The Wilds' Cast Share The Biggest Character Changes From Season 1 To 2 - Exclusive

Prime Video's hit series, "The Wilds," centers around eight teenage girls who are stranded on a deserted island after their plane crash lands. In the first season, viewers got to know the characters as they came together to battle the elements. Each episode also focused on one of the girls and showed what their life was like before coming to the island.

With Season 2 coming to Prime Video on May 6, three members of the cast, Sophia Ali, Shannon Berry, and Jenna Clause, sat down for an exclusive interview with The List to discuss the series. According to the actresses, viewers can look forward to a lot of changes this season, especially regarding how their characters have grown. All overcame a lot in the first season, and in the upcoming episodes, we'll see how that has affected them, and how the group dynamics have shifted because of those changes.

How Martha's new strength changes the group

For Jenna Clause, the differences in her character, Martha Blackburn, from Season 1 to 2 were very notable. In the first season, Martha was a "weak[er] character." Clause noted that people like Martha are often overlooked in real life. "You could take someone who is sensitive or talks a certain way or acts a certain way. A lot of people overlook that as, 'She's weird, she's this or that,'" Clause said. But, after everything Martha went through in the first season, the actress noted she's changed a lot.

"She finally starts to defy everything that she's starting to unlearn and really becomes a stronger person for the [group] dynamic," Clause added. However, while it may seem exciting to see Martha making those strides, the actress added that she might be taking on too much pressure in the group. "You'll see how it helps for other people ... but ultimately, it's taxing for Martha," she said.

How Dot is learning to accept help

While Martha may be taking on more responsibility in the group, we'll be seeing the opposite from Shannon Berry's character, Dot Campbell. "The biggest challenge that happens to her in Season 2 is her accepting help and care from other people and accepting the support system around her," Berry said.

In Season 1, Dot took on a lot of the responsibility for keeping the group safe on the island. That position came naturally to Dot who had taken care of her sick father before coming to the island. "She struggled to accept her dad as a support system for her because she felt like she didn't deserve it," Berry said, but now we'll see her starting to let the others take care of her too. "She's found a family, and she's learning how to accept that and how to bow out and say that sometimes it's all too much, and sometimes I can't take it all on," Berry said.

Why Sophia Ali wishes she was more like her character

Sophia Ali's character, Fatin Jadmani, was already good at looking out for herself before landing on the island. But, in Season 2, she's learning to care for other people too. "It's interesting to watch her start to care about people other than herself and learn not to feel weird about it, and learn how to do it well," Ali said.

Ali added that it was interesting to play Fatin because that journey is the opposite of what she had to learn for herself. "She knows she can take care of herself, and that's something I've had to prove to myself," the actress said. "I feel like, trying to be an adult, I'm learning what I need rather than fixating so much on what everyone else needs. I wish I was Fatin and did it the other way around because that seems easier, to be honest."

"The Wilds" Season 2 premieres on Prime Video on May 6, 2022.