Insider Reveals How Amber Heard Prepares For Court Each Morning

Johnny Depp's multimillion-dollar lawsuit against his former wife continues to dominate headlines. The court proceedings finally turned towards The Washington Post article that started this whole debacle, in which the "Aquaman" star described herself as a victim of domestic violence. Although Heard didn't name Depp specifically, the actor argues his reputation was affected to such an extent that it irreparably damaged his career, per The Hollywood Reporter

Heard is set to take the stand this week, but the New York Post reports she's just fired her PR team over the amount of negative coverage surrounding the trial. An insider confirmed Shane Communications has taken over from Precision Strategies, explaining, "She doesn't like bad headlines." Moreover, Heard is growing increasingly annoyed that her story is, as she sees it, being heavily distorted by the media. As The Independent notes, a fan-led petition to remove the actor from the upcoming "Aquaman 2" has reached over three million signatures at the time of this writing. 

Fortunately, Heard has a foolproof method for preparing herself to face the onslaught of negativity each day. 

Amber Heard is sticking to an intense daily workout routine

Amber Heard is doing her best to keep a positive mindset amidst her increasingly complicated and media-friendly defamation trial. According to the Daily Mail, Heard is adamant about sticking to a strict exercise routine. "I get her up to do a workout every morning before she goes to court," a source confirmed to the outlet. "We create an environment that feels normal and routine."

The "Aquaman" star has to get her workout in first thing because, once the proceedings are done for the day, her focus is on 1-year-old daughter Oonagh Paige. "After she puts her to bed, she comes downstairs, we cook dinner and try to wind down," the insider revealed, adding that Heard then resumes reading up on the coming day's key issues. The complicated court battle is taking a toll on Heard — especially as so many people are siding with Depp – and is expected to last for several more weeks. 

As the source argued, what makes it especially painful is that Depp seems unwilling to even acknowledge his former wife in court. It "must be dehumanizing, so we just try to bolster her energy at home," the insider noted. In a lengthy Instagram post, prior to the trial beginning, Heard acknowledged she still has a lot of love for her ex-husband and was hopeful they could both move on.