The Throwback Detail You May Have Missed In Raja's RPDR AS7 Entrance Look

There have been repeated, and increasingly loud, calls for the rules of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" to be suspended indefinitely because, as many long-time fans see it, they're simply not fair anymore. "All Stars" rules, which allow queens to send each other home after winning lip-syncs, rather than relying on the judges to do so, reliably brought the drama for years, most notably when Naomi Smalls sent frontrunner Manila Luzon home on "All Stars 4." 

Likewise, when Ben DeLaCreme chose to eliminate herself the previous season, it was an instantly iconic, jaw-dropping moment. However, in recent years, the conceit has soured. As the Gay Times notes, the decision to utilize "All Stars" rules for the recent "UK vs The World" season was widely criticized, leading as it did to the early elimination of fan favorites Jimbo and Pangina Heals — "Drag Race" may be a reality show, but it typically rewards merit. 

In fact, Vulture even argued that, for the main show to thrive, "All Stars" needs to end permanently. Regardless, the seventh installment is set to drop next month, and anticipation is high thanks to a devilish new twist (it's got nothing to do with chocolate bars, thankfully). And, with the reveal of each queen's entrance look, all eyes are on Raja for one crucial reason. 

All Stars 7 is the first ever all-winners season

As People notes, what's special about "All Stars 7," which drops on May 20, is that, for the first time in "Drag Race" herstory, it's an all winners season. Unsurprisingly, then, the "Drag Race All Stars 7" cast has fans shook. Moreover, the cash prize is double what it usually is, with the winner slated to walk away with $200,000 after being crowned "Queen of all Queens."

Taking part in the ultimate drag face off are Season 11 winner Yvie Oddly, Season 12 victor Jaida Essence Hall, Season 5 winner Jinkx Monsoon, and Season 3 victor Raja. From the "All Stars" vault, Season 4 joint winners Monet X Change and Trinity the Tuck will be fighting each other for the crown yet again, while "All Stars 5" winner Shea Coulee will also be vying for it alongside them. The sole international import is The Vivienne, the very first winner of "Drag Race UK." 

As Parade notes, the first two episodes will drop simultaneously, with the season comprising of 12 installments total. It's unclear yet whether regular "All Stars" rules apply here, or if the more recent twist on the format, which involves a lip sync assassin showing up each episode to fight the top queen for the win, will be used instead.

Raja's entrance look is a gorgeously campy update

For fans who can't wait until next month, there's footage of all the queens' entrance looks to pore over in the meantime (via YouTube). Immediately, Raja's look stands out because, as a post on Reddit notes, it actually references her original look from Season 3. "I screamed seeing this look and after realizing it was an eye, fully cemented why I stan Raja in the first place," wrote one commenter, in reference to the fact Raja originally entered the "Werk Room" with her face half covered by a hat emblazoned with a glamorous single eye.

For "All Stars 7," the fan favorite has updated the eye-conic look significantly, with stunning gold detailing. It also takes up most of her head without covering Raja's face, leaving room for the performer to impress with her makeup. "The way she did a rudemption runway on her own. Obsessed!" one commenter enthused, although another argued it wasn't necessary since the original look was so eye-catching in the first place.

Funnily enough, in her post-win interview with EW, Raja admitted to worrying her style of drag wouldn't translate well on "Drag Race." She shared, "There were moments where I actually started to question myself, where I thought maybe my ideas and my philosophy of drag were too progressive for the show and it might have been misunderstood." We'll have to wait and see if Raja goes all the way again, but she certainly has our attention.