Names That Are Perfect For Gemini Babies

Babies born between May 22 and June 22 are considered Geminis under the zodiac. Gemini children are known for their larger-than-life personalities. According to Cosmopolitan, Geminis are very smart and curious, which is a great trait for little ones, but this can also make them easily distracted. Geminis are also super silly and great at making friends, so your little one is sure to be well-liked in school.

On the flip side, Geminis can also be a bit aloof. Due to their sign's meaning, the celestial twins, Geminis often have so many interests that it can be hard for them to keep up. But this also means they are super passionate and love having multiple hobbies–so be prepared to sign them up for ballet, soccer, and art all in one summer (via Allure).

If you are having a baby during the Gemini season, you may be wondering what unique names fit this zodiac. Whether you are expecting a boy or a girl, or prefer a unisex name, there are some great name options to choose from.

Gemini names for your baby boy

According to Scary Mommy, the two twins in the Gemini constellation are named Castor and Pollux, both names taken from Greek mythology. We happen to think these names are also great for your baby boy. If you want something a bit more common, though, consider Buddy, which matches their friendly personality, or Lev, which means "heart," per Nameberry, and speaks to their compassionate nature (via

Per Scary Mommy, other names inspired by the Gemini personality are Alden, meaning "wise friend," and Kendrick meaning "bold power." For a traditional spin with Gemini flair, Thomas, which means "twin," is a strong and timeless option.

Gemini names for your baby girl

Geminis are super friendly and often make friends quickly (per This is a lovely trait for a kid and to honor it, you might want to consider naming your baby girl something that honors that. Consider Ruth, which means "compassionate friend," per Nameberry. Other great names related to friendship according to the site are Winnie, which means " gentle friend," and Raya, which means "friend" in Hebrew.

If you want to get more literal with the star sign, consider a name that means air, as Gemini is an air sign. We love Aria, which is Italian for "air," and Aura, which means "soft breeze" (via Scary Mommy). Want something even more obvious? Consider May or June, which are adorable names for your little girl and also happen to be the months that encompass their zodiac sign.

Unisex Gemini names

According to the website of the baby monitor app Annie, Geminis are often writers as they love to express themselves through words. They are also great in careers that require teamwork. Both of these traits can lead to an inspired baby name. The name Devin works for any gender and means "poet," which is perfect for your little Gemini, and Lyric, which is great for your future musician (per Nameberry). 

Other unisex names we love include Wilder, meaning "untamed"; Sage, meaning "sensible"' and Robin, which means "bright."  All of these names are nods to Gemini personality traits (per BabyGaga).

Color names for Gemini babies

One super unique thing about Gemini is that it has two colors assigned to it. According to, both light green and yellow encompass the Gemini colors and surprisingly, there are a ton of names that are inspired by these two hues.

For girls, you can consider green-centric names like Jade, Olive, and Meadow, or yellow names like Goldie, Sunny, and Daisy. If you are having a boy, Hunter, Forest, and Silas, which means "wood or forest," per Nameberry, all have an outdoorsy theme to them, which often makes us think of greenery or the color green. If you want something more yellow-inspired, Bowie and Boyd, both meaning "blonde," and Sol, which is Spanish for "sun," are great options.

Celebrity Gemini names

With such strong personalities and the likelihood to be a creative type, it makes sense that a ton of high-profile celebs fall under the Gemini star sign. Choosing a name can be difficult, but looking at your favorite celebrities, or even those that share your baby's zodiac, can help you narrow down your choices. Maybe your baby can share a name with Angelina Jolie or Iggy Azalea (even their last names make great first names for a baby), who are both Geminis (per Parade). Other celebrities include Troye Sivan, Kanye West, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Blake Shelton.

No matter which name you choose, we know that it will be the perfect name for your baby. See any you love on this list? Make sure to write them down. Good luck and happy naming!