Ghosts Star Sheila Carrasco Shares The 'Funny' Way She Gets Into Character - Exclusive

All the silly spirits from the sitcom "Ghosts" leave us in laughter with every episode. From Hetty's (Rebecca Wisocky) outdated perspective to Pete's (Richie Moriarty) can-do attitude, there's always something hysterical happening in the haunted Woodstone Mansion — and one of the other ghosts, Flower, is only half paying attention to it all.

Much like how the free-spirited character travels in and out of lucidity, the actress who plays her says she has to get in the right mindset to tackle the role. It wasn't until Sheila Carrasco headed to her dressing room for the very first time that she discovered who Flower really was. "I didn't feel like I found the character until I put on that wig and those huge glasses," the actress admitted during an exclusive interview with The List. "All of a sudden, I was like, 'Oh! This is the character, and she walks like this.'"

From there, Flower's mellow vibe had been found — all thanks to something special that the actress does to get into character.

Wearing rose-colored glasses completely changed Sheila Carrasco's perspective

Whenever Sheila Carrasco steps into the same costume Flower wears throughout the entire season of "Ghosts," she's ready to go. But there's one piece that she especially credits for helping her get into Flower's headspace. "Now, it's funny," she told The List. "I get right in my costume, and then I wait until right before we start shooting when we go on set, and then I put those glasses on."

It's then that her perspective of the character completely changes — literally, considering they're rose-colored glasses. "I really recommend living life like that," she told us. "It made me happier."

To get herself even more in sync with Flower, Carrasco has a special ritual she likes to do before each take, too. "Sometimes I do a little arm shakeout, and I pretend I'm a limp noodle or a kite blowing in the wind to find it," she laughed. "And then I'm ready to go."

Season 1 of "Ghosts" is available to stream now on Paramount+.