9 Cutest Graphic Sweatshirts On Amazon

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Once upon a time, the sweatshirt was the sidelined sister of the shirts family. In true Cinderella fashion, it was relegated to housecleaning chores and occasionally the gym. But, as with all things fashion, this has changed drastically over the years. Along those lines, it seems the once-lowly sweatshirt was transformed by a fairy godmother. Not only are sweatshirts now cool, but they're also worn everywhere from work to dates and even awards show acceptance speeches (if you're Jason Sudeikis, that is). 

A quick look at social media and it's clear: People no longer fear the hoodie. A true sign of the sweatshirt shift, Mark Zuckerberg now negotiates billion-dollar deals while donning a low-key hoodie. But it's not just celebrities who have embraced the cultural coolness of the new and improved sweatshirt status. ABC News reports that people are more than willing to spend big money on the attire in an effort to chase the trend. And it's here for a while, at least according to fashion expert Lori Bergamotto, who also explained to ABC News that "Right now in fashion we are seeing this move toward boxier silhouettes, things that are oversized..."

Well, make room for more sweatshirts because we spent some quality time researching cool sweatshirts that won't break the bank. So without further ado, here are the 9 cutest graphic sweatshirts on Amazon.

How we selected sweatshirts for this 2022 sweatshirt trend story

Our goal for this story was to mine the depths of Amazon and look for the cutest sweatshirts on your behalf. This includes regular sweatshirts and hoodies in a variety of styles — from oversized to cropped. The research included a review of industry statistics, such as Statista's report on Jerseys, Sweatshirts & Pullovers, as well as related market data. With that foundation in place, we considered social and cultural trends — i.e., how and where sweatshirts play a role in social media.

From there, we  hunkered down on Amazon for a deep dive, researching keywords as far-reaching as "unique sweatshirts," "trending sweatshirts," "graphic hoodies," and "best women's hoodies." In total, the research included over 37 sweatshirt keyword combinations. In an effort to create a list that is unique, we left room for creativity as well. In other words, we explored different fashion aesthetics, from twee to sporty and beyond. 

All of the sweatshirts are under $35, with the exception of one mini-splurge that tops out just shy of $60 (spoiler alert: it involves Billie Eilish). And lastly, we didn't limit the search to only the products with the most reviews. Therefore, a few inclusions are particularly exciting because they're newly minted and cute enough to make you a bona fide trendsetter.

This is the berry best strawberry sweatshirt on Amazon

The strawberry dress buzz of 2020 still yields a sweet crop of treats, because we're delighted to introduce you to the cropped strawberry hoodie you didn't know you needed until now. The minimalist print just has that bit of magic that makes it an eternal favorite. Not to mention, the raw hem edge is the finishing is the perfect finishing touch.

Amazon customers like the fit and material, mentioning that it's "very lightweight, not like a regular sweatshirt." In other words, it's perfect for spring and breezy beach days. Best of all, it's from Levi's, so cue up those 501s and live your best life.

The Levi's Women's Graphic Crop Prism Hoodie is $17.85 on Amazon.

This '90s sweatshirt is an easy way to rock a retro look

Whether you came of age in the '90s or are enjoying the throwback fashion spoils of the decade of grunge, this sweatshirt should be in your regular rotation. Never at a loss for oversized hoodie styling tips, the fashion bloggers at Champion Hoodie say have some fun with it. In other words, do your thang — whether that's pairing it with baggy jeans, shorts, or a skirt.

The clean lines of this design — both in the tailoring and the font choice — allow the sweatshirt to be a statement piece, but the drop shoulder keeps it casual. A newer offering from SheIn, this sweatshirt is just starting to catch fire. Reviewers reference how "cute" and "comfortable" it is and suggest reviewing the size chart before ordering.

The SheIn Women's Graphic Sweatshirt is $24.99 on Amazon.

Everyone should have at least one Billie Eilish sweatshirt

Goth-glam queen Billie Eilish is no stranger to Amazon's many campaigns — she was even a headliner for the Prime Day show alongside H.E.R. and Kid Cudi (via ET). And these days, a quick visit to her Amazon-exclusive store will pretty much make your annual Prime membership worth it — this graphic sweatshirt is a case in point.

Eilish often rocks oversized cartoon-inspired fashion on Instagram; one post, in particular, has nearly 9 million likes. But whether or not your posts get big clicks doesn't really matter too much, and you know who'd be the first person to remind you? Eilish herself, of course. So, do what makes you happy.

The Exclusive Billie Eilish Official Happier Than Ever Pop Art Hoodie starts at $55.47 on Amazon.

This sweatshirt could be the next big thing

Make room for this broken heart-themed sweatshirt in your life, regardless of your dating status. It's busting at its teddy bear seams with details, including panels of brightly colored camo. But, the moment you know this fashion item is legendary is when you spy with your little eye that one of the bear's peepers is a golden button. All in all, it's the perfect balance of edgy cuteness and is on-trend with its pops of color, according to Fad Magazine.

Clearly, we're not the only ones who've stumbled upon this five-alarm fire, as the sweatshirt has an Amazon rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Customers repeatedly comment on the quality of the material, the "outstanding customer service," and the design itself. One reviewer summed it up with a five-star rating titled "So much drip!"

But keep in mind that it's designed for men's sizing, so order accordingly.

The SCREENSHOT Men's Urban NYC Hip Hop Premium Fleece is $34.99 on Amazon.

If vintage vibes are your thing, then this sweatshirt is everything

Yes. Without even thinking about it — yes. No matter what year you were born, the folks at Birthday Superstar are experts at tapping into your lighthearted ego-driven style choices. Everything about these sweatshirts is retro-perfection. So, if you gravitate toward the more than 4 million #retrostyle posts on Instagram, this under-$35 sweatshirt is for you.

Truth be told, there are days you want all the Vogue retro-glam trends, but most days? Yeah, you just want to live in this cozy sweatshirt. Plus, it comes in four colors and includes sizes up to XXL. So what's not to love here? The black weave will hide any coffee stains, and quite frankly, the fonts alone are reason enough.

The Vintage 2001 Hoodie is $31.99 on Amazon.

This sweatshirt says 'let your flamingo flag fly'

All you need to know is what you see. Flamingos — plain and simple!

Here's the thing about flamingos: They don't care if your love for this print is literal or ironic. Flamingoes don't judge; they're too busy balancing on one foot to worry about your fashion intentions. However, if you happen to be in the market for luxe-leaning inspiration, look no further than the 2018 Met Gala and all its flamingo glory.

If you need an extra nudge, know this: The sweatshirt also comes in yellow and pink, and all three color combos are equally majestic. Plus, Amazon reviewers highlight things like "compliments" and how "cute" the print is, and they also suggest ordering up a size.

The Romwe Women's Allover Animal/Plant Print Sweatshirt is $21.99 on Amazon.

Channel your inner (and undoubtedly fabulous) David Rose with this sweatshirt

Dear David, we miss you very much and send our warmest regards. And in honor of all things Schitt's Creek, we're all in on this David-esque sweatshirt. Admittedly, we can't afford the designer frocks that PopSugar featured in their David Rose fashion roundup, but this sweatshirt delivers the mood for under $30.

Many Amazon reviewers noted that the sweatshirt is "cozy" and "soft." One described the quality, saying that the "Material is great and super cute!" And in addition to the shout-outs for comfort and cuteness, the sweatshirt is available in 16 designs, including six different star-themed colorways.

The SweatyRocks Women's Long Sleeve Sweatshirt Star is $34.99 on Amazon.

To twee or not to twee? This sweatshirt RSVPs 'yes'

The sky's the limit when you're wearing this adorably optimistic sweatshirt. But that's not the only good news, because Seventeen has chimed in to say that twee is trending again. So naturally, we're giddy for the happy-go-lucky twee style to reenter our wardrobes, and it's no surprise that Refinery29 gives much of the comeback credit to the lovely Zooey Deschanel. So, if you want to steal a page from her style guidebook, look for charming pieces with a nostalgic or over-the-top cute aesthetic.

In the end, living a twee life isn't a prerequisite for adding this sweatshirt, which is an Amazon newbie, to your cart. So, if you're the kind of person who likes to set the trend, this is your chance. Follow the tips from reviewers, and be sure to review the size chart for accurate ordering. A few reviewers suggest ordering up in size to achieve the baggy look.

The Women's Cute Clouds Pattern Hoodie is available on Amazon for $27.98.

These hoodie laces gift you a double rainbow

You don't need a reason to wear rainbows, but there are approximately a zillion. Whether you're a fan of the design element, bright colors, or just like to be on-trend, grab a rainbow and dazzle in its kaleidoscope of color. Within the trend, there's also plenty of room to support the LGBTQ+ community and join the ranks of these rainbow-clad celebrities featured by People.

The 2022 fashion trends feature rainbows in a dizzying array of interpretations, everywhere from clothes to hair (via Cosmopolitan). If you're looking for an everyday rainbow staple, you might want to consider this cropped sweatshirt, which is in the top 600 "Women's Fashion Hoodies & Sweatshirts" category on Amazon. It's available in six colors, but we're 100% partial to this one, with the contrasting hoodie laces.

The SweatyRocks Women's Long Sleeve Rainbow Stripe Sweatshirt Crop Top is available on Amazon for $24.99.