Here's What Happened To Jennifer Horton On Days Of Our Lives

"Days of Our Lives" fans have watched the character of Jennifer Horton grow up before their eyes. The character was first introduced to viewers in February 1976 as a child. In 1979, the character was written off the show. However, she returned in 1985 as a teenager played by actress Melissa Reeves (via Soaps in Depth).

Jennifer is the daughter of Bill and Laura Horton and a member of one of Salem's most beloved and prominent families. Over the decades, Jennifer's life has been full of twists and turns, as she's been through some of the most heartbreaking drama of any character on "DOOL." While characters like Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) and Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) have also been recognized for their soap storylines, Jennifer's life hasn't been easy. In fact, many of her problems started from a very early age when she was forced to deal with the messy relationship between her parents and her mother's mental illness, per Soap Central.

Jennifer's childhood and teenage years were full of chaos

When Jennifer Horton was very young, "Days of Our Lives" viewers watched her troubled mother, Laura Horton, put her daughter's life in danger by placing her on a bus alone. Although Jennifer was unharmed, Laura's mental state continued to deteriorate and she was eventually placed in a mental hospital. Laura would spend the next 17 years at the sanitarium, which left Jennifer to be raised by her grandparents, Tom and Alice Horton (via Soap Central).

Jennifer's teenage years were full of drama as she acted out and found herself in plenty of trouble. Upon running away from her boarding school, Jennifer was targeted and stalked by a rapist, but was fortunately saved from a tragic fate by her brother, Mike Horton. Following the chaos, Jennifer moved back in with her grandparents and went to a public high school where she met Frankie Brady. The two fell in love and even became engaged at an early age, per Soaps in Depth.

However, Jennifer's fears of having children with mental illness got in the way of the relationship, and the two split. When they got back together, their romance was ruined once again when Eve Donovan revealed that Frankie had an affair while the two were separated.

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Jennifer fell in love with Jack, but suffered trauma along the way

After high school, Jennifer got hired as an intern at the local newspaper, the Salem Spectator. While working for the paper, "Days of Our Lives" viewers watched Jennifer meet Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford). The two butted heads immediately, but it was obvious that they had a spark between them. The couple hid their feelings for one another, and Jennifer eventually got engaged to a man named Emilio. However, Jack couldn't allow Jennifer to go through with the marriage and kidnapped her on her wedding day so that he could confess his love for her. Their relationship took a strange turn when Lawrence Alamain came to Salem believing Jennifer to be an heiress, Carly Manning (via Soaps in Depth).

Lawerence was adamant about keeping Jennifer close, and she married him in hopes of keeping Carly safe. Sadly, Lawrence raped Jennifer before Jack could save her from his clutches. Jack and Jennifer were finally free to be together and they became engaged. Sadly, Jennifer suffered trauma from the rape and was unable to open up to Jack so the couple called off their wedding. Jack later married Eve Donovan so that she could earn a $10 million inheritance (via Soap Central).

Once Jennifer came to terms with her issues she pressed charges against Lawrence and Jack divorced Eve. He and Jennifer finally tied the knot in 1991 during a Western-themed wedding.

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Jennifer gave birth to her daughter Abigail before losing Jack

In 1992, "Days of Our Lives" fans were delighted to learn that Jennifer was pregnant. However, Jack wasn't thrilled about the news as he believed he had cancer. Jack later found out that he was cancer-free and the couple's daughter, Abigail Johanna was born the following year. The couple was happy, but their happiness was fleeting when it was revealed that Abby was sick (via Soap Central). She was later diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia, which stemmed from toxic waste dumping in the town's water supply. Jack felt awful as he had allowed the dumping prior to Abigail's birth. He was so ashamed of his actions that he opted to leave Salem and his family behind.

After Jack left town, Jennifer moved on with Peter Blake. However, she was unaware of Peter's illegal business dealings. During this time, Jennifer's mother, Laura, had been released from the mental hospital. When Laura found Peter with a shady man, Peter lied to Jennifer and tried to make it seem that her mother was having more mental health issues. In 1995, Jennifer married Peter and later realized that he had lied to her. It was Jack that helped Jennifer and Abby escape Peter's clutches and took her out of the state, per Soaps in Depth.

Following the drama, Stefano faked Peter's death and framed Jack for his murder. Jack was sentenced to prison, but Jennifer drew Peter out of hiding and Jack was eventually released.

Jennifer lost Jack again and fell in love with Daniel

After Jack was released from prison, he and Jennifer got back together. The couple then left Salem and "Days of Our Lives" viewers were forced to say goodbye to the pair as they headed to Africa with Abigail. Upon returning to Salem, Jack and Jennifer remarried, but Jennifer was heartbroken when Jack was murdered by the Salem Stalker while she was pregnant with their second child. After discovering that Jack was still alive she jetted off to where he was being held captive, but her plane crashed on the way there. Jennifer gave birth to their son, JJ, and after returning to Salem for a short time, they eventually opted to move to London (via Soaps in Depth).

When Jennifer returned to Salem in 2010, she was without Jack and revealed that they were separated. After a medical scare, Jennifer began dating Dr. Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian), and the two were happy together until Jack returned to Salem to shake things up. Jennifer was forced to choose between them. Just as Jennifer and Jack were reconnecting, a horrible accident occurred and Jack died saving Abigail's life (via Soap Central). She later reunited with Daniel, but a teenage JJ was unhappy about the relationship. Jennifer eventually ended things with Daniel to work on her relationship with JJ during a difficult time in his life.

Jennifer struggled with addiction and her children's mental health issues

"Days of Our Lives" fans watched as things got progressively worse for Jennifer. Daniel was killed in a car accident and Abigail was displaying signs of serious mental illness. In addition, JJ was struggling with his own mental health. Things got more complicated when Jennifer got addicted to drugs and started on a long road to recovery (via Soap Central). During that time, she even had a fling with Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan).

Later that year Jack shockingly returned from the dead with amnesia. Jen eventually helped the love of her life regain his memories and the two were married. Sadly, Jennifer was pushed from a balcony by Hope, who was brainwashed to believe she was Princess Gina. Jennifer fell into a coma and stayed in that coma for an entire year.  When she woke up she found that life was much different. After Jack and Jennifer got back into a routine following her hospitalization, another bombshell dropped. It was revealed that Jack had a long, lost daughter named Gwen Rizchech and that he had slept with Kate Roberts during Jennifer's coma (via Soaps in Depth).

Jack and Jen split and after her mother, Laura died, she was devastated. Jennifer eventually returned to Salem to reunite with Jack and the two left town together to move to Boston and run a small newspaper.

Jennifer's life has been messy and chaotic, but fans can't get enough of her ever-revolving storyline.

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