How To Style A Black Wedding Dress

If you're a person who likes to think outside of the box and hates rules, then you're probably a true trailblazer. You might think that opening a food truck on a whim is a fantastic idea or starting a home renovation project all on your own, and adversity never scares you. You might have been the kind of student who tended to get on teachers' nerves because of your incessant questions, and you're not the type to follow commands blindly. If you like to keep things unique and you're getting married soon, you may just be considering donning a black wedding dress. If a black gown on your wedding day sounds "so you," you will be joining the likes of trendsetting celebrity brides like Christine Quinn and Avril Lavigne (via Hello!).

Sarah Jessica Parker is probably the most famous bride in recent history who wore a black wedding dress, opting for a noir ballgown by designer Morgane Le Fay. Marrying longtime love Matthew Broderick back in 1997, Parker's wedding gown shocked the world — and inspired countless brides to welcome unconventionality on their wedding day. Although the "Sex and the City" actress famously told Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" in 2016 that if she could, "I'd wear a beautiful, proper wedding dress, like I should have worn that day" (via Insider), we think it was gorgeous. Therefore, we found all the best ways to style a black wedding dress on your big day.

Romantic details like lace and tulle lighten the look

While many consider white, ivory, and cream to be the most romantic shades for a wedding dress as it was traditionally seen as a symbol for purity, chastity, and even youth, black is just as romantic — if not moreso. Tied to the idea of the gothic and very "till death do us part," black is a shade that is both classic and daring as well as deep yet irreverent. One of the best ways to take advantage of all that the color black represents is by accentuating the shade with dreamy fabrics like lace and tulle.

If you're scared of a black wedding dress being too stark or in-your-face, choosing a gown that incorporates lace will make it softer and more ethereal. If you love the idea of gothic romanticism, these kinds of vintage-esque fabrics will only elevate your intended look. As explained by Wedding Know How, lace is of course a material that is commonplace in wedding gowns — giving your special day that extra bit of intricacy, and making any bride look exquisite and delicate. However, black lace in contrast to white is another deal altogether. For instance, while white lace is more subtle, black lace stands out. If you want something along the lines of "dreamy gothic," black lace is dramatic and passionate. 

Meanwhile, as per a Refinery29 interview, a black A-line tulle dress is just the thing if you want a black wedding gown, but are scared it might not look "bridal" enough.

A black skirt suit is understated and very chic

If you absolutely adore the idea of a black wedding dress, chances are, you're anything but traditional and already consider yourself a rebel and a rule breaker. If all of that sounds familiar, you might also be a bit averse to the idea of a big ballgown or romantic dress shapes like an A-line or mermaid dress. If you want to look the most "you" on your wedding day as possible, then may we introduce you to the classic, elegant skirt suit?

While you might not have considered a skirt suit until now, it might be your best bet if you are going for a down-to-earth, smaller wedding, or just prefer to look like yourself on your day and not like you're necessarily "dressing up" too much. Plus, you will be able to wear a black skirt suit again and again. Styling it for your wedding day just means playing it up with bridal accessories and amazing hair, makeup, and yes, shoes. All we needed to convince us was the very epic "Sex and the City" movie, where Carrie should have definitely gone with the skirt suit for her wedding from the beginning. It would have saved her a lot of stress!

As explained by Wedding Know How, the black skirt suit is perfect for a civil ceremony, and is an option that exudes vintage appeal and classic charm. We love a black bridal skirt suit paired with embellished pumps.

When it comes to black wedding dresses, sleek and minimal is perfect

Another option is to nix the idea of romantic, vintage vibes and instead take advantage of what the color black does best — just look very sleek. It's no wonder women all over the world continuously reach for that little black dress in their closet, particularly when they have no idea what else to wear. Black is known as one of the most flattering colors ever and just makes you feel as confident as possible. If you adore black for that reason and want to stand out on your wedding day for your elegant simplicity, then a chic, minimalist black wedding dress is the one for you.

As explained by Brides, if you're look for a simpler dress style and love the look of black, you should go for an option with stark, structural lines. You can look outside of the wedding dress section and expand your horizon, searching through all kinds of black gowns. Your best bets are long, silk slip dress that will make you look like a wonderfully-minimalist '90s queen recalling Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, a look now often copped by stars like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. The best fabrics for this kind of dress are crepe and silk, while you can play up the style with strappy shoes, a deep V-neck, cutout details, and geometric jewelry. Pulling your hair up in an elegant pony or bun is always a yes as well.

Not sure if black is for you? Try black wedding accessories instead

We can't get enough of the idea of black wedding accessories, especially for brides who might fear rocking the boat too much by wearing an all black look. Don't get us wrong, we absolutely adore black wedding dresses and believe it is one of the most foolproof ways to be unique on your wedding day, yet still keep things classic and elegant. That being said, it's not for everyone, and if you want to play with the gothic color on your big day while not going too far, black wedding accessories are the perfect happy medium for you.

Yeah Weddings describes the power of a good black accessory on your wedding day, citing how the mix of black and white is the epitome of classic (one look at Julia Roberts' iconic Valentino gown she wore to the 2001 Oscars pretty much proves it). So, how to go about it? Even if you prefer simplicity, going for more "opulent" accessories will work because the look is already subtle enough. Try cinching your white wedding dress with a black belt or ribbon, while trying sumptuous fabrics like velvet, silk, or lace. That's perfect bridal chic!

Another black accessory that is great for your wedding day is, of course, black shoes, especially crystal-embellished pumps or anything that adds va-va-voom to your final look. Meanwhile, Wedding Forward recommends pairing your white wedding dress with a black veil, creating a style that's all about contrasts.

Unexpected touches like cutouts and a mini length are perfect for a casual affair

Last but not least, may we introduce you to the idea of going full rogue on your wedding day and trying out an outfit that absolutely no one is expecting? If you're already open to the idea of a black wedding dress, you're a true fashion pioneer — why not go full throttle and try out something completely new and rebellious? While you might already be dreaming of a noir tulle ballgown, going for a black mini dress might just make your heart beat faster, and opening up to a whole new realm of possibilities might just be worth it!

As per Yeah Weddings, short black wedding dresses are a fantastic, very chic option. They are all about breaking with tradition and doing something that just feels like you. It's also just the thing if you want to show off your amazing legs, so there's that! We love the idea of pairing a black mini dress on your wedding day with chic strappy heels that take your look to the next level, as well as simple, refined heirloom jewelry. This outfit idea looks especially amazing with a half-up, half-down hair look that will give it an extra dose of romanticism and elegance — same thing with an intricate bun or ponytail.

Another option is going for cutouts, with Vogue recommending a cutout number for your wedding day that includes gorgeous, trend forward puff sleeves and a cinched waist. Yes, please!