The Unexpected Way Jill Biden Plans To Celebrate Mother's Day

Holidays at the White House aren't just a photo op. What a president chooses to celebrate — and how they go about it — can say a lot about their priorities and their vision for the country. Earlier this week, President Joe Biden showed support for the Muslim community by reinstating Eid al-Fitr celebrations at the White House, something former President Donald Trump had decided to do away with. Now, just a few days later, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden is using Mother's Day to bring attention to another issue: The displacement of Ukrainian refugees due to the ongoing war with Russia.

Dr. Biden will spend approximately five days in Romania and Slovakia for Mother's Day, according to Vanity Fair. While she's there, she'll be meeting with a wide range of people working to improve the lives of Ukrainian refugees who fled the country in the face of Russian attacks on their homes. The war has displaced over five million people, according to the United Nations. About half of those people — most of whom are women and children — have fled to neighboring countries, including Romania, while the rest are still searching for safety in Ukraine as the war continues.

The impact of war on families

Jill Biden isn't the first to speak out on Ukraine. Donald Trump has commented on Putin's war strategy, and former First Lady Melania Trump and Donald's daughter Ivanka have condemned Vladimir Putin's attack on the country. Meghan Markle has attended events to support Ukrainians and raise awareness of the impact of the war (per People). Many celebrities and politicians have made similar efforts to show their support, including the Bidens. It's no accident that Dr. Biden's upcoming trip to Romania and Slovakia coincides with Mother's Day. Biden, who is a mother to three children, has pointed out the importance of recognizing the struggle of Ukrainian families.

"As a mother myself, I can only imagine the grief families are feeling," Biden said (via WHSV). "I know that we might not share a language, but I hope that I can convey, in ways so much greater than words, that their resilience inspires me, that they are not forgotten, and that all Americans stand with them still." First Lady Biden, who has worked in education for most of her life, will meet with "educators who are helping teach displaced Ukrainian children and incorporate them into a stable and safe school environment," among others (via People).