How The April 30 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Capricorn

It's that time of the month when the lunar cycle begins again, and we get a new moon. Unlike when a full moon illuminates the night sky, a new moon is when the Earth, sun, and moon are aligned so that it appears dark and not lit up (via The Old Farmer's Almanac). April's new moon occurs on April 30 and will not only bring in a new lunar phase but a solar eclipse as well, according to Cosmopolitan. A solar eclipse happens when all three celestial bodies are in perfect alignment so that the moon blocks out the sun's light, and this is the first time it will happen this year. 

Not only is April 30 a new moon and solar eclipse, but it's all happening within Taurus season. Now, Taurus is an Earth sign that thrives when comfortable (via Allure). As a fellow Earth sign, you might be wondering what the April 30 new moon has in store for you if you're a Capricorn. If you thought a cozy Taurus new moon would mean you'd be spending your time wrapped in a blanket and lounging on the couch, you thought wrong. 

Capricorns are feeling a romantic vibe

Those born between December 22 and January 20 have Capricorn suns. You are "the hardest workers of the zodiac," according to Cosmopolitan, and are proud of that fact. You have goals and are determined to make them happen. In fact, you may have been voted "most likely to succeed" in school. 

Since you are so focused on your career goals and obtaining an enviable lifestyle of the perfect job and Insta-worthy home, you may not be as focused on your love life. Bustle even admits that Capricorns are not the most romantic of the zodiac signs, and have a hard time expressing their feelings. So, it may surprise you that the April 30 new moon is all about romance for Capricorns. According to StyleCaster, the April 30 new moon will be in Capricorn's fifth house, which is focused on romance and creativity (via Cafe Astrology). While you're normally all about work, work, work, you may feel yourself longing for an emotional connection right now and you can chalk those feelings up to the new moon. 

How to channel those romantic feelings during the new moon

As a Capricorn, you might be wondering what you should do with these romantic feelings. Well, Today recommends this new moon is your chance to "let your feelings be known." This could mean planning a romantic date night with your partner, where you express just how much you care about them. On the flip side, for single Capricorns, this is a great opportunity to text your besties in the group chat to let them know you want to go out. Luckily, the April 30 new moon falls on Saturday, so you can go out to a bar or grab dinner with your crew while flirting with any cuties you see. 

It's definitely not what you're used to as a Capricorn, but the new moon has you feeling romantic vibes. Even StyleCaster recommends you take the night off for some fun. You're always working so hard, so an exciting night out could be just what you need to keep going. If you're not looking for love, that's totally cool too. Having the new moon in your fifth house also rejuvenates your creativity, so use that energy to start a new project (via Cafe Astrology). Whatever it is you decide to do, this new moon has you feeling good, Capricorn, so enjoy!