What Is A Strawberry Moon And How Does It Affect You?

Full moons are known to be powerful moments of energetic peaks and shifts to those who study astrology and apply it to spiritual practice. Full moons are often used as a time to harvest the energetic and earthly fruits of our labors; if we plant intentional seeds and goals at the time of the new moon, then in theory, the full moon is when they've grown to fruition (via Wanderlust). Each month, there is a different full moon that brings with it specific meaning and purpose. 

This June, for instance, we will experience what's known as a strawberry moon (via Space.com). This full moon will rise on June 14. This sweet-sounding moon received its name from Native American tribes who were referencing the "June-Bearing" strawberries that are ready to be harvested around the same time this moon will be rising into the night sky (via Pop Sugar). So beyond gathering berries to enjoy, what does a strawberry moon have in store for us? 

What does a Strawberry Moon mean Astrologically?

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the upcoming June 14, 2022 strawberry moon is also a supermoon, meaning it will be particularly close to the earth, making it appear even larger and brighter in the sky. Several cultures have traditionally believed this particular time in June is a lucky time to marry, and this may have something to do with some other names this June full moon goes by, like the European "honey moon." The month of June is even named after the Roman goddess of marriage: Juno.

Love is a theme that still surrounds the strawberry moon; modern astrologists say this is a time for romance, partnership, prosperity, and luck (via Pop Sugar). After what tends to be many long, cold, wet months of winter and spring, the strawberry moon marks the beginning of the warmest season: summer. As naturally happens to so many of us when walking a beach at night or sitting by a campfire, we will likely be moved by nostalgia, reflection, and romance at this time. Taking stock of past relationships, inner changes, new goals, and what we truly want from a partnership is what our focus should be on this full moon.   

How the June 2022 Strawberry Moon with affect air signs

Each sign will be affected in unique ways by June's strawberry moon. If you are a Gemini, its time to open yourself up to the wisdom of your heart (via Pop Sugar). You have been letting logic run the show for some time because it feels safer and surer, but by doing so you can be missing out on some very important intuition that comes from your heart rather than your head. Tap into that part of you and let it tell you its truth.

If you are a Libra, your natural state is trying to create harmony around you and between yourself and all the people you care about. While that is a noble life's pursuit that you are unlikely to ever fully shake, this is the time to turn your focus and love inward and create harmony within yourself instead. Self care is the name of the game this full moon. And not just in the small ways. Take time to give yourself, body, mind, and soul, the attention and care you so readily give others so you can see clearly what you want and aim for it. 

If you're an Aquarius, let your creative energy find an outlet. Keeping a journal, pursuing an art or a craft, or recording your dreams could all help you to release some creative energy and thereby find some direction for your dreams and intentions. Practicality doesn't always have to run the show!  

How the June 2022 Strawberry Moon will affect fire signs

If you're a fire sign, here's what to expect from the strawberry moon. 

Aries, you're never one to shy away from a challenge, and this strawberry moon is the perfect time to take on that project, apply for that promotion, or tackle the next phase of your five-year-plan, as the energies are ripe for your career to grow (via The Sun). Channel all of your natural ambition in the direction of your professional aspirations at this time and big things could happen.    

Leo, this is a time for a balance of taking stock of how far you have come, and setting your sights on a goal you have been dreaming of for a while now. You are naturally hard on yourself and seriously ambitious; as such, you can forget to give yourself credit for the immense progress you have already made. As you take aim at your next goal, do so with the certainty that if you have already managed to reach the point where you are, you have everything you need to tackle that next step with all the power of your ruling planet: the sun.  

Sagittarius, if you have been considering traveling, this is the time! You'll be feeling your get-up-and-go energies strongly right now, and it's a good idea to trust them. A new adventure is just what you need and can open doors you haven't even dreamt of yet. Pack those bags, and go! (via Pop Sugar). 

How the June 2022 Strawberry Moon will affect water sigs

Cancer, your already-strong intuition will be at an all-time high right now, and you will be feeling your emotions deeply (via The Sun). As such, this is a good time to sit down and focus inwardly. Journaling and some self care will help you to sort out your thoughts and feelings and know how to channel that intuition to make plans for what you really want going forward into the summer.   

Scorpio, you are a powerhouse (via Pop Sugar). Everyone knows it. So when we tell you that this is the time to let down your defenses and reach out to those who love you for some support, know that no one will think less of you for it. We know you can do it all by yourself, but you don't have to, and right now you shouldn't. You're no less strong for getting some advice and some support from those who love you.  

Pisces, as the most sensitive of the water signs, you really do need to spend some time with your namesake element to feel recharged right now. Ideally the ocean or a river or some other natural body of water, but a long luxurious bath or a soul-lifting swim in a pool will do the trick, too. Let all the feelings and worries of the world and of others that you carry wash away so you can focus on yourself.  

How the June 2022 Strawberry Moon will affect earth signs

Virgo, you need to let up on yourself a bit, starting right now (via Pop Sugar). While your perfectionism often serves you well where it comes to your career and your life goals, it can make you hyper-critical of yourself. This is a good time to intentionally start shifting the way you look at and speak to yourself. Affirmations and journaling might help you to get a clearer, more-air picture of just how well you're doing and just how good of a person you really are.   

Capricorn, this strawberry moon falls in your sign, so you of all signs can harness this energy best to make big changes in your life (via The Sun). You've already been laying plans, setting goals, and shifting priorities these last few months, and if you consider all that planning the aiming of an arrow, then this is the time to let it fly. It will be supported to hit its target by all of these energies working in your favor right now.   

Taurus, you've been holding yourself back with some limiting beliefs and constraints of your own making. This is the time to take a close and honest look at the assumptions you've made about what you can and cannot do. You are capable of more than you have been giving yourself credit for. What would you do, what dream would you chase, if you believed it was already yours?