Did Shanique And Randall From The Ultimatum Get Married?

We've all been there: one romantic partner is ready for happily ever after, while the other isn't so sure about the future of the relationship. That dilemma became the focus of Netflix's new reality dating show, "The Ultimatum." Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the series centers on couples facing the decision to get engaged or break it off. To test their commitment, the pairs are split up and placed with a member from another couple in a trial marriage to help them judge if their relationship is worth saving. If they're still on the fence at the end of the series, they agree to call it quits.

Fans watched nine episodes walking participants through dates, drinks, and drama, with couple Shanique Imari and Randall Griffin standing out from the bunch. From the first episode, the two clearly had chemistry and similar goals for the future, though they disagreed over major milestones like when to have kids.

Once they reached "Ultimatum Day," Griffin, who had been delaying marriage, proposed to Imari, seemingly solidifying their future. After the show's reunion episode dropped, however, it became clear that the couple's relationship status wasn't so solid after all.

Shanique and Randall called off their engagement

The "Ultimatum" reunion buzzed with exciting updates, including Madlyn and Colby showing off a major baby bump and others discussing wedding plans. Shanique Imari's engagement ring from Randall Griffin was noticeably missing from her ring finger during the reunion episode, prompting host Vanessa Lachey to ask what happened. Imari explained that she believed Griffin's proposal was sincere and had been everything she wanted at the time. But once the "Ultimatum" cameras stopped rolling, reality set in.

Imari revealed that the couple broke off their engagement, saying, "We actually broke up for, like, six months ... We were completely broken up. And that was the hardest time of my life, for real." Griffin agreed, sharing that the couple's differences still followed them once their time on the Netflix series was over.

Despite the disagreements, Imari called Griffin her "best friend in every way" and said the time apart was necessary for them to rekindle their love and appreciation for each other.

Shanique and Randall have no current plans to marry

After taking a six month-long break from their relationship, Shanique Imari and Randall Griffin explained in the reunion that they're now back together, though they're in no rush to marry. In our exclusive interview with Imari, she told us she now sees romantic relationships differently. Imari, who urged Griffin to propose when appearing on "The Ultimatum," now says, "You have to look at yourself and figure out if you are even ready for what you're asking me for."

Meanwhile, Griffin, who told us he was initially apprehensive about participating in the experiment, says he's opened up and learned a lot about himself and his relationship through the process.

The couple told Entertainment Weekly that they're now living together and taking things at their own pace, which may be a bit slower than some other couples who appeared on "The Ultimatum." As for more ultimatums in the future? Imari says she's done issuing ultimatums — at least for now.