Madelyn 'Juicy' Rusinyak From Temptation Island Reveals Her Future Plans - Exclusive

When yoga instructor and certified baddie Madelyn "Juicy" Rusinyak was growing up in her small hometown, dating wasn't exactly the easiest. With a lack of diversity, viewpoints, and opportunity, Rusinyak didn't have much hope that she'd find love staying in her own backyard. So what did she do? With the encouragement of her parents, she signed up for USA's "Temptation Island," the reality dating show that puts couples to the ultimate test and "tempts" them with hopeful singles. To say that Rusinyak made herself known is an understatement, and we got the chance to sit down with the budding reality star for an exclusive interview where we chatted about the show, her love life, and more.

Rusinyak is not only a beauty, but she also has a good head on her shoulders. A fan of a plan and a yogi to boot, "Juicy" is not just a young woman who loves to have a good time. Now that she's made a name for herself on the reality dating scene, she's packed her bags and set her sights much higher — and we can't blame her. It must be tough to leave a gorgeous beach with even more gorgeous singles to go back to a hometown you weren't thrilled with in the first place. So what does Rusinyak have planned for the future, and what details did she let us in on? There's so much you need to know.

Madelyn hopes to pursue a career in modeling

Madelyn "Juicy" Rusinyak has built a steady relationship with yoga and environmentalism, but as she has explored the reality dating show scene and expanded her public persona, she's ready to hit the ground running. In our exclusive sit-down, Rusinyak shared that she had just moved to Atlanta, Georgia, a town presenting her with "way more diverse" people and a larger dating scene. She also told us that she's hoping to get into the modeling industry — specifically print — and naturally, we asked her why.

"I'm going to be honest, I love attention," Rusinyak told us, giggling as she expressed her true feelings. "I love someone I care [about] being like, 'Oh, you look great. Oh, that's good. Oh, perfect.' I love that so much."

The "Temptation Island" star went on to share that she'd love to model yoga or athletic clothes, tying the ambition back to her first career achievement. She also expressed that due to her curvier figure, she'd love to embrace clothing that everyone can enjoy.

"I'm not super thin and I don't care," Rusinyak said. "I love how the fashion industry has shifted towards women loving their own bodies and less Photoshop."

Here's what Juicy had to say about loving one's own body

Speaking more about her life as a curvier girl in the public eye, Madelyn "Juicy" Rusinyak told us that being herself — authentically in her skin — is incredibly important to her. When she was starring on "Temptation Island," she indulged in the environment and didn't keep up her mindful practices as much as she would've liked, but in the end, the experience ended up teaching her a lot about being confident in who she is.

"I struggled with [my body] a little bit, because I had gained 10 pounds on the show, because I wasn't doing my daily routine," Rusinyak said. "I was still eating, so towards the end, I was like, 'I don't really like the way my body looks right now.' But I just kept telling myself, confidence. I still love my body. It's fine. Who cares? Who really cares? As long as you have a good personality, who gives a s***?"

You can catch new episodes of "Temptation Island" on USA on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET.