Rihanna Shares The Secret Weapons Behind Her Stunning Pregnancy Glow

Let's face it, Rihanna can do no wrong. The infamous @badgalriri is, simply put, always iconic. As a global superstar, her fanbase is one of the largest and most intense out there, according to Refinery29. Her fans champion all that she does, but some have taken to teasingly demanding new music in the face of the never-ending wait for Rihanna's next album, per Cosmopolitan. The singer remains unbothered and tells them to keep it moving. "This comment is sooo 2019," she clapped back at one impatient fan on Instagram. "Grow up."

When Rihanna and A$AP Rocky announced their pregnancy, fans were somewhat conflicted as it would likely prolong their wait for new music. However, Rihanna has made her entire pregnancy a moment filled with killer fashion looks that the public cannot get enough of, per Harper's Bazaar. Stunning shots of the Fenty Beauty founder glowing her way through every event with her baby bump as the best accessory have made it very clear very quickly that pregnancy is yet another venture Rihanna has completely owned. 

She may not be dropping the album quite yet, but she did drop a self-care routine, which showcases the weapons she uses to achieve her pregnancy glow. Perhaps the video will keep fans happy for a little while longer...

Rihanna uses these two Fenty Beauty products for her glow

While the world has watched Rihanna transform into her glowing pregnant self, the "Umbrella" singer doesn't feel any different. "At first I expected some magical change, but really I remain who I am," she told Vogue. She has undeniably inspired many with how beautifully she embraced her baby bump rather than hiding it. The star put it best herself: "My body is doing incredible things right now, and I'm not going to be ashamed of that. This time should feel celebratory. Because why should you be hiding your pregnancy?"

Well, if you're currently pregnant and inspired to let your baby bump shine, Rihanna has you covered. The hitmaker revealed the secret weapons behind her pregnancy glow in a video on Instagram. The living legend showed off her self-care process step by step. Of course, it only makes sense that her glow is all thanks to Fenty Beauty. 

Soundtracked by a playful sound that describes how women find true crime relaxing, Rihanna broke down her two-step self-care routine. The musician began by applying the Fenty Beauty Cookies n Clean Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask, which contains salicylic acid and charcoal to cleanse pores. And for her baby bump's glow? Rihanna slathers on a hefty scoop of her Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream and instantly catches every light in her bathroom. 

Could it be that simple? We're definitely willing to try.