Here's Everything We Know About The Real Housewives Of Dubai

Accumulating up to 11 series in the U.S. and 21 series internationally, it's rare to find a reality TV franchise as successful and widely loved as "The Real Housewives." With a fan base that grows as avidly as the franchise does, there's no shortage of cities where you can watch women fight over the same three things. 

"Real Housewives" drama is truly a universal language. The ingredients are the same. You have a group of affluent women that lead luxurious lives with no budget in sight, and they are supposed "friends." Still, one secret ingredient can be found in each and every series within the franchise: an impressive aptitude for drama and wine tossing. After all, what could inspire a franchise like "The Real Housewives" but drama?

While some "Real Housewives" series have been running for as long as the franchise has existed, such as "The Real Housewives of New York," others are only just getting their start, including "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City." Regardless, they are all gripping. Where else can you find such an entertaining group of wig-tugging, table-flipping, hair-grabbing, and glass-shattering ladies adorned in the finest jewelry while doing it all (via People)? 

An endless supply exists, but fans still want more. The Season 4 revival of "The Real Housewives of Miami" itched a scratch for a brand new series despite it being a reboot, per TV Insider, but nothing compares to the news of an entirely brand new city — and a brand new continent at that.

Bravo is taking us to Dubai this summer

While various networks have dipped their toes into the "Real Housewives" world, Bravo TV reigns supreme as the founders of the franchise with 10 series that have been big hits. Currently, there are eight cities with "Real Housewives" series running on Bravo TV: Atlanta, Beverly Hills, New York City, Potomac, Orange County, New Jersey, Salt Lake City, and the Miami reboot, though this last one is partnered with Peacock. 

Now, Bravo's decided it's time to spice things up and go international. When looking for a new city for the next "Real Housewives" series, the most important element is finding a group of ladies that live in the lap of luxury, and what city screams riches more than Dubai? 

That's right: Bravo is heading to the Middle East and is set to introduce a brand new group of ladies that live in the City of Gold. Announcing the new series on the "Today Show," host Andy Cohen teased, "This is going to blow the lid off the entire franchise." Cohen revealed that the show will premiere at some point in 2022.

Bravo TV has since given fans a lot more to get excited about. On April 1, Bravo released a promo video on Instagram that gave viewers a sneak peak of the new ladies along with a release date of June 1. The promo caption teased, "Turns out all that glitters IS gold.The new Housewife royalty has arrived, and they're taking over Dubai!" The excitement of it all was almost too much to bear, especially as fans noticed a familiar face.

The return of Caroline Stanbury

Every "Real Housewives" cast differs, but they all center around a group of friends, or rather frenemies, who are a part of the same elite social circle in their city. Some have married influential men, while sometimes the cast will include a housewife who is her own claim to fame, such as Kandi Burruss being a famous musician and songwriter, per Entertainment Weekly. It's always exciting for fans to see the line-up of a new series' cast, especially to see if there are any familiar faces.

For any die-hard Bravo TV fans out there, it's time. The fan-favorite Caroline Stanbury of "Ladies of London" is making her big return in "The Real Housewives of Dubai," per Bravo TV. The 45-year-old Londoner first debuted in 2014 for the one-season wonder. She was all fashion and flair, and the last time viewers saw her, she was a personal stylist sharing three children with her husband, Cem Habib. 

Now, Stanbury makes her comeback with a lot more changes than just her destination. Settled in Dubai, Stanbury divorced Habib and is now married to former Real Madrid soccer player Sergio Carallo, according to Bravo TV. The stylist also hosts her own podcast titled "Divorced not Dead." Bravo TV has teased that her storyline will shed some light on the challenges of being with someone significantly younger than her.

Stanbury wasn't the only face in the promo teaser, though. So, who are the ladies wandering the desert in lavish gowns?

Who are the Real Housewives of Dubai?

It's always great to get a second round of a familiar face, but it's even more exciting to get to dive into the lives of five women that the Bravo TV fandom knows nothing about, especially considering that these ladies are running in an international circle. They're guaranteed to bring with them a whole brand new circle of drama. 

Why not begin with Dubai's first Black supermodel? The glamorous Chanel Ayan runs her own talent agency, and she's also big in the beauty world, founding her own makeup and skincare line, according to Women's Health Magazine. Another beauty aficionado is Caroline Brooks, who is the owner of the locally-famous beauty salon The Glasshouse Dubai. She may be based in Dubai, but Brooks is an originally Honduran first-generation American. 

Bravo TV also introduced another Dubai-based American. Nina Ali was born in Lebanon but raised in Texas. Co-founding a cake company, Ali is also an influencer that will be sharing how much she prides herself on raising her three beautiful children with her business mogul husband. 

Jamaican Lesa Milan moved to Dubai to pursue her career as a fashion designer, according to Bravo TV. The former Miss Jamaica is a mother of three that now designs luxury maternity clothing. 

Of course, the cast wouldn't be complete with a United Arab Emirates native. Enter Dr. Sara Al Madani, who began her first business at 15 years old. Al Madani has been divorced twice now, and the mother of one is on the search for love. Each more stunning than the last, this cast looks set to shake things up.