to pull off. Wearing gold lipstick (and looking good doing it) is much easier than you might think. 


Interestingly, it's not a look that needs to ggbe reserved purely for special occasions. Per Bustle, gold lipstick looks good when worn alone for a chilled-out, casual look or when paired with a vibrant eye look for a more luxe take on the trend. This bold hue is super versatile and can be really easy to wear. 

Bustle also explains that when it comes to the process of creating a nice looking gold lip, it isn't as simple as just swiping the color across your pout, and instead, it's best to take your time with the application process, carefully dotting the product onto lips.

Gold lipstick can look incredible

When it comes to choosing a gold lipstick, Bustle explains that there are deceptively more gold lip products than you might think, with matte, sheer, and shimmer formulas available — and each formula creating an entirely different look. 


Harper's Bazaar reports that some of the best gold lip treatments are glaze-based formulas rather than thick, creamy formulas like traditional lipsticks, as they offer a lighter and more sparkly finish. For a subtler look, opt for an iridescent gloss rather than a heavier lip slick.  

Makeup Artist Nick Barose explains that gold lipsticks are great because they work on a diverse range of skin colors and tones, too. So, whatever your skin tone, you should be able to easily pull off a gold lip look. Looking absolutely stunning on darker skin tone also applies to gold fashion and jewelry, per Wixon Jewelers

For a subtler look, Barose also recommends layering gold lipstick over a darker hue of your choice. This can look just as extravagant, but not as bold as a full gold lip. 


How do you apply gold lipstick?

Per L'Oreal Paris, an important aspect of nailing the gold lipstick look is to select the right shade. Gold lipsticks are available in a range of tones, from yellower golds and shimmering golds to pink-hued rose golds and pretty much every shade in between.


For lips that look smooth, soft, and perfectly coated in gold, L'Oreal Paris recommends prepping your lips with a gentle sugar scrub. Pro tip: to make the color really pop, Bustle suggests layering your gold lipstick of choice over a concealer or over white eyeshadow.

To keep your gold lipstick in place for longer and to prevent smudging, start by lining your lips. If you find it tricky to source the right gold lip liner, L'Oreal recommends using a clear liner instead to help stop your lip look bleeding outside of the lines.

Once you're happy with how your lips look, keep the product in place by locking it in with a clear lip gloss. Elle recommends this trick to ensure your lipstick holds in place (and to give the gold pigment a boost), try layering your lipstick and then topping it off with a shimmer-based lipstick to add to the glamor of your look.