If You're A Libra, This Nail Art Trend Is A Must For You

We've all been there, stuck in a beauty rut and defaulting to our same old colors and styles. With so many new beauty trends emerging daily, it can be difficult to know which ones are right for you, but that's exactly what leaves you sticking to your same safe picks (via Glamour). An easy way to decipher which styles and looks appeal to you is simply to browse through a few and see which ones light you up.

Another way is to consult the zodiac. After all, Libras are enthusiastic shoppers who enjoy fine quality and elegant looks (via Co-Star). Yet, this air sign also has trouble making decisions, so start small. If you wanna dip your toe in the pool before jumping off the diving board, start with your nails. Nail art is a low-key way to get creative with your style. There are some nail art trends that everyone will be asking for this year but a couple that Libras specifically will want to get right now.

Libras should get a heart-shaped French manicure

It's no secret that Libras love to love. Born between September 23 and October 22, this romantic sign makes it their life endeavor to find a soulmate and share their life with them (Astrology Zodiac Signs). It's also the sign that rules marriage. Libras show their love in their daily interactions with their partner. So while they aren't showy or extravagant like prideful Leos, they do aim to make partnership and companionship a constant in their life.

Since love is such a high priority, it makes sense to reflect that in your style. A fun and inventive nail art trend is the heart-shaped French manicure (via Hello Giggles). Like a traditional French manicure, color is added to the tips of the nails, but this time, in the shape of hearts. You can choose a modest beige or off-white for a subtle nod to love, or be a little more bold and go with a dazzling red.

Ombre nail art compliments Libra's inner desires

Though romantic and loving, another inherent Libra trait is the desire for balance. They detest inequality, unfairness, and disorder. Interestingly, this cardinal air sign is symbolized by scales which reveals just how much equilibrium and stability mean to a Libra (via mindbodygreen). However, the scales also represent a Libra's innate need to seek justice and have inequities be addressed.

With balance at the forefront, it only makes sense that the ideal nail art trend for Libra would be ombre (via InStyle). Ombre is the perfect blend of balance with equal parts of color blending together to create on stunning look. If you like the French manicure look, there are so many different shades of pink and white that create a truly stunning blend (via Byrdie). You can choose a matte color, glossy, or glittery, but remember to keep the texture uniform so as not to disturb Libra's innate sense of balance.