29 Best Pairs Of Jeans For Women In 2022

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Finding the perfect pair of jeans can seem as elusive as finding a four-leaf clover in a field of wildflowers. Sure, the scenery is lovely, but the task feels nearly impossible. And yet, season after season, year after year, we drudge off into the dressing rooms, arms buckling under the weight of all the denim, and the search continues. 

Then, after a few years of trial and error, you find the perfect pair. They fit as if made especially for your glorious curves and dimensions — yes! But, oh wait, the trends just changed, and your newly-found perfection is suddenly "so last year." Then, the journey begins all over again. 

Well, we have the most fantastic news: We're in an unprecedented time in fashion history because almost anything goes right now in the world of jeans. Fashion experts, including those at Vogue, report that trends include everything from hippie bellbottoms, cropped, slouchy, baggy, distressed, wide-leg, straight-leg, and even Y2K. And remember all that hubbub about the death of the skinny jeans? Even she's sticking around for what is shaping up to be the decade of denim.

So, without further ado, here are the 29 best pairs of jeans for women in 2022.

How we selected the best jeans of 2022

Choosing a pair of jeans can be a very personal decision, so our goal was to create an in-depth collection of jeans across multiple categories. The research began with background information such as data related to consumers' buying habits. For example, in a study published in January of this year, the average price for a pair of jeans in the United States was $165.44.

Using that as a starting point, we were sure to include jeans in four different price ranges. Therefore, this list consists of seven pairs of jeans under $50, six options within $50-100, five pairs that fall between $100-$150, and ten that are over $150.

In addition to cost, we reviewed a wide selection of blogs, articles, and social media posts that capture the latest trends. From there, we also included jeans that offered features such as inclusive sizing, customization, recycled materials, slimming and contouring enhancements, and more. In the end, this fun list has a little something for everyone.

The best relaxed fit jeans for achieving zen status

Imogene + Willie is one of the leaders in Nashville's style scene — one of the country's emerging fashion hubs. The brand's wide-leg, military-inspired denim is made with sustainable Japanese twill, which is finished with a touch of softness. The cut, color, and relaxed fit give these jeans a special zen-like aura. These jeans pair well with everything from chunky sweaters to tailored shirts.

The Kate Washed Bay Twill jeans are shipped with a 35" inseam, which can be rolled with each wear or custom-hemmed to your preference. Alternatively, the brand will customize the inseam length before shipping at no additional cost.

The Kate Washed Bay Twill jeans are available at Imogene + Willie for $225.

Size Range: 23-34" Inseam: 35" | Material: 100% Cotton

The best comfortable jeans with the most fit options

Levi's jeans encourage people to "buy better; wear longer," and one way they do that is by offering easy-to-understand sizing options. The brand's Gold Label Women's Modern Straight Jeans, which are eligible for the "try before you buy" program on Amazon, offer stretchy straight-leg styling in various finishes and inseam lengths.

The brand has stood the test of time, considering Levi Strauss started the company during the 1850s San Francisco Gold Rush (via Britannica). Adding to that brand recognition, nearly 17,000 Amazon customers have rated these jeans an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Modern Straight Jeans are available on Amazon with prices ranging from $24.99 to $49.85.

Size Range: 2-28 | Inseam: 29-33" | Material: 79% Cotton, 18% Polyester, 3% Elastane

The best wide leg jeans

If you're looking to include workwear into your regular fashion rotation, you can count on Dickie's. The brand was established in the 1920s and has been a part of American culture ever since — from military uniforms to the hip-hop scene (via Essence). The brand celebrates its heritage — the tradespeople, farmers, and workers who've long-loved the brand — by releasing a pair of commemorative jeans.

These are more than just the on-trend jeans of the moment; they're designed with the brand's unyielding dedication to functional fortitude. In other words, these jeans are going to hold up over time.

The Women's 100 Year Denim Jeans are available at Dickie's for $94.99.

Size Range: 0-14 Inseam: Not listed Material: 100% Cotton

The best white jeans that aren't see-through

British style continues to make its way across the pond, according to Business of Fashion, and Boden has become a household name. The brand's tailored classics and upbeat patterns create a playful blend of styled layers. For example, the Relaxed Straight Jeans are slightly cropped with a raw hem and come in four options, including two patterns to keep things fresh. More opaque than traditional white, the ecru option comes embellished with black embroidery accents at the hems and front pockets.

Customers rate these jeans, which are available in petite, regular, and long, at 4.5 out of 5 stars, and many note the "comfort" and "ankle-skimming" hems. 

The Relaxed Straight Jeans are available at Boden for $130.

Size Range: 2-22 | Inseam: 26¾" (regular) | Material: 95% Cotton 4% Polyester 1% Elastane

The best whimsical jeans under $30

Sometimes you just want something less-expensive and fun, so we present to you these utterly adorable piglet-inspired jeans. With Y2K jeans continuing to trend, Net-a-porter's Libby Paige explains to Vogue that "It's an opportunity to inject a youthful and energetic feel into your wardrobe." These jeans incorporate a whimsical wink of embroidery, taking that spirit to heart.

This relaxed-fit, elastic-waist denim series includes 11 styles, ranging from flowers to fireworks and beyond. Customers suggest reviewing the size charts to ensure the best fit, and one user clarified that the jeans are "Cool and baggy with medium-lightweight denim and nice embroidery, but not for anyone looking for a slim fit."

The Duberess Women's Denim Jeans Trousers are available on Amazon with prices ranging from $29 to $35.

Size Range: 6-14 | Inseam: Not listed | Material: 100% Cotton

The best genderless dark wash jeans

Consumers are no longer satisfied with just "boyfriend fit" options, so shoppers have started demanding genderless fashion pieces, and, according to Vogue, the trend is here to stay. Along those lines, the Björk Denim Jeans by reDEW offer a slim leg that tapers just slightly along the ankle line. In addition to the flattering fit, they're also designed for movement and comfort, thanks to being 1.5% elastane.

The feel-good vibes don't stop there, however. These jeans incorporate recycled materials, and the brand explicitly asks that "you not wash your jeans unless it's absolutely necessary, conserving energy and water!"

The Björk Denim Jeans by reDEW are available at AKTIV with prices ranging from $70 to $139.

Size Range: 25-31" | Inseam: 30-32" | Material: 94.5% Organic Cotton, 4% Recycled Polyester, 1.5% Elastane

The best Y2K jeans under $40

Okay, this is kind of a big deal: These Amazon Prime-eligible, Y2K-style jeans are available in a staggering 34 different styles. All styles begin with a baggy, flared design, but each offers a unique aesthetic. Choose from goth, cargo, plain, graffiti, and more. Regardless of which look you choose, if you're ready to ditch skinny jeans, the manufacturer suggests ordering up one or two sizes to achieve the baggy fit.

Vogue says Y2K is more than okay for spring 2022, so this is a great way to stay on-trend for under $35.

The Y2k High Waist Straight Leg Jeans are available on Amazon with prices ranging from $23.99 to $38.99.

Size Range: XS-XL | Inseam: 30-32" | Material: 94.5% Organic Cotton, 4% Recycled Polyester, 1.5% Elastane

The best crisscross jeans

Abercrombie & Fitch makes it easy to get in on the crisscross jeans trend for under $100. The 90s Ultra High Rise Straight Jeans offer the popular asymmetrical waist style in 12 colors, 15 waist options, and five different lengths. The brand — now known for its inclusive sizing — gets a lot of love these days on YouTube. Fashion reviewer Bri Martinez's video, which has nearly 108,000 views, offers side-by-side styling for many A&F jeans that are equally flattering in sizes 6 and 16.

The 90s Ultra High Rise Straight Jeans have over 900 reviews on the brand's website, averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars. Reviewers often mention "comfort," "flattering," and "great fit through the hips."

The 90s Ultra High Rise Straight Jeans are available at Abercrombie & Fitch. Price ranges from $66.75 to $89.

Size Range: 23-37" | Inseam: 26.5-32.5" | Material: 99% Cotton, 1% Elastane

The best gray cropped jeans

Let's just take a moment to celebrate one of the newer darlings in the competitive world of jeans — the gray jean. The neutral-toned newcomer is just as versatile as our beloved blue jeans but offers a welcomed style refresh. Styling tips are easy to come by, whether you look to the witty fashion duo at Mommies, Makeup & Moscato, or the experts at Stitch Fix.

If you're looking to rock gray all day, OTD's relaxed-fit option is the best of everything. First of all, the sulfur dye creates a gorgeous low-key hue and perfect little variations for that these-are-mine vibe. The brand — an absolute gift from fashion veteran John Varvatos — is making waves and is even featured in Glossy.

The Relaxed Cotton-Stretch Denim Jean with Tapered Leg is available at On This Day for $325.

Size Range: 24-32" | Inseam: Not listed | Material: 97% Cotton, 3% Elastane

The best distressed carpenter jeans

Oversized front pockets and paneled seaming help these carpenter jeans stand out in the crowd. And, of course, they have the traditional work pants' hammer loop detail to drive home the look. Strategically distressed, the wear-and-tear areas are lightly patched for a more refined finish.

The versatile light wash of the style lends itself to warm weather styling or even the denim-on-denim look featured in their Instagram posts and celebrated by Vogue.

The Denim Work Pants are available at Homme + Femme for $155.

Size Range: 28-44" | Inseam: 30" | Material: Not listed

The best high-waisted skinny jeans

Shredding any doubts about comfort, these drawstring jeans deliver no-stress distressed styling. Not only does the drawstring ensure a no-gap waistline, but overall, this pair screams "long live the skinny jean." Sure, the fate of the skinny was teetering, but even Refinery29 has acknowledged that the form-fitting denim is still a staple. And so, even though it doesn't have its own holiday (yet), we're celebrating the skinny's resilience with this perfect on-trend example that's complete with destroyed hem.

It turns out we're not the only ones, because in an Amazon category as mammoth as "women's jeans," this pair ranks #424. Not only is it well-rated, but one reviewer was quick to declare that these jeans are perfect for folks who eschew hard pants. "I work from home so often I chose to stick with my comfy leggings since no one sees me. But these jeans are so comfortable that I chose to wear them even working at home."

The Happy Sailed Stretchy Slim Distressed Denim Pants are $38.98 on Amazon.

Size Range: S-XXL | Inseam: Not listed | Material: 75% Cotton, 24% Polyester, 1% Elastane

The best straight leg jeans in a classic time-worn fade

These are the Goldilocks of jeans. They're not too skinny and not too baggy — a perfect compromise to yield jeans that are just right in every way. Sure, sometimes people toss around the word "genius" like confetti at a DIY craft-a-thon, but we're very tempted to apply it here. Come to find out; we're not alone. Editors at Blue test-drove Moussy denim, and everyone's a fan.

The cut, color, and fade on these jeans feel like an iconic jean scene from a movie. These have a modern-day straight leg, but they're also serving up that 1991 "Thelma & Louise" too-cool-to-care faded jeans vibe (via InStyle). So, if you're looking for a movie-star moment 24/7, this is a worthy splurge.

The Fanuel Light Oz Straight Jean is available at Moussy for $350.

Size Range: 24-30" | Inseam: Not listed | Material: 100% Cotton

The best custom mom jeans

Peleton's famed peddle pusher, Emma Lovewell, has jumped into the denim game and shared the inside scoop with Vanity Fair. Notably, her partnership with the denim experts at Sene has yielded made-to-order jeans. The collaboration is a perfect fit, not just for her body-positive philosophy, but for each and every one of our uniquely beautiful bodies as well.

Customized jeans support her advice to "Celebrate who you are now, what you look like now," an idea that she echoes throughout her Instagram feed, which has 580k followers. Along those lines, she suggests women  "...buy these pants because they look good on you and they fit you now, not because you're hoping to fit into them later." So, it's no surprise these jeans offer a personalized fit and "unlimited remakes & alterations."

The sene x emma Air Mom Jeans are $149 on Sene.

Size Range: Made-to-order | Inseam: Made-to-order | Material: 90% Cotton, 8% Polyester, 2% Polyurethane

The best slimming jeans

If you're looking for slimming jeans, the search is over. Democracy brand jeans have a series called "Ab"solution® that is designed with top-secret enhancements such as strategic panels, a hidden elastic waistband for a no-gap fit, and a booty benefiting design, as shown in a YouTube explainer video.

Customer reviews highlight the slimming fit and comfort. One reviewer, in particular, chimed in with a big shout-out, saying, "These are probably the most flattering jeans I have ever worn. These jeans snug in all the right places. I'm a very curvy person, and these fit perfectly through the hips, butt, and waist."

The Democracy Women's Ab Solution Straight Leg Jean is available on Amazon for $58.47.

Size Range: 2-16 | Inseam: 31"| Material: 54.1% Cotton, 27.2% Rayon, 16.9% Polyester, 1.8% Spandex

The best snakeskin print jeans

There's nothing quite like the come-hither slither of a pair of snakeskin jeans; just ask Bella Hadid. This off-white pair from AG Jeans has a grayish-silver print that flows perfectly with any color imaginable. In other words, your cost-per-wear makes these a wardrobe must-have.

The cut on these ivory python jeans — a cropped cigarette leg — creates a flattering silhouette, and Amazon reviewers celebrate the all-over stretch of the material. In fact, reviews mention, "Great fit and extremely soft fabric and nice stretch." Correspondingly, these jeans have a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The AG Adriano Goldschmied Women's Prima Jeans are available on Amazon with prices ranging from $41.98 to $112.27.

Size Range: 24-32" | Inseam: 28"| Material: 50% Cotton, 41% Lyocell, 7% Polyester, 2% Polyurethane

The best fray hem jeans

Here's a pro-tip: One of the best ways to achieve the well-worn jeans aesthetic is to start with a classic mid-weight jean and wear the hell out of them. Mother says patience is a virtue, but the brand also gives you a significant head start with the frayed hem and distressed detailing on these straight-leg, ankle-length jeans. With such attention to detail, it's no surprise that Mother brand jeans are a Meghan Markle fashion favorite (via Celebrity Style Guide).

Heck, even the Wall Street Journal knows that perfectly frayed jeans are center-stage right now, so a high-quality designer jean is a good investment. Add to that the positive editor feedback from Cupcakes and Cashmere, which stood out among the online reviews.

The Trickster Fray Jean is available at Mother for $298.

Size Range: 23-34" | Inseam: 31"| Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Polyurethane

The best flattering, never-fail jeans

For all the on-trend, niche jeans we cram into our dressers and closets, there's always that one pair that never gets stowed away. Time and time again, Silver Jeans are in that heavy rotation loop; they're comfortable and stylish, and most styles won't break the bank. Case in point: the Elyse Mid Rise Capri, which is offered in 13 different styles on Amazon.

Do we wonder — alongside the folks at Glamour — if there's a microscopic chance we have too many pairs of jeans? Well, on that, we invoke the 5th Amendment.

It's always reassuring to see reviews that mention a "great fit for a curvy bottom," but it's not just the customers noticing. One Amazon reviewer shared this squeal aloud-worthy shout-out. "My husband did comment and say my butt looked good tonight." People of the internet, we can certainly all agree, it doesn't get much better than that.

The Silver Jeans Co. Elyse Mid Rise Capri Jeans begin at $31.68 on Amazon.

Size Range: 22-36" | Inseam: 23.5"| Material: 84% Cotton, 14% Polyester, 2% Elastane

The best vintage-inspired jeans

Frame's Le Slouch jeans earned a spot on the list for reasons other than the lovable name. What is it about a French inflection that can make even the word "slouch" sound elegant? Word semantics aside, these jeans are just that — slouchy and next-level elegant. And in other global denim news, did you know that by 2026, worldwide spending on denim is expected to skyrocket to 76.1 Billion?

Reviewers on the brand's website confirm that the jeans fit true to size. Moreover, some stand-out reviews provide stellar feedback on comfort and value. In fact, one client says, "So comfortable and kept its shape all day long. I would highly recommend this Jean to anyone. Well worth the price."

The Le Slouch Jeans are available at Frame for $268.

Size Range: 23-34" | Inseam: 30"| Material: 85% Cotton, 15% Re-Used Cotton

The best limited-edition hand-painted jeans

Hesitation is not an option. If you saw these jeans and immediately swooned — as we did — then there's no time to waste because they are a limited-edition, hand-painted offering from the New York fashion gurus at Still Here. The trend started to catch fire in earlier pandemic stages with social media posts like this one from Bella Hadid, which tallied up nearly 600,000 likes.

If you're looking for a break from fast fashion, you'll appreciate Still Here's real-people-vibe. In a recent Instagram post announcing a fresh batch of these much-loved jeans, they said, "Rainbow Restock is now available. It's been one year since we've restocked on these. Sweat, tears, and a whole lot of anxiety made this happen. Thank you for your patience."

The Mid-Century Rainbow Tate Jean is available at Still Here for $280.

Size Range: 23-32" | Inseam: 26.75"| Material: 100% Cotton

Best classic laid-back jeans

These jeans right here are a whole mood, vibe, and life goals — all rolled into one spectacularly effortless look. The slightly-slouched pair have a slightly tapered leg and just a bit of stretch, making them both comfy and totally flattering.

Imogene + Willie's jeans are not cheap, but the price includes customized tailoring. In an interview with Men's Health, co-designer Matt Eddmenson elaborates on the quality and authenticity of the denim, making a poignant observation. "Many people will spend thousands on a suit that they'll wear a few times a year but won't spend $250 on a pair of jeans that they'll wear every day."

One Yelp reviewer was extremely impressed. Her package got lost in the mail, but the brand stepped up without hesitation. "Imogene and Willie resent the package, no questions asked." She was thrilled that, even though the delivery service was responsible for the loss, Imogene + Willie saved the day.

The Lottie Haven Jean is available at Imogene + Willie for $255.

Size Range: 23-34" | Inseam: 31" or custom upon request| Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane

The best embellished jeans

A little birdie told us that jeans puns are cooler than dad jokes, and we laughed so hard that our selfies looked super-authentic. But, these glorious bird-embellished jeans are no joke. These 7 For All Mankind jeans are infused with collagen peptides, creating next-level softness and a "cool-to-the-touch" weave. Coupled with the shredded details, faded wash, and (of course) the bird patches, these straight-leg jeans are entirely dreamy.

The brand recently partnered with model-actress Cara Delevingne, who has taken to social media to share the denim love. Without delay, fans were smitten with the embroidered bird themes. Cara Delevingne's Instagram post in which she dons the trend, for example, has over half a million likes. And with the fashion experts at Farfetch confirming that embroidered denim is perfect both day and night, it's basically permission to give your whims wings.

The Beauty Denim High Waist Cropped Straight With Embroidery Jeans are $248 at 7 For All Mankind.

Size Range: 23-34" | Inseam: 27" | Material: 82% Cotton, 17% Rayon, 1% Elastane

The best combination of 2022 jeans trends

If you're looking to rock as many of the year's trends as possible, these jeans are a good start. They check off several boxes, including flared leg, blown-out knees, and frayed hem. In addition, the series includes eight designs of varied colors, distressed features, patches, and closure options, including a single button and elastic waist.

These jeans are sized small through extra-large, so you'll want to double-check your preferred inseam measurement to decide which size is best. Also, keep in mind if you plan to wear flats or heels, which will impact what length you need. Many of the reviews mention how cute these are with a wedge heel. It's also not uncommon to read glowing reviews like this: "I love these jeans! They look very flattering on my body, and they are comfortable. They do have a nice stretch to them."

The Sidefeel Distressed Button Fly Jeans are $39.99 on Amazon.

Size Range: S-XXL | Inseam: 31.5" | Material: 71% Cotton, 27% Polyester, 2% Elastane

The best adjustable hem jeans

Oh, snap! These "better than denim" jeans have a hidden hem button to adjust the length, depending on your mood. Add to that the flexible Turkish cotton stretch, the wrinkle-resistant material, and hidden elasticity in the waistband? Well then, it's confirmed: These jeans are the new uniform for all-you-can-eat Taco Tuesday. Or — just a theory, here — you could also wear these jeans for that important business-casual boardroom presentation.

Customers mention the "feel of the fabric," and one shared the versatility of the adjustable hem, saying, "Love these stretchy jeans that fit just the right width and length for boots or the alternative snaps to give them a shorter flared look." Fans of M.M. LaFleur even include the one and only Michele Obama!

The Archie Jean is available at M.M. LeFleur for $225.

Size Range: OP-18 | Inseam: 27" | Material: 96% Cotton, 4% Elastane

The best size-inclusive stretchy jeans

If we could just give Universal Standard a great, big thank you hug, we would. Not only do these jeans come in sizes 00-40, but the brand has oodles of sizing help available as well. For example, the product listing includes a size guide, product measurements, and a real-time fit-finder tool.

The brand's social feeds — like its much-loved Instagram account — are a celebration of beautiful bodies. YouTube reviewer UHapi Beauty sums it up best when she shares with her 28.5k subscribers, "When you go on their website, it's like you see yourself."

We're willing to risk sounding like denim groupies on this one because Universal Standard just gets it. There's even a hidden waistband to prevent the dreaded gap, plus uncommonly deep pockets. In other words, leave the handbag at home today.

The Diana Super High Rise Raw Hem Wide Leg Jeans are available at Universal Standard for $128.

Size Range: 00-40" | Inseam: 25" | Material: 73% Cotton, 23% Polyester, 4% Elastane

The best dark wash cropped jean

The customer reviewers on these jeans inspired us to double down on Universal Standard. So, everything we just said about the inclusivity and feel-good feels still holds, plus this crop is available in selvedge. So, if you're not familiar with selvedge, here's a crash course in this style, which is a favorite with denim collectors.

Selvedge is old-school, high-quality denim. Its unique self-edge feature is its signature look. You'll recognize it by the look of the cuffs, which usually have a contrasting white edge with colored threads. Denim Hunters explains that this style of denim is more effortful and yields a material that people swear fades better than other jeans. But, in addition to the classy-AF denim choice, customers are over the moon for the fit. One went so far as to say, "Whoever designed these jeans must have been an engineer! The hip to waist stride ratio are spot on! I love them!!"

The Bae Boyfriend Crop Jeans are available at Universal Standard for $98.

Size Range: 00-40" | Inseam: 26" | Material: 91.8% Cotton, 6.8% Polyester, 1.4% Elastane

The best jeans for short girls

Short girls, unite! Boden's Wide Leg Seam Detail jeans deliver some major leg-lengthening features, and we know this from doing a bit of research. Fashion YouTuber Kerina Wang has 957k followers, and her "Fashion Hacks to Look Taller" video has almost 116,000 views, so we took some notes.

The high waist on these jeans creates a lengthening look and helps achieve Wang's suggested ratio of 3:7. When creating a look, try to create a visual where your legs represent 70% of what people see at a quick glance. Things like high-waisted pants, long lines (like the seams on these jeans), and a longer inseam can all help. And, if you need a little extra styling inspiration, look no further than Boden's Instagram feed, which is busting at the seams with British-inspired joush!

The Wide Leg Seam Detail Jeans are available at Boden for $120.

Size Range: 2-22 | Inseam: 30.7" | Material: 100% Cotton

The best destroyed hem jean

It's worth mentioning that, yes, jeans were shelved for a moment while we all boycotted hard pants during the early phases of the pandemic. But deep down, we all knew it was just a break and not a break-up. Along those lines, some big names like Calvin Klein are betting big on comfortable denim, according to Business of Fashion.

The trends of distressing, frayed hems, and time-worn denim elevate jeans far and away from basic hard pants, and this high-waisted option is under $60. It seems this pair is just starting to catch fire, but a reviewer gave a big thumb's up, saying, "Perfect size and excellent material." At the same time, the Calvin Klein Instagram feed has nearly 3 million followers.

The Calvin Klein Women's Jeans Hi-Rise Straight Leg Crop with Destructed Hem starts at $23.85 on Amazon.

Size Range: 24-32" | Inseam: Not listed | Material: 100% Cotton

Best acid wash jeans

Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without a little love for acid-washed denim. What a gift to live in a world with so many styles of jeans. Maybe you've heard that acid-wash jeans are back in style but don't know what the heck that means. No worries, we got you. The defining feature of the acid wash — made popular in the '80s — is the mottled fading and irregular bleached areas (via Marie Claire).

This pair from Buffalo David Bitton has a covetable edgy vibe, yet they're just so chill. Some fans shared thoughts on the brand's website, and comfort seems to be a big theme. "I bought these jeans hoping they would be cute and comfy! They were just that! Love the high waist, and they will be so cute rolled up with sneakers in the spring."

The Buffalo David Bitton Jayden High Rise Straight Jeans are available on Amazon for $77.18.

Size Range: 24-34" | Inseam: Not listed | Material: 90% Cotton, 8% Polyester, 2% Spandex

Best classic skinny white jeans

Well, look at what we found! These are not just some run-of-the-mill skinny white jeans. These Jen7 jeans feature the brand's signature "EnhanceME Denim Tech," which provides some shaping, slimming, contouring, and all-day comfort.

With all that feel-good, look-good strategy built right into the weave, it's no wonder that 85% of Amazon reviews give these jeans five stars. Jen7 is part of the 7 For All Mankind family, but the focus here is to deliver all the high-end designs at a price that leaves a little something left over for lattes and 401ks. So, did they achieve the goal? According to the LA Times and reviewers who love the "comfortable and slimming" fit. the answer's yes.

The Jen7 Mid Rise Stretch Denim Ankle Skinny Jeans are available on Amazon with prices ranging from $65 to $99.

Size Range: 0-18 | Inseam: 29" | Material: 75% Cotton, 13% Lyocell, 9% Rayon, 3% Elastane