Prince Albert's Relationship With Charlene Just Gets More And More Strange

Their relationship has been the subject of tabloid gossip for years, especially following the shocking revelation that Prince Albert and Princess Charlene stayed at separate resorts during their honeymoon. But lately, the French royal family has received an influx of sympathy due to Charlene's ongoing health issues. As People reported, the princess initially planned to only briefly visit her home country of South Africa but got stuck there following complications from an ENT procedure, which led to six months of corrective surgeries and, ultimately, a relapse. Charlene later returned home to Albert and their twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, but soon left again to get treatment "elsewhere in Europe." 

Her husband refused to be drawn on the particulars of Charlene's condition, confirming only that she was receiving treatment after suffering from "exhaustion, both emotional and physical." The palace subsequently confirmed, per People, that it would be a few months before the princess fully recovered, but Charlene reportedly spoke to her family every single day, with Albert also visiting in person whenever he could. Moreover, the princess has been increasingly active on social media, keeping fans up to date on her progress. At the time, Albert also made it clear that the couple's relationship wasn't in trouble, dismissing swirling rumors about them. However, judging by this latest development, that might not be the case.

Princess Charlene is reportedly being paid to attend public events

The Daily Mail reports that, according to multiple French outlets, Prince Albert of Monaco has agreed to pay his wife over £10 million (more than $12 million) annually to continue fulfilling her royal duties. Albert is adamant that Princess Charlene remain by his side as much as possible, following her year-long absence from public life. The troubled royal recently attended the Formula E World Championship in Monaco alongside her family, much to the delight of fans all over the world. However, Princess Charlene's return to the public eye was still quite tense.

In fact, per Voici, Charlene only agreed to come back after Albert signed "an ultra-confidential contract" with her. Paris Match Belgium added that the prince promised to "pay a tidy sum" to ensure Charlene's attendance at various events, including the upcoming F1 Grand Prix and the Rose charity ball. French royals do not receive a living wage, hence why Albert, a billionaire in his own right, might agree to fund his wife's lifestyle. As an insider explained, "The Princess enjoys huge perks, but ready cash is not guaranteed." They added, "She's been through a very difficult time, so it would make sense for Charlene to try and secure her own guaranteed income."

Celebrity Net Worth puts the princess at around $150 million, noting Charlene is a former Olympic swimmer. Much of that likely comes from her royal marriage, though, as Express points out.