Kate Middleton Repeats A Famous Outfit For A Surprise Appearance

If there's one thing that's true about royals, it's that they generally have incredible style. Let's put it this way, the world loves royal fashion. When Meghan Markle stepped out with a particular crossbody bag, it created so much hype that there was a wait list with 3,000 people wanting to grab one for themselves (via E News). Heck, the design of the coat she wore in her engagement announcements to Prince Harry was even renamed "The Meghan," according to Harper's Bazaar. We can't make this stuff up. The Duchess of Sussex isn't the only one in the family with some eye-catching style either. People go crazy over Kate Middleton's outfits, too.

In fact, Middleton is such a fashionable showstopper that multiple dresses she's worn have sold out instantly (via Hello! Magazine). As in, as soon as they get photographed. But her latest look is being obsessed over for a different reason. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a very particular cream dress to Westminster Abbey for the Anzac Day Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving, which honors Australians and New Zealanders killed in war (via Glamour). She's worn it once before, and it was for a very special occasion. 

There is nothing wrong with repeating an outfit, especially when it's done right. It's safe to say that Middleton did it in the best way possible.

Kate Middleton recycled a very special coat dress

When you have a royal fashion allowance, you don't play around when it comes to style. Kate Middleton has spent upwards to $130,000 a year on clothing so it's fair to say she owns her fair share of quality clothing (via Yarns and Fibers). But if there's anything that Middleton loves more than buying those clothes, it's making sure she gets her money's worth. The 40-year-old is no stranger to rewearing an outfit, and that's exactly what she did at the Anzac Day Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving.

Middleton surprised everyone with her visit, but her outfit definitely did not disappoint. She showed up at the event wearing the same Alexander McQueen cream-colored coat dress that she wore to Princess Charlotte's christening (via Glamour). As the appearance was a surprise, there's a good chance that she just needed something to wear last minute and grabbed this out of her closet. There's also a good chance that she knew exactly what she was doing by wearing the all-cream outfit.

The Anzac Day event was at Westminster Abbey, which is the church that Middleton and Prince William were married at in April 2011. Wearing it now means she sported the jacket just a few days before her 11th wedding anniversary. Either we're reading too much into this or the royals really do know how to make every sartorial moment a special one. 

Kate Middleton wore the same dress with a different hat

Forget everything you know about rewearing outfits because this is not your average recycled outfit. Kate Middleton wore a halo headpiece to Westminster Abbey to complete her look on Anzac Day (via Glamour). The donut-shaped hat tied in the back with a black ribbon. This was quite different from the one she originally wore with the coat. Back in 2015, she opted for a fascinator donned with feathery flowers.

Her jewelry back in 2015 was also quite different. She wore matching diamond necklace and earrings then; Middleton switched it up with oversized teardrop pearl earrings and no necklace for her more recent appearance. She also opted for a red poppy broach which, according to People, likely references a World War I-era poem by John McCrae. It also matched the wreath that Prince William laid at The Cenotaph war memorial in London to mark Anzac Day on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II. 

The Duchess of Cambridge loves outfit repeating

This isn't the first time that the Duchess of Cambridge has opted for an outfit that was already in her closet. Kate Middleton is no stranger to recycling outfits. She's reworn almost 100 outfits in her time in the royal eye (via Town & Country). But each time she does it, the 40-year-old makes people fall in love with the item all over again. Middleton is constantly looking for ways to change up her accessories to make the items look brand new.

For instance, she wore a gorgeous ruched Jenny Packham dress to the BAFTAs in 2011. Vogue noted that she stepped out in the exact same dress a decade later for the Earthshot Awards Ceremony in 2021. There was one big difference in the outfit though — the belt. She switched out the original silver belt for a thinner but even more bedazzled option. Honestly, both looks are incredible. 

Take it from Middleton, there's nothing wrong with wearing an outfit more than once.