How Taurus Season Will Affect You If You're An Aquarius

Each of the star signs has its own distinct personality. From Gemini's great communication traits to Capricorn's incredible work ethic traits, there's something to be celebrated in each different sign — and its corresponding season. Now, it's Taurus' time to shine. The season of the bull is from April 20 to May 20, and it brings with it some inspiring traits to focus in on. If you're an Aquarius, this might feel like an unnatural time for you (via The Cut). As your air sign personality begins to become grounded, there are some things you can expect. 

Every sign has something to learn from the others throughout the year. In the time of Taurus, it's all about comfort and stability, according to Bustle. The sign of the bull is all about power, determination, and tenacity, and it's time for Aquarians to step into that. "Taurus season will usher in a period of grounding and focus," astrologer Lauren Ash tells Bustle. "The next four weeks will be all about incremental change, patience, and focus."

For Aquarians, who are airy, creative beings, this is a time to put yourself first (via The Cut). It might not feel natural for you to do that throughout the year, but this point of the year is the perfect opportunity to hone in on the skill. Here's what to expect this season, if you're an Aquarius, because there's a whole lot to look forward to during this time of grounding. 

Aquarius' homebody personality will shine

An Aquarius' personality is two-fold. While they're great social beings and can hang with even the biggest social butterflies — we're looking at you, Gemini — they also need quality alone time to recharge their batteries (via The Times of India). For Taurus season, don't be afraid to spend a little more time at home.

If you're finding yourself wanting to stay home, redecorate the space, or invest in some new pieces from Etsy, don't feel guilty about it. "Don't be afraid to set some boundaries with loved ones and focus on turning your home into a safe haven," astrologer Lauren Ash told Bustle. "Tough conversations make for stronger bonds, so be sure to speak your mind and work toward building the home life of your dreams this month."

As an Aquarius, you're probably looking for something a little quirky or maybe different home decor. Hop on Etsy and get shopping for those standout items. Just remember to talk to your partner about the decisions you're making along the way. 

Relationship communication will be high

Ah, relationships. You can't expect the stars to change and not have it affect you and the people around you. Whether you're looking to go deeper with yourself or those around you, Taurus season is about those deep, foundational talks that will make you better as a person. "With Taurus influencing both romantic communication and our finances, expect an increased focus on saving money and recommitting to the people in life who matter most — including ourselves," astrologer Lauren Ash tells Bustle.

As an Aquarius, this can be hard for you. It doesn't come naturally for the water bearers to speak about their feelings and get vulnerable. After all, being an Aquarius can affect your mental health. Taurus season is the perfect time to express your feelings in a grounded, focused way. This could be a month of major breakthroughs in your relationship, whether you're single and looking to focus on what you want or are working to actively communicate with a partner. 

You can expect bursts of creative energy

According to StyleCaster, Taurus is secretly and extremely creative. So, during this Taurus season, don't be surprised if there are some intense creative bursts in the middle of all that grounding. Grab a pen, paintbrush, or instrument and lean into these feelings. Of course, you're probably already pretty used to this as an Aquarius, also known as one of the most creative signs of the zodiac. 

"Around this time, expect bursts of creative energy, an increased drive to rebel from the norm, and a tendency to dare to make radically different choices from the mainstream," popular astrology Instagram page Moon Omens explained in a post. If that doesn't sound like the greatest possible outcome for an Aquarius, then we don't know does. 

What's different about this time of creativity for an Aquarius is the grounding from Taurus' earth sign. While Aquarians are used to being, well, spacey and letting their creativity guide them, they might feel a bit more of a focused form of creativity. Lean into where this takes you!

The retrogrades coming will be in your favor

Forget everything you know about retrogrades because the ones coming up in Taurus season might actually be in your favor. "We'll experience our second of four Mercury retrogrades for the year from May 10 to June 12," astrologist Lauren Ash tells Bustle. "While Mercury retrograde usually gets a bad reputation for skewing communication, many signs will find this retrograde energy bringing unexpected career and love opportunities their way."

Unexpected doesn't always mean "bad," and an Aquarius knows it. The sign is multi-passionate and is constantly harnessing in on different creative passions and new hobbies. According to Bustle, these retrograde could be exactly what an Aquarius needs. Whether you've been working towards a new job or looking for the love of your life, lean into these changes and take the changes as they come. You never know what life-changing people and experiences could come your way. 

Use this time to prepare for Gemini season

The biggest thing to take away from Taurus season? Rest before it becomes time for Gemini season (via Cosmopolitan). As mentioned previously, Aquarians have two sides to them: the social butterfly and their introverted nature. Gemini season is coming right after Taurus' comes to an end, which means a boost in energy and social relationships. Take your time to ground down in this Taurus season to recharge your batteries for the social season to come. 

Hone in on the comfort, creativity, and communication that comes with Taurus season so you're ready to cut loose and have some fun from May 20 to June 20. As an Aquarius, you're already great at loving all the different sides of yourself, so do what feels right to you in the moment and don't read too far in the future. This season is just another way to celebrate you!