Charles Alexander And Alex Fitzalan On Their Characters' Arcs In The Wilds Season 2 - Exclusive

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Season 2 of "The Wilds" has brought in a whole new group of characters for fans to get to know. In the first season, we saw eight teenage girls stranded on an island, and as the story followed their fight for survival, the episodes also gave a peek into each character's backstory to see what they were like before landing in the precarious situation. In the big end-of-season reveal, fans also learned that there is another island of teen boys going through the same experience. Season 2 continues to follow the girls' story while also introducing the boys and showing how they respond to the same harsh environments.

Two of the new characters we meet are played by Alexander Fitzalan, who you may know from his role as Harry Bingham in "The Society," and Charles Alexander. Prior to the premiere of the new season of "The Wilds," the two actors gave an exclusive interview to The List to discuss their roles and how their characters may surprise viewers this season.

Alex Fitzalan reveals more about his character's arc

Alex Fitzalan's character, Seth Novak, started Season 2 with a much different energy than where we see him by the end. Speaking about those changes, Fitzalan told The List, "It's an interesting character to play because the first half of the season is quite light." However, as the story progresses, you start to see different sides to all the characters in ways that may surprise viewers. About his character specifically, Fitzalan said, "It turns quite dark. So he was a leader-type character, I suppose. And that was interesting and fun to play with that dynamic, but then that shifts as well, so that was also fun."

Both he and Charles Alexander agreed that it was fulfilling to play complex characters whose roles changed along with the story rather than staying stagnant. Alexander alsom said it was great to have a series "where you have an actual arc to play with," and Fitzalan agreed, saying it gave them "something to aim for."

How Charles Alexander injected humor into his role

Before landing on the island, Charles Alexander's character, Kirin O'Conner, was a lacrosse player, and it may be easy to write him off as the classic jock trope, but there's a lot more to him than meets the eye. Describing his role in the group, Alexander told The List, "He's unapologetically himself and yet, at the same time, very deliberate in his rejection of being the macho leader."

O'Conner can also get frustrated and bully the other members of the group, but Alexander wanted to be careful with the tone of those moments. "It was fun because, the way he rips into the others, bullies the others, he does it with ... I wanted to inject some humor about it, the way that he says certain things," the actor explained. "I have fun with it and try to make it a bit weird, like teenage boys speak."

"The Wilds" Season 2 is currently available for streaming on Prime Video.