How Taurus Season Will Affect You If You're A Libra

Taurus is the earth sign that rules the season between April 20 and May 20 (via Allure). Represented by the bull, Taurus is often considered the most sensual sign of the zodiac, focused deeply on the physical world and experience. People born under this sign tend to be very grounded individuals who seek intentionally to create lives that suit them. They are dedicated to building careers, homes, and relationships that feel like fulfilling, secure, meaningful places. 

Naturally, Taurus season encourages all of us, regardless of our individual zodiac signs, to refocus on our worldly situations, goals, and wellbeing. Just as much of the world is waking up into Spring, we are inspired to notice the beauty around us, refresh our inner and outer worlds, strengthen our financial and career situations, and consider how our relationships with ourselves and with others support our dreams and needs. 

For air sign Libra, this grounding effect might feel mildly uncomfortable, but is often much-needed.   

Airy Libras are asked to ground themselves

Libras, born between September 23 and October 22, are known as the loving, charismatic, harmony-obsessed social butterflies of the zodiac (via Allure). While their air element means they spend a lot of time up in their heads analyzing situations and thinking and dreaming, they are often considered the most sensual of the air signs. For this reason, there are some facets of Taurus season that will feel like home to Libra.

While Libras care a great deal more about justice and balance and peace than they do about material things, they do have a pronounced appreciation for aesthetics and for the finer things in life that can provide pleasant sensual experiences, whether high end wine or a luxurious spa day. Libras have a keen eye for fashion and style, and tend to love the arts and take solace in nature. As such, they take great care and pride in the decoration of their homes and even of themselves where it comes to clothing and fashion.

In this way, Taurus season asking Libras to focus a little less on keeping everyone around them in harmony and a little more on their own needs, goals, and dreams can feel both like a challenge and a welcome relief.     

How Taurus season 2022 will affect Libras

According to Women's Health, this Taurus season will inspire us to slow down and reconnect with nature, something Libras love to do but often find themselves too busy for. After a long winter and amidst so much global stress and strife, grounding your airy self in the grass, the ocean, a stream, a garden, whatever piece of nature calls to you, will help you to re-center. 

The other major focus for you this season, Libra, is catharsis (via Bustle). If you have been dealing with a great deal of shifting where it comes to your relationships, this is the time to truly take stock of what your needs are, and start ensuring they are met. If a partner or friend or even a job is consistently letting you down and disrespecting the needs you have communicated to them time and again, it may be time to let go. We know this is particularly hard for you because of your harmony-loving nature, but the good news is this is a great time to reach out for help and support from loved ones. You are likely to find those who love you in a mindset of sincerely wanting to help. 

You always care so much about how those around you are doing; let yourself lean on others the way you always allow them to lean on you.