Tips On How To Enhance Naturally Round And Doe-Like Eyes

Simply put, eye makeup is a lot of fun. There are so many colors and looks to play with. Most of the time, people focus on eye makeup based on the color of their eyes, which is admittedly a great way to use color to really make your eyes pop. For example, shades of yellow or gold eyeshadow look gorgeous on green eyes because choosing opposite colors in the color wheel can really make your eyes stand out (via Byrdie). 

You can apply a similar principle to the shape of your eyes. Being creative with eyeliner and blending eye shadow colors can accentuate and change the shape of your eyes too, and here we are focusing on round eyes. How does one determine the shape of their eyes? According to Today, round eyes are more prominent and "look more circular." You will see more white around the cornea of people with round eyes as well. Picture Sarah Hyland from "Modern Family" or pop singer Katy Perry.

Round eyes look more doe-like, so they tend to look more youthful, per MindBodyGreen. Makeup artist AJ Crimson told the outlet, "[Round eyes] typically have a lot of space" and also have a visible crease most of the time. Every eye shape is beautiful in its own unique way, but here are some fun makeup tips to elongate your Bambi eyes or accentuate them more to look like a real-life doll.

Elongate them with a cat-eye

Doing the cat eye can be intimidating, but you can draw a gorgeous cat-eye on all eye shapes; the only difference is the wing's thickness and length (via Alexandra Compton, makeup artist and product development manager at Credo, told MindBodyGreen, "A cat eye will help to elongate and lengthen any eye shape." The outlet recommends lining the upper lid from the inner to the outer corner of the eye and then, depending on how long you want the wing to be, draw a downturned line from the outer corner. Instant elongated eyes! (Of course, if you have a different eye shape, you should do your wing slightly differently. Each eye shape has a perfect winged eyeliner look for it.)

Another cat-eye idea comes from makeup artist Lavonne Anthony, who recommends using an angled brush and drawing a line with a downturned angle from the center of your lid towards the eye's outer corner (via Good Housekeeping). You don't even have to keep it black; feel free to experiment with different colors for your wings. It never hurts to coordinate with your outfit, either!

Apply mascara on the outermost lashes

Did you know that how you wear mascara can change the shape of how your eyes look? If you want round eyes to look more elongated, you can try applying mascara, focusing on the outer lashes, and voila! Your eyes will appear extended and sexy, per MindBodyGreen. Celebrity makeup artist Ramy Gafni told Today, "Add mascara to top lashes only, focusing an extra coat or two on the outer lashes." Of course, that is if you don't want to go all out with mascara.

Do you want to look more like a doll? Well, you're in luck. Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin told MindBodyGreen, "Centering mascara on the upper and lower lash line is the easiest way to create the illusion of roundness to the eyes." Think Zooey Deschanel and her big, beautiful, doll-like eyes. With these tips in mind, it's easier to understand how mascara can visually change the appearance of our eyes, even if it's not occurring on a physical level.

Add a little oomph with smokey eyes

Regarding round eyes, Los Angeles-based makeup artist Brett Freedman told Byrdie, "If you want a sexier feel, play up your eyes [by applying a darker shadow] upward and out," because most people perceive round eyes as "cute." According to MindBodyGreen, people with round eyes look more "youthful," which is why dark, smokey eyes are "perfect" if you want to look a little sultry. 

Furthermore, makeup artist Jenny Patinkin recommends using a light eyeshadow all over the lid and applying carefully blended darker eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eyes to make round eyes look longer. 

It's possible to do good smokey eye makeup with just one color, but it looks better when you "build up the layers" with multiple shades. Just make sure to carefully blend the colors because this creates depth and can look really "hot" (via Cosmopolitan). After all, not blending well is just one of the mistakes people make when doing smokey eyes.

With all of this in mind, go forth and sculpt your round eyes however you please!