General Hospital's Steve Burton's Life Is More Chaotic Than Anyone Ever Expected Amid Scandal

Actor Steve Burton is used to depicting dramatic fictional lives on soaps like "General Hospital," "The Young and the Restless," and "Days of Our Lives" (per IMDb). But for Burton, the drama isn't all fictional, as his personal life has recently been marked by scandal too. First, the soap star was fired from "General Hospital" in November 2021 for refusing to follow the show's COVID-19 vaccine mandate, as he explained in an Instagram post. An insider told People that leaving the show "caused chaos in his life," not only professionally, but personally, too.

However, soap fans rejoiced when Burton revealed who he'd be playing on the "Days of Our Lives" spin-off, "Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem." The actor is set to reprise the role of Harris Michaels, a character he played early in his soap career. Though this news may have appeared to bring some stability back to Burton's life, more updates have come out revealing a shocking scandal unfolding behind the scenes.

Steve Burton's marriage hit a rough patch

Steve Burton's soap spotlight hasn't dimmed after all, but unfortunately, things aren't looking so bright in his personal life. Burton, who is also a nutrition and mindset coach (according to his Instagram bio), became the center of rumors circulating that he was set to have a fourth child with his wife, Sheree Burton. This came after Sheree posted a photo of what appeared to be a baby bump on Instagram and updated her bio on the social media platform to say, "Mom of 3...Soon to be 4" (her bio was later changed, and her Instagram profile is currently unavailable). The actor later took to Instagram to share some shocking family news, announcing that though his wife said she was expecting her fourth child, the child isn't his.

The news stunned fans, and now a source has come forward to offer more insight into Burton's relationship with his wife. The source told People that the couple, who have been married for 23 years, may have hit a rough patch after Burton was let go from "Days of Our Lives." Additionally, Sheree had grown unhappy and seemed to be craving more. The insider explained, "Their lives have been in the coasting stage for a while ... They have grown apart but are doing everything to protect the children and keep things as normal as possible." According to Burton, the two will continue to co-parent their three children together.