Ghosts Star Sheila Carrasco Reflects On The Finale & Talks Season 2 - Exclusive Interview

Being trapped as a spirit in the same building, day after day, doesn't sound so great, but the characters from "Ghosts" seem to be having the time of their life — er, death?

The sitcom, based on the BBC series of the same name, follows a young couple named Samantha and Jay. After inheriting an old mansion from a deceased distant relative, the two are determined to transform it into a charming B&B. The only problem is that it's haunted by a group of ghosts who have all died on the property in the craziest of ways. From a Wall Street trader who now walks the afterlife without his pants to a hippie who was mauled by a grizzly after attempting a "bear hug," each of them has waited patiently all season to get "sucked up." Now, fans have to wait patiently for Season 2 to see them haunt the halls of Woodstone Manor once again — or, you know, serve up some laughs instead.


For actress Sheila Carrasco, playing Flower has completely changed her life, and we had the opportunity to ask her all about what it's been like starring in the sitcom. In an exclusive interview with The List, Carrasco revealed the moment even she never saw coming this season, the co-stars who are always cracking everyone up on set, and what she'd love to see happen when the spirits reunite for Season 2.

Sheila Carrasco shares her first impression of Flower

What was your first impression of the script, and what was your first impression of Flower when you read it?

I thought that the script was hilarious, and I was also very aware of the BBC show "Ghosts" and was a huge fan of it. I was already like, "Okay, this show is going to work. It's going to be great. Everyone's going to be so funny, and I would love to work on this show."


When I read the part, I was like, "I can't believe [it]. She is such a fun role and is such a gift for an actor to play. For me to be able to audition for it, too, really meant a lot, because they were willing to see everyone for this role. I'm a character actress, so I'm not super hippy dippy. Maybe I am a little bit.

It was a really great opportunity for me to explore the physical comedy behind Flower, and the heart, and her physical embodiment. Add to that all of the moments of [being] in and out of lucidity, which is so fun and being right with the ghosts one minute and then not with them the next, with a totally wrong subject matter or whatever it is. It was such an exciting opportunity. When I got cast in the role, I was over the moon.


The actress sees some similarities between herself and Flower

I've heard you say that Flower's last name was actually an homage to your real family. What else have you put into the character that's part of you?

Her last name, Montero — they asked me for a couple of options for the last name, and that was the biggest family name I had, but I didn't tell them that. When they chose it, it really meant a lot, because that was my abuela's last name, and in Chile, and a lot of Latin America, you go by both your father's last name and your mother's. We're the familia Carrasco Montero, so it was very cool, because it felt like it was the other half of me very represented with this character.


With her definitely wanting to connect with people, I'm a hugger. I'm a close talker. [Laughs] I am also a little bit spacey. Growing up, they would call it Sheila-la-land when I would — I'm the youngest of four in a big family, and I would not pay attention to what the whole family was talking about.

We could be in a car ride, and they could be debating something like where to go to dinner and finally come to the conclusion. Two minutes later, I'd be like, "Where are we going to dinner?" They'd be like, "You weren't listening at all?" And I was like, "You know what? Unless you say my name and say, 'Sheila, I have to tell you something,' I'm not obliged to listen to everyone all the time," because I had to tune everyone out. I bring that to this role because there's so many people talking all the time.


Yes, she is high, and yes, she's tripping a lot of the time, but also ... it's easier [for her] to be in her own world.

This is the hardest part about playing Flower

What's been the biggest challenge playing Flower?

A little bit of that going in and out of lucidity and figuring out what she actually hears and understands in terms of the stakes of the scene, and — I do want to serve the story, and I want to play with the ensemble, and be part of it, and Flower very much is.


I also have to play off those moments where she's like, "What were we talking about?" — finding times to dip out and all of a sudden get distracted by seeing a color, or the wallpaper, or whatever it is. Then, all of a sudden, realizing she's lost track of the conversation, but I do that on my own.

Being able to do that in these big group scenes, figuring out the timing of all of that, has been a challenge, but a really fun one. That might be the only challenge — that and shooting in 50 degree weather in my costume. [Laughs]

This season, Flower does reveal her love for Thorfinn, but do you feel like her feelings would change if she ever got the chance to see her ex-boyfriend Ira again?

Ooh, good question! She is someone that is not afraid to let go of love. Because she is polyamorous, she has the ability to love so many people in her life, and that actually is probably a big reason why she has intimacy issues and why she's afraid of committing to Thorfinn, because she wants to love more than one person, and she wants to be able to do whatever she wants and not be on anyone else's — what's the word? I am Flower. [Laughs]


She doesn't want to be held down!

Doesn't want to be pinned down, for sure. She even told him that in Episode 3, I think. If she were to see Ira, that would be such a magical moment and give her closure, but she would also be so happy if she saw him and he had found love with someone else. She'd really truly be happy for him.

The moment Sheila Carrasco never saw coming this season

Out of all the ghosts' backstories over the season, which one surprised you the most?

Hmm. Probably Trevor's, for sure, because I really thought it was going to be related to some kind of drug-fueled rager [where] he lost his pants and that was it, and then he put his shoes back on. It was such a fun, lovely surprise that he had that moment of generosity.


Also, it was really lovely to see Asher [Grodman] play that, because he is such a sweet, kind person. It was nice to see him shine in that and surprising, because it was like, "Oh, cool."

Even for [Episode 7, titled] "Flower's Article," the fact that she's so flawed, and she robbed a bank, and she was dishonest, that was such a gift to me. The writers have done such a brilliant job of surprising us at every turn.

Here's how she gets into character

Because you've played Flower for a whole season, do you feel like stepping into her shoes — literally — has become a routine or second nature for you, because she is in the same costume the entire season?


Totally. I remember my first day on set shooting the pilot. I didn't really feel like I found the character until I had on the full costume, because you try everything on in pieces. I had come to set the night before. They changed my costume completely, so it was very new.

I didn't feel like I found the character until I put on that wig and those huge glasses. All of a sudden, I was like, "Oh! This is the character, and she walks like this." At one point, Rebecca [Wisocky, who plays Hetty] was like, "Oh, my gosh. She's doing method over in the corner. Just ignore her." I was like, "It's true!" [Laughs]

Now, it's funny. I get right in my costume, and then I wait until right before we start shooting when we go on set, and then I put those glasses on, and sometimes I do a little arm shakeout, and I pretend I'm a limp noodle or a kite blowing in the wind to find it, and then I'm ready to go. [Laughs]


She's literally looking through a different colored lens, so I think that's interesting, too.

And rose-colored lenses, I might add. I really recommend living life like that. It made me happier.

Which of your co-stars is always making everyone laugh on set?

Everyone. Everyone makes everyone laugh. Richie Moriarty [who plays Pete in the show] is one of the funniest people to shoot scenes with, because he's always joking around, and it's so fun. No bit is too dumb for him to jump on and have a good time with you. You can joke, joke, joke, and then you shoot, and it's really fun. He's always making everybody laugh.

I feel pretty proud. I don't break too often, but Brandon [Scott Jones, who portrays the character of Isaac] really makes me break, because he'll come in with something no one was expecting, and it destroys me. In terms of laughing, Utkarsh [Ambudkar, whose character is Jay] laughs a lot. We don't call him out enough.

How starring in the series has changed Sheila Carrasco's life

How has being a part of such a successful series changed your life?

100%. [Laughs] I've been at this for a while, and the pandemic was also a rough time for everyone, all my peers included. I really got to a point where, eight months into the pandemic, maybe it was September, October, and I was like, "You know what? I might not ever work again, and it's okay. Let's let it go. You don't know what's going to happen with the world." I really got good with that idea of, "How do I find my life fulfilling?" We were looking at property in Joshua Tree, and we were doing what everybody was doing. A month later, this came around, and I never would've guessed it.


I moved out here because I was obsessed with "The Office." I was like, "I want to move to LA, and I want to get on a show like 'The Office,' where it's a BBC reboot, and it's a large ensemble comedy. I want to have one of the peanut gallery roles, like the Kelly Kapoor role or Meredith and have a really strong point of view and come in every now and again with a zinger and live with a whole funny cast."

It's pretty amazing, looking back, because I see all the paths it took to get here, and I wouldn't change a thing — all the lows as well as the highs, but my life is totally different. It's awesome, and I'm so excited to see where this show goes. Who knows? In the meantime, I'm having the best time. I couldn't ask for a better show to be on, for me, personally.


Here's what Sheila Carrasco hopes to see happen in Season 2

"Ghosts" has been renewed for Season 2. Do you know anything about the upcoming season yet?

I don't. The writer's room has already started, and I'm sure we'll get an opportunity to chat with them and pitch ideas, because they're so collaborative. Joe Wiseman and Joe Port are dream showrunners, and the writer's room is amazing. They're pretty good about not giving us any details. They're really good. We would be well into shooting the season, and they would be having a draft for the next episode, and we would know nothing until the table read.


We'll find out. I really don't know. I hope Florfinn flourishes, or maybe not, maybe that doesn't happen anytime soon. Either way, I really hope that this B&B opens. [Laughs] I really hope for Sam and Jay that it opens.

And the curse is lifted finally.

Let's hope.

Which ghost from Woodstone Mansion do you think will get sucked off first?

Oh, I don't know that any of us — eventually, maybe, but we all are so complicated. I feel like we're all so intertwined with our relationships, not even from a producing aspect of it, [but] thinking about these characters' journeys. I don't know that any of them are anywhere near being in a good place to go up. [Laughs]

Well, I feel like that would be such an emotional time for you guys as well. It's good for the character, but it's a sad episode as well to say goodbye to a character.


It is, but it's also at a certain point, and I'm already feeling like this: Will they want to get sucked off? Is that going to be a good thing? Because I feel like the point of the show is: love the one you're with, and bloom where you're planted, and make a home wherever you are, and they're doing that. They're getting closer and closer, and they're each other's found, chosen family now. I could see them not wanting to go at a certain point.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes. I'm a spiritual person. I believe that there is a spirit world. I don't know if it's like our show where they're fully there, almost like they're real, and they're stuck in one place. There's a whole other plane we can't see, so yes, but in a different way than the show. I do believe in the show "Ghosts," and that's what counts. [Laughs]

Season 1 of "Ghosts" is available to stream now on Paramount+.