Everything We Know About Sasha Obama's New Boyfriend And His Famous Father

Now adults, Malia and Sasha Obama are making their mark on the world. "They have grown up right before our very eyes," Michelle Obama said during an April 19, 2022, appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." 

A 2021 Harvard graduate, 23-year-old Malia is now working a high-profile job as a TV writer for an upcoming series helmed by Donald Glover.

Sasha, 20, is a college student. While she began her studies at the University of Michigan in 2019, she transferred to the University of Southern California, per Daily Mail. Both sisters are now living in Los Angeles, and that's not the only similarity in their lives.

"Now they're bringing grown men home," Michelle said to DeGeneres. "Before it was just, like, pop bands," the former first lady added, referencing her daughter's childhood love of the Jonas Brothers. "Now they have boyfriends, and real lives." 

Malia's relationship with Rory Farquharson has been going on since 2017. The couple met at Harvard, and Farquharson even spent time quarantining with the Obama family in 2020. Speaking on "The Bill Simmons Podcast," the former president talked about how well they got along, saying, "I didn't want to like him, but he's a good kid." 

Now, it's Sasha's turn to introduce her boyfriend to her family — and the rest of the world.

Sasha Obama is dating Clifton Powell Jr.

As reported in the Daily Mail, Sasha Obama's boyfriend in Clifton Powell Jr. The outlet posted photos of the couple walking around Los Angeles together, along with an exclusive pic of the happy couple cuddling. 

While the details of how and where they met remain a mystery, it seems likely they got to know each other after Sasha switched schools and moved to the West Coast.

Also known by his nicknames, "Cliff" and "CP3," Powell spent time as a student at the University of California at Santa Barbara, per Daily Mail. While he began his college career with a four-year scholarship to play basketball, Powell quickly realized his ambitions were elsewhere, and he spent less than a year on the court. 

Although his UC Santa Barbara Gauchos bio stated he desired a career in broadcasting, Powell turned his focus toward writing instead. Like Sasha's older sister, Malia, he now works in the entertainment industry. 

Now 24, Powell started writing TV scripts, per his official website, but he soon realized he was interested in directing and visual storytelling. So, he transitioned into working as a director, creating commercials for clients like Nike and Peloton.

Besides his career common ground with Malia, Powell and his girlfriend, Sasha, both have famous fathers. Powell is the second-born child of film star Clifton Powell Sr.

Clifton Powell Sr. has over 260 acting credits

Clifton Powell Sr. began his career as an actor in 1981, per IMDb. Since then, he has stacked up more than 260 roles, with a number of recent projects in post- and pre-production. 

Most recently, Powell Sr. is set to play blues legend B.B. King in a project called "The Thrill Is On." He's played other icons before, such as Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1999 episode of "The Wonderful World of Disney" called "Selma, Lord, Selma."

Powell's career spans different genres and showcases his versatility as an actor. According to Turner Classic Movies, Powell achieved fame for his role as the gangster Pinky in the 2000 comedy "Next Friday" and its 2002 sequel "Friday After Next." 

Another of his best-known roles was in the 2004 biopic "Ray," where he played Jeff Brown. In its review of the film, Blackfilm.com said, "Powell is essentially subtle but effective in his role as Ray's trusted friend and road manager."

Per IMDb, Powell has also worked as a director, including on the films "Man of Her Dreams" and "There's a Stranger in My House." Both were produced in 2009, and he also acted in both movies.

Clifton Powell Sr. raised his family in a wealthy community

While Sasha Obama spent her formative years as a child in the White House, Clifton Powell Jr. was raised in Ladera Heights, California. This wealthy community is a hot spot for celebrities and is sometimes called the "Black Beverly Hills," per the Daily Mail.

Born on May 23, 1997, Clifton Jr. is the son of Clifton Powell Sr. and Kimberly Crooms. His mom runs two different companies: whateverUneed Designs, an interior design business, and Chef Kim, a company that provides clients with meal and nutrition assistance. 

Like Sasha, Clifton Jr. also has an older sister. Maya is an entrepreneur in custom nail art and owns Suga Honey Glam Incorporated.

Clifton Jr.'s love of writing has provided bonding opportunities with his actor father. In 2020, Clifton Sr. posted on Instagram, "In the writers room with my Son Clifton Powell Jr what an Amazing Feeling when you can hire your son as a writer to work on your nxt movie project There is nothing more rewarding as a Father and as a Man."

Even before they started working together, Clifton Sr. used social media to share his pride in his children. "Being a Father to Maya and Cliff Jr brings me the Greatest Joy," he captioned one post

When Clifton Jr. turned 21, the proud dad wrote, "What an amazingly incredible experience it is to watch yr child grow form [sic] a baby into an adult."