Lauren Conrad Gets Candid About Her Struggles After Becoming A Mom

Lauren Conrad has been in the entertainment industry since she was a student attending Laguna Beach High School. Her life changed forever when MTV started filming the reality show "Laguna Beach: The Real OC" at her school, launching her into stardom (per the Los Angeles Times).

Her MTV days didn't end when she graduated. Conrad was given a spin-off series called "The Hills," which profiled her big move to Los Angeles from her Orange County hometown and her journey through fashion school (via Insider). However, she left the show before its final season aired.

From there, Conrad went on to launch several successful businesses. She's written books, has multiple clothing lines, started a beauty brand, and curated a shop that helps support women around the globe (via Celebrity Leader).

The reality star turned lifestyle brand builder has made an empire for herself, but she recently opened up that much of her life changed when she became a mother.

Finding herself after becoming a parent was difficult for Conrad

Lauren Conrad left the world of reality TV and settled down with her husband, William Tell (via Us Weekly). The pair grew their family, having two sons, Liam and Charlie. While parenthood is both exciting and rewarding, it can be difficult to stay true to yourself as your life changes and Conrad experienced that first hand.

On a recent episode of the "Perelel Lives" podcast, Conrad opened up about her struggles with herself following the arrival of her first child, Liam. "I was like, 'I don't know when I'm gonna get back,'" she shared. "Like, 'Am I just a new human now?'"

She continued, "I think I was just really focused on the exciting parts and knew I could get through the rest," adding, "It's like a funny game that women play with each other because you know it's worth it and you can't just tell that to someone." Conrad revealed that she relied on her friends to help her through the difficult transition.

However, finding balance was still difficult for Conrad. "The emotional journey afterwards ... was just really challenging," the former reality star opened up. Some wise friends from a friend proved to be a helpful guide for the star. "'You made a human, you're taking care of them, and it's a new-[and]-improved,'" Conrad's friend told her. The mom of added, "And she was right. It took about a year for me to feel like myself again."