Here's What Erin Andrews Looks Like Going Makeup-Free

Whether you're a fan of sports, reality TV, or funny movies, you've probably seen Erin Andrews on screen at some point or have at least heard her name before. According to IMDb, the famous sports broadcaster has graced TV screens with her presence on many sports programs, such as NFL on FOX, NFL Thursday Night Football, and multiple World Series. She also hosted "Dancing with the Stars" from 2010 to 2019 and even appeared in the movie "That's My Boy." With such a roster of sports and television experience, Andrews' net worth is very impressive!

In addition to her successful career, Andrews is married to Jarret Stoll, a professional hockey player, and has dated a plethora of celebrities (via Inquistr), including Chace Crawford, a famous — and gorgeous — actor. While the TV personality is clearly much more than just a beautiful face and statuesque figure, she's undoubtedly stunning, so we were naturally curious to see what she looks like going makeup-free.

She looks like a regular, happy person without makeup

Erin Andrews wasn't afraid to show her fans what she looks like with a makeup-free face in an Instagram post from November 2015. While in the post, you can see that the sports broadcaster still has beautiful eyes and full lips without makeup, Andrews looked like a regular person without using cosmetics to enhance her features, as she didn't have super-long eyelashes, perfectly filled-in brows, or completely perfect skin. Andrews also had her blond hair pulled back, wore under-eye masks by Shiseido, made a silly pouty face, and gave a playful thumbs-up gesture. She even acknowledged her fresh faced-look in the caption, writing: "Guess who feels fresh?" We respect and admire her openness and honesty in sharing how she looks without makeup.

While we adore Andrews' natural beauty, we just had to share some of her more glamorous looks. From rocking a sleek black monochromatic outfit with flowing waves, shiny lips, and sparkly jewelry to a sophisticated ponytail, long lashes, hoop earrings, and a beautiful blazer, Andrews has an excellent sense of style. As if she wasn't already successful enough, she also has a podcast called "Calm Down with Erin & Charissa" and her own sporty clothing brand called "WEAR by Erin Andrews."

How she achieves her natural beauty

In an interview with Allure, Erin Andrews shared some of her favorite beauty products, such as primer. "One of the ones I'm using is from Benefit, which has a corrector," Andrews said. She also explained her love of nude lip gloss, saying: "I love Laura Mercier's nude colors, and they smell a little like cocoa, which is fabulous. I'm also a lip gloss freak — the juicer, the better." Furthermore, she explained that dry shampoo helps her obtain her iconic waves, as she said: "I use the Redken texturizing spray. I've also been using Kérastase moisturizing shampoo and conditioner lately since my hair is always getting blown out and dried and curled." We can't wait to try the products that she recommended!

Andrews also shared her dedication to skincare with StyleCaster, saying: "I do a renewal serum every single night, and I'm actually really big on moisturizing [the neck and bust area] which gets really dry from traveling so much and not drinking enough water." We agree that consistently taking care of your skin is crucial for healthy skin, and we love how Andrews is willing to share all her beauty secrets.