41 Best Women's T-Shirts You Can Buy In 2022

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Welcome to a celebration of the humble, comfortable t-shirt and its cousins, the trendy tee and work-ready t-shirt. The fact is, we need a lot of t-shirts to create seamless styles for all of life's scenarios — from lazy binge-watching sessions to boardroom slay days. So, we took one for the team and cobbled together a hefty list of the perfect women's t-shirts for every occasion.

There was a time when the plain white t-shirt was simply part of the Navy's uniform and nothing more (via Real Thread). In fact, before 1913 — when the Navy began issuing tees as undershirts to sailors — people used to cut the sleeves off of work-related uniforms when the weather got warm. So, were they the first to rock a raw edge hem? Perhaps, but more importantly, in 1955, a young stud named James Dean gifted the universe a too-cool-to-care jeans and t-shirt look in the film "Rebel Without a Cause." Since the t-shirt was basically considered underwear at the time, this was a bold and sexy move. After that, the t-shirt was unstoppable, quickly becoming a steadfast member of the forever fashionable club.

In an age of endless t-shirt choices — which even includes scratch & sniff styles — it's clear that the tee is now an everyday staple, available in a dizzying array of options. We're here to help narrow down the selections by sharing the 41 best women's t-shirts you can buy in 2022.

How we selected the best women's t-shirts of 2022

If Dr. Seuss were around, he'd remind us that tees come in all shapes and sizes, from utilitarian to super-luxe prizes. Yes, indeed! So it seems tees of every color fill our social feeds, but, my-oh-my, how can we decide? The stacks upon stacks require a muse. Well, fear not, fashionista friends, we've scoured the internet with a knowing lens.

So, whether you're looking for a quirky Seuss-like pattern or a polished professional look, this collection of t-shirts has something for everyone. To cover the broadest tee categories, we started at the very genesis of all t-shirts: The sewing process. Then, by reviewing the fundamental styles of t-shirts, we ensured this list was as comprehensive as possible. From there, we looked to incorporate the latest trends reported by experts across the industry, such as Who What Wear.

Finally, we looked at customer demand and feedback documented in product reviews and social media comments. All of this combined ensures that these tees will surely please. And, yes, of course, there's even a Dr. Seuss Easter egg somewhere in this collection.

Best classic slim-fit t-shirt

"Misty moss," doesn't that sound dreamy? The color of this luxurious tee reminds us of the moss that collects on rocks in the quiet shadows of the woods. That's not technically the name of this t-shirt color, but after looking at upwards of 1,000 styles while researching this story, we developed OPI-level color naming skills in the process. So, misty moss, it is!

Aether is dedicated to merging adventure and life, so they recently tested their latest goods while on a motorcycle trip to Mexico. Co-owner Jonah Smith explained why it's crucial to test gear IRL to Gear Patrol. Speaking about the brand's moto pants, Smith said, " ... [we] went through tolls and realized we couldn't get money out of our hip pockets, and that's how we decided there should be a pocket there. These trips are how we discover the small details that ultimately lead us to create the best possible ... AETHER pieces." Case in point: The micromodal fabric of the brand's Legacy Short-Sleeve crew tee promises superior softness and a Lifetime Manufacturing Guarantee.

The Legacy Short-Sleeve Crew is available at Aether for $115.

Size Range: XS-XL | Material: 96% Micromodal, 4% Elastane | Fit: Slim fit

Best t-shirt if you wear your heart on your sleeve

When it comes to t-shirts, comfort is at the heart of it all, but that doesn't mean they can't also be super cute and stylish. Case in point: The heart-themed t-shirt from Find Me Now. The blush pink color and itty-bitty puff sleeve design add a touch of sweetness to the versatile top. One reviewer mentioned, "The sleeves are such a nice touch to my normal t-shirt collection," which is why we had to include it on our list.

The brand itself — a female-owned business — is dedicated to partnering with small, women-led international manufacturers with sustainability at the forefront, per their website. For this reason, Find Me Now's products are exclusively offered online. In fact, it's one of the many fashion brands to fully embrace the benefits of e-commerce during the pandemic (via Rolling Stone).

The Love For All T-Shirt is available at Find Me Now for $29.90.

Size Range: XS-XL | Material: 100% Cotton| Fit: Straight through waist

Best workwear inspired crop t-shirt

We're always eager for a fresh crop of Dickie's edgy workwear-inspired fashion. This piece is a statement maker, with its robin-egg blue hue and boxy crop silhouette. Obviously, it pairs perfectly with the brand's classic carpenter pants or workwear khakis, but don't sideline your shorts and skirts when coming up with the perfect style options for this tee. This is one of those shirts that will end up in your regular rotation, it's that comfy.

As unusual as it may seem, you can actually get some pretty solid crop-top styling inspiration from this throw-back Try Guys video, which has over eight million views on YouTube. However, if the self-proclaimed "nerd boys" don't offer the advice you need, go with your gut instinct and set your midriff free.

The Women's Cropped Graphic T-Shirt is available at Dickie's for $39.99.

Size Range: XS-XL | Material: 100% Cotton| Fit: Cropped

Best t-shirt for Dolly Parton fans

Picture this: It's Friday night, and you're going to single-handedly bring down the house at karaoke. You've been shower-singing your heart out all week, and today's the day to slay. Of course, your outfit needs to be perfect for the occasion — artfully distressed jeans, a Dolly Parton-inspired graphic tee, and a sassy raw-edge tweed blazer. The only other accessory you need is the perfect song, so cue up "Jolene" for the win.

This t-shirt is a great way to keep Dolly's music and mindset in the spotlight. She's known for her miles-long songbook, but she wasted no time in helping to fund COVID-19 vaccination research (via The New York Times). So, take a few pointers from Miley Cyrus's rendition of Jolene for "The Backyard Sessions," which has logged a mind-blowing 342 million views on YouTube, and karaoke your heart out.

The Jolene Graphic Tee is available at Dash Forward for $22.

Size Range: S-XXXL | Material: Not listed | Fit: Relaxed

Best splurge-worthy linen t-shirt

A little luxe goes a long way, and that's precisely why this linen-blend tee is a worthy splurge. Linen is similar to cotton but is made from flax, according to the fabric experts at Sewport. As a result, linen has a lovely, cascading flow, and it's very breathable, which is perfect for warm weather or high-stress meetings.

It's not just the fabric that makes this tee transcendent, though. The pocket and neckline have an exquisite "silk georgette" accent, which adds an understated oomph to the piece. Also, if you feel like you're seeing more linen lately, it's no coincidence. Fashion United reported that linen use by designers was up over 100% at the 2021 spring and summer runways shows.

The Caelan Tee is available at Brochu Walker for $158.

Size Range: XS-L | Material: 55% Linen, 45% Viscose| Fit: Slightly fitted

Best t-shirt for those who celebrate individuality

The joy and inherent power of this tee are that its meaning is as fluid as your daily mood. This tee doesn't care if you're a tomboy, girly-girl, transgender, queer, or just someone who likes to spark meaningful discussions. GIRLBOY is a brand devoted to the celebration of fem-fueled empowerment.

Fans of the brand include actress and filmmaker Jennifer Esposito, who was spotted on Instagram rocking her GIRLBOY tee with a classic blazer. The brand has also partnered with iconic fashion brand Fred Segal — known for monetizing "California-cool" in the '60s — so, it's safe to say this is way cooler than a typical tee.

The Classic Black Tee is available at GIRLBOY for $70.

Size Range: XS-XL | Material: 70% Organic Cotton, 30% Hemp| Fit: Slightly Fitted

Best Amazon t-shirt for under $10

After scouring the internet and looking for the best women's t-shirts of 2022, we'd like to consider ourselves "in the know." Admittedly, though, we bow to the OG t-shirt titans at Hanes, who've been running the game since the brand was founded in 1901 (per CNN Business).

Hanes t-shirts are affordable, comfortable, durable, and pretty close to perfect. It's no wonder these tees have over 40,000 (mostly positive) ratings on Amazon, but the stats stack up in other areas, too. It's ranked #160 in the "Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry" category on the website, plus it's the eighth most popular t-shirt across all women's t-shirts on Amazon. However, if you think the name of the tee, the "Perfect Short-Sleeve T-shirt," is a bit of a brag, remember that reviewers have confirmed this notion with bold shout-outs. One reviewer stated, "Wow! I wanted a T-shirt that would be flattering without being skin-tight ... It's the perfect balance of fitted yet loose."

The Hanes Women's Perfect-T Short Sleeve T-shirt is available on Amazon with prices ranging from $6 to $22.

Size Range: S-5X | Material: 100% Cotton| Fit: Relaxed

Best dramatic tie-front t-shirt

Casual chic gets a wholesome upgrade with this tie-front top, which is equally stylish with jeans or a skirt. So tuck or don't tuck, the choice is yours. Quite honestly, it doesn't matter much because either way, this elevated tee is peak cuteness goals. Reviewers agree, with one chiming in, "I actually have two of these tops ... They are awesome. Very comfortable and very flattering. Love them!"

The brand, Abbey Glass, offers effortless styles, but a lot of effort actually went into the brand's creation. Designer Abbey Glass was a 2020 Tory Burch Foundation Fellow and has even been featured in Southern Living Magazine for her inspirational entrepreneurism.

The Cardin Top is available at Abbey Glass for $242.

Size Range: XS-XL | Material: Cotton blend | Fit: Slim fit

Best organic wing sleeve t-shirt

Finery comes in all shapes and sizes, like this slightly-slouched tee from Arra. The graceful top is made in New York with certified organic cotton that has been dyed using "low-impact" techniques, so it's a fun, playful investment. To balance your budget, pair this splurge with a few savvy tips from Lydia Tomlinson, whose "Look Expensive on a Budget" tutorial has over one million views on YouTube.

No worries if you're too busy or forgetful to frequent the dry cleaner. The relaxed fit, winged-sleeve top balances its low-key luxury with everyday care that allows wiggle room for machine washing. One reviewer confirms how well the material holds up, saying, "Beautiful fabric that wears well even after washing. Style, cut, and details are perfection."

The Geo Top is available at Arra for $225.

Size Range: Simplified 1-4 sizing| Material: 100% Organic Cotton | Fit: Relaxed

Best cozy vintage vibes t-shirt

Of course, Old Navy has one of the cutest tees of the season! This boxy, chill shirt has a vintage vibe that lends itself well to casual warm-weather escapades. Even at full price, which tops out at around $20 depending on the color, this tee is an affordable option you'll love to wear. If you're anything like us, you can't wait to stock up on this style during one of the brand's many sales.

The reviews yield a 4.5-star rating, and reviewers highlight "the fit," "comfort," and a variety of colors as reasons why they love this item so much. In addition to the color options, the comfy tee is available in sizes XS through 4X. In fact, inclusive sizing is also a theme on the brand's Instagram page, which has 2.5 million followers.

The Short-Sleeve Vintage Easy T-Shirt is available at Old Navy with prices ranging from $16.99 to $19.99.

Size Range: XS-4X | Material: 100% Cotton | Fit: Boxy

Best trendy tiger t-shirt

It's pretty much a jungle out there. There's a tiger (tee) around every corner, and so the challenge is to find one that channels your signature style. Whether you tie the waist or tuck, this tiger understands the assignment: fashion fierceness.

This tee is the ultimate tiger-themed accessory, especially considering it's the year of the tiger, according to the Chinese Zodiac. More than that, though, this t-shirt just totally rocks. It's cute, edgy, and 100% on-trend, according to Fashionista. Amazon reviewers rave about the softness of the material, ranking its texture at 4.7 out of 5 stars. Additionally, comments highlight that the tee garners tons of compliments. Better yet, one reviewer confirms the tiger print " ... is vibrant and as pictured. The tee itself is such a nice material, not stiff, but soft and flattering. I love the wider neckline that gives it a more feminine look than most tees."

The Tiger Printed Short Sleeve T-Shirt is available on Amazon with prices ranging from $13.59 to $19.99.

Size Range: S-2X | Material: 75% Spandex, 25% Polyester| Fit: Relaxed

Best baggy boyfriend t-shirt

While preparing for the warm weather season, the cool kids discussed at length and unanimously decided: This tee is 100% summer goals. The pale blue and white are reminiscent of the wispy clouds in the summer sky. So, pop on this tee and lounge in your hammock, because living your best life is a breeze in this billowy beauty.

Speaking of the elements, AG's dedication to efficient water use is a game-changer. The brand even tracks its efforts on this front, posting updates on its website and making it Instagram-official, saying they're "[leading] the sustainable manufacturing movement with innovative technology and a conscious approach." Currently, their efforts have saved nearly 37.5 million gallons of water — per the brand's website — a timely endeavor considering the impact that cotton production can have on global water usage (via World Wildlife Fund).

The Karter Ex-Boyfriend T-Shirt is available at AG for $78.

Size Range: XS-XL | Material: 96% Cotton, 4% Spandex | Fit: Boxy

Best stain-resistant white t-shirt

Okay, everyone, stay calm, it's finally happening: A stain-resistant white t-shirt! Better yet, it's designed to go with the flow on hot days using odor-deterring, quick-dry fabric.

To really drive these points home, customers shared how the innovative tee plays out in real life. One reviewer wrote, "Really love the invincible line (crops, V-neck, and tanks). All are really soft and repel everything!! I don't have to worry while I'm cooking or if I go out to the garden and do a little weeding! Definitely buying more!!" Notably, Threads 4 Thought is a popular label at Nordstrom, Stitch Fix, and Amazon. If that's not enough for you, the sustainability-focused brand is actually the love child of high school sweethearts Eric and Leigh Fleet (via eCult). All that, plus a $38 stain-resistant tee? Count us in.

The Invincible Cropped Crew Tee is available at Threads 4 Thought for $38.

Size Range: XS-3X| Material: 100% Organic Cotton | Fit: Cropped

Best genderless tie-dyed t-shirt

Recycled materials? Check. Genderless design? Check. In fact, this tee checks all of the boxes.

The oversized cut is on-trend and, more importantly, comfortable. The happy-go-lucky, cotton candy-hued swirls are basically a billboard for unadulterated joy. Plus, hidden behind the design, on the inside, there's a delicate terry lining for added softness. However, there's one thing the brand isn't so soft on — wasteful fashion. So, along those lines, the brand's "Closet and Credit" program, which was featured by Fast Company, provides store credit when you use dedicated bags to ship your old, worn-out clothes to them. Sign us up!

The Recycled Terry Fleece Oversized Tee is available at For Days for $52.

Size Range: XS-XXL | Material: 73% Organic Cotton, 27% Recycled Cotton | Fit: Oversized

Best pre-shrunk t-shirt

Jason Scott, the brand behind this perfect tee, has some super fans in its corner. One reviewer raves, "Soft, clean lines, comfortable, impeccably made. If it's Jason Scott, you know you're going to be wearing it a lot. Best to buy two."

One of the brand's go-to pieces is the pre-shrunk tee, which promises a tailored yet "never clingy" fit. If, somehow, that's not cool enough for you, keep in mind that it's designed for breathability which makes it a perfect staple year-round. Want more? Well, to seal the deal, the brand's Instagram page has a features tab called "Soft AF," so we can see how the hype stacks up.

The Shrunken Tee is available at Jason Scott for $60.

Size Range: XS-L | Material: 100% Pima Cotton | Fit: Slightly Fitted

Best elevated ringer t-shirt

Outerknown's mission is to " ... build products by making every decision with the highest regard for People and Planet." To this end, the brand is transparent with its ongoing plans to disrupt the fashion industry in a way that better supports workers, the earth, and the overall supply chain.

It's no wonder then that the brand is a favorite of "Euphoria" star Sydney Sweeney, who recently rocked a custom pair of Outerknown coveralls on Instagram. You don't need to be a superstar to access the best of what the brand offers, though. As a matter of fact, this tee has the feel of a soon-to-be trendy juggernaut, and we're totally here for it.

The Sojourn Paris Tee is available at Outerknown for $58.

Size Range: XS-XL| Material: 100% Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton | Fit: Slightly Slim Fit

Best eco-friendly, naturally dyed t-shirt

Stitch Fix, known for its home-delivered fashion styling services, has a line of private label, sustainably focused clothing. Guess what? You can buy these earth-friendly goodies even if you're not a Stitch Fix member. So, here's the scoop.

Stitch Fix partnered with the forward-thinking Mohnton textile mill and the Green Matters Natural Dye Co. to create pieces you can purchase through a separate collection. See those gorgeous colors? They're created with natural dyes, using things like avocado and cutch, a type of tree with cinnamon-colored pulp (per Natural Dyes). As a result, the collection spills over with easy-breezy tops in the most sublime tones of earthy elegance. Instagram followers have gone so far as to post requests for these pieces in their own monthly style boxes. One hopped into the comments section to say, "Dear Stylist. I love this product. You have been my BFF for many years: I know you won't forget to drop this in my box this month."

The Crew Neck Hemp Tee is available at Stitch Fix for $58.

Size Range: XS-3X| Material: 54% Hemp/Jute, 46% Cotton| Fit: Relaxed

Best office-ready t-shirt

Everyone needs that one top: The sure thing that goes with everything you own. The top allows you to buy that hard-to-style printed skirt or those curiously chartreuse pants — it's the top that empowers you to say "yes" to new fashion choices.

By the same token, it's also your go-to tee for office style and beyond. As with many work-styling advice videos, fashion maven Kerina Wang suggests versatile workwear pieces in her "What to Wear to the Office" video on YouTube, which has over 600k views. More than that, though, this elevated basic has a crepe de chine texture which gives it a drapey, crepe-like feel. In addition, its drop-shoulder styling is perfect if you want an alternative to traditional sleeveless shell tops.

The Lawrence Top is available at Of Mercer for $115.

Size Range: XS-XL| Material: 100% Polyester| Fit: Relaxed

Best t-shirt to live your best life

Hedonist, simple, and to the point. There's no need to shy away from the truth — this tee says, "I'm living my very best life, and I have no regrets about it." So, if you're all about indulging in life's endless joys, this shirt is for you!

Not only is the tee a cheeky commentary on crushing life goals, but it also meets Net-a-Porter's criteria for its Net Sustain Program. The program prioritizes companies that contribute to improving various aspects of sustainability, like reducing waste and sourcing locally. Coupled with the fact that the brand has been spotted on Gigi Hadid, it has earned a spot on our favorites list, for sure.

The Printed Cotton-Jersey T-shirt is available at Net-A-Porter for $90.

Size Range: XS-XL| Material: 100% Cotton| Fit: Relaxed

Best '80s throwback t-shirt

The '80s called and wanted in on the hot girl summer trend. Who are we to say no? Just look at this glorious rock & roll meets bubble gum pop top — it's a little of everything and perfect for everyone. Are you hoping to have a summer full of festivals? If so, grab one of these tops right away. If you're heading to a party, it's an absolute "yes" from us. Dare we say, if you're prone to hot flashes, go ahead and buy one in every color and stay cool as a cucumber.

A quick meander through the reviews shows that people know how to rally behind an '80s-themed party, but the fishnet t-shirt is equally fashionable for everyday wear. The Vou's roundup of '80s must-haves confirms this sentiment. Along those lines, reviewers love the styling options, including using this top as a pool and beach accessory. "Loved the shirt! Wore it over a bathing suit and got tons of compliments," one customer wrote. At the end of the day, though, we're fans of the classic jeans and fishnet top look.

The Smile Fish Sexy 80s Fishnet Neon Off Shoulder T-Shirt is available on Amazon for $25.99.

Size Range: S-2X | Material: Not Listed| Fit: Relaxed

Best machine washable metallic t-shirt

If you're easily distracted by shiny things, this sequin t-shirt was made for you. In case you missed it, The New York Times reports that disco balls are making a pretty groovy comeback, so now is your chance to get ahead of the trend by embracing the disco-ball look in a fashionable way.

Customers have chimed in with glowing reviews for this top, especially in terms of styling options. One person wrote, "Perfect in every way. Length, stretch, sparkle. Great for layering or by itself. This is the sort of top you could wear with jeans or a full-length skirt. Friday night or gala depending upon how you dress it." Although you'd assume this sparkle-fest is high-maintenance, you can actually machine wash it on the gentle cycle. So, shine on!

The Spadehill Full Sequin Sparkle Top is available on Amazon with prices ranging from $28.99 to $36.99.

Size Range: S-3X | Material: 100% Polyester| Fit: Relaxed

Best date night t-shirt

Do you know how elegant opera patrons lightly clap while nodding their heads with tasteful approval when they like something? No? Truth be told, we don't either, but that's how we imagine it goes, and that's precisely our reaction to this otherworldy garment.

The fashion tutelaries at ME+EM are the creators of this breathtaking tulle sleeve tee, which is the perfect date night top. Pop on this puff-sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans, and just like that, you're serving up some seriously beguiling goddess vibes. Maybe this sounds a bit dramatic, but we're not the only ones who've been wooed by this top. According to an Instagram post for the brand, their styles were worn by actress Olivia Colman in Maggie Gyllenhaal's film "The Lost Daughter."

The Tulle Pouf Sleeve Top is available at ME+EM for $125.

Size Range: 2-12| Material: 100% Cotton| Fit: Slim Fit

Best stay-put bodysuit t-shirt

The perfect tuck is one of those styling goals often out of our control. Sure, you tuck with care, look in the mirror, and see perfection. We all know what happens next, though. You walk away, and five minutes later, the tuck is amuck. If you're ready to take control of the tuck, invest in a bodysuit t-shirt.

The fashion experts at Who What Wear developed their own collection, and it includes one of these wardrobe wonders. The Erin Crew Neck Bodysuit reviews tally up to a respectable 4.8 stars. To say nothing of the brand's Instagram feed, which is a masterclass in style and is followed by the one and only Kristen Bell.

The Erin Crew-Neck Bodysuit is available at Who What Wear Collection for $38.

Size Range: XS-XL| Material: 100% Cotton| Fit: Fitted

Best drape sleeve t-shirt

It was a treat to discover that a new sleeve style is shaking things up in the endless sea of t-shirt options. If you're looking for a hint of joie de vivre, this seaside-inspired tee is the perfect addition to your online shopping cart.

Sailor stripes have long been associated with the sea, but Coco Chanel is credited with its popularity (via Reader's Digest). The iconic designer included the print in a 1917 clothing line on the heels of a trip to the French Riviera, and the world was forever changed. Similarly, this chic tee embraces the laid-back charm of seaside escapes and delivers the trendy travel wear look that Who What Wear often features. Pro tip: You don't need to travel to be trendy, so give yourself permission to embrace this style no matter where you are in the world.

The Drape Sleeve V Neck Tee is available at ME+EM for $125.

Size Range: 2-12| Material: 96% Viscose, 4% Elastane| Fit: Relaxed

Best flowered crop t-shirt

When you hear the song "Cover Me in Sunshine" by Pink, you hit repeat and wait to be swaddled in that wholesome sunshiny vibe. Now you can maintain that feeling even longer thanks to the flower power of Quiksilver's floral cropped tee. It's joyous, earthy, and downright adorable.

It's no surprise that sunflowers symbolize joy and resilience. The folks at 1800flowers explain that in addition to the obvious sun comparison, sunflowers stand tall on a strong stalk and have about 2,000 seeds each. That's a whole lot of potential, especially since each seed represents an opportunity for even more sunny superstars. Quiksilver, known for its surfer roots, has 2.4 million followers on Instagram who flock to its feed for images of sea sprays, sunrays, and everything in between.

The good news is that the only perfect wave you need is the one you've practiced for your next TikTok. So, pop on this crop top, wait for golden hour, and you'll feel like the human embodiment of sunshine.

The Mysterious Waves Cropped T-Shirt is available at Quiksilver for $36.

Size Range: XS-XL| Material: 100% Organic Cotton| Fit: Cropped

Best t-shirt for nursing moms

Multitasking mommas need shortcuts sometimes. A cozy tee with easy bosom access is a must-have for moms nursing their wee-ones. Belabumbum earns a spot on our list for more than just its adorable brand name. The Aura Anytime Tee's soft, stretchy fabric is perfect for pregnancy and takes expecting mothers into the newborn chapter with ease.

Belabumbum has been celebrated on Instagram by the experts at Motherly and Women's Health. Not only that, YouTuber Nicole Lela Green recommends the brand as a go-to resource for new and expecting moms. Green has over 200k YouTube followers, and her "Packing Our Hospital Bag" has 49k views, which makes sense considering that women have no time to pack once the baby decides it's time to enter the world!

The Aura Anytime Tee is available at Belabumbum for $38.

Size Range: S-XL| Material: Cotton, Spandex| Fit: Figure-hugging

Best bulk workout t-shirts

Everyone loves workout gear, but it's important to have a relatively deep collection of exercise tees if you're regularly working up a sweat. That's where buying in bulk comes into play, like these multipack dry-fit t-shirts.

The set of five t-shirts is offered in 10 different multipacks, each offering unique color combinations. The fabric is designed to wick moisture away from the skin, which helps keep you dry and cools you off when you're crushing your fitness goals (via Dick's Sporting Goods). It's also helpful to know that the set has over 10,000 ratings, with an overall score of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Although reviewers reference various activities, most — like this hiker — agree on the benefits, "What a bargain! Soft, light, washes up easily, dries really fast! I bought them for a month-long hiking trip, and they fit every criteria. Pack, wash and dry easily, breathable and comfy ... what more can you ask for!"

The 5-Pack Women's Short Sleeve V-Neck Activewear T-Shirts are available on Amazon with prices ranging from $32.99 to $36.99.

Size Range: S-3X | Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex| Fit: Relaxed

Best convertible t-shirt

Talk about transformations! This Sonderlier tee has built-in versatility, but it's also made from "recycled post-consumer plastic bottles," (per Sonderlier). So, let's start with the neckline, which has a zipper that allows for asymmetrical and cold-shoulder options. Then there's the adjustable waistline which features little waist buttons that let you decide if you want a relaxed or cinched fit. Brilliant!

The long list of awesome features also includes moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial properties, wrinkle resistance, SPF-50 coverage, and it's made in small women-owned facilities. One website reviewer confirms these benefits, saying, "This is a beautifully flattering (and versatile) top. The material is thick yet still breathable; I've never felt anything like it. It also doesn't seem to wrinkle, making this my new go-to for trips." She's not alone: Instagram fans rave about the brand.

The Ava Convertible Top is available at Sonderlier for $98.

Size Range: XS-2X| Material: 88% Recycled Polyester, 12% Spandex| Fit: Converts from relaxed to fitted

Best t-shirt to celebrate interracial marriage milestones

Love wins. Sometimes, however, it's necessary to stand up for the right to love freely, which is why this t-shirt is an essential addition to the best women's t-shirt roundup of 2022.

Loving vs. The State of Virginia was a milestone case for interracial marriage. Richard and Mildred Loving took their fight for love all the way to the Supreme Court (via History). The couple had married in 1958 in Washington D.C. — where interracial marriage was legal — but were subsequently arrested in their home state of Virginia, where it was illegal. Eventually, with the help of the ACLU, the couple fought all the way to the Supreme Court and won.

This tee is a reminder of this landmark case and that no one needs permission to love who they love.

The Loving v. Virginia Law School T-Shirt is available on Amazon for $24.99.

Size Range: XS-3X| Material: Varies by Color Choice| Fit: Relaxed

Best t-shirt to inspire authentic wellness

Social Goods is a one-stop shopping resource for changing the world, one small step at a time. Each product is aligned with a nonprofit organization that receives a donation on the heels of your purchase. This tee supports The Mental Health Coalition and is a reminder that our physical and emotional wellbeing begins with self-care. Everyone deserves it, and it's far from selfish.

Social Goods' Instagram feed features shout-outs from People, The Strategist, and The New York Times. The brand offers statement-making goods on far-reaching social, cultural, and political topics. As a matter of fact, even Jennifer Garner has been seen sporting their voting-inspired gear.

The Self Care is Not Selfish Tee is available at Social Goods for $40.

Size Range: XS-3X| Material: 100% Cotton| Fit: Unisex, Relaxed

Best goat x Tupac t-shirt

Sports superstars aside, this little farm fella clearly knows that Tupac is the legit GOAT. It seems like even goats are nostalgic for the glory days of hip-hop. Okay, all kidding aside, there's no better bleats to bump while ruminating on life's many opportunities. If you caught all three of those subtle winks, then you're the pun GOAT and should 100% rock this t-shirt.

If '90s hip-hop lore and farm animal puns aren't enough, consider that Amazon reviewers have logged a 4.7 out of 5 stars for this tee. One person summed it up perfectly, noting that it's a "makes you feel happy kinda shirt." However, another noteworthy nugget is worth mentioning as well. Goats are drawn to smiley faces, according to NPR. So, if this goat tee makes you smile, it increases your chances of, dare we say it, more snuggles during goat yoga!

The Fun Animal Graphic Tee is available on Amazon with prices between $16.99 and $17.99.

Size Range: S-XL | Material: Not Listed| Fit: Relaxed

Best classy black & white t-shirt

You can't go wrong with a geometric print, especially if it's black and white. Just take the advice of YouTuber Miss Alex, who suggests that black and white prints are a breeze to style. Her channel has 888k subscribers, and nearly 23k people have watched her video, "The RIGHT way to style prints & patterns," which suggests pairing black and white patterns with denim or a pop of color.

You may not notice at first glance, but one reviewer who "really likes the pattern" quickly pointed out, " ... it's got a different pattern on the back!" By the same token, the experts at Fashion United noted that major fashion houses, like Tory Burch, are equally enthusiastic about prints. So, whether you wear it solo or with your go-to jean jacket, this print is always on-point.

The Miter Front Short Sleeve Raglan Knit Top is available at Liverpool Los Angeles for $48.

Size Range: XS-XL| Material: 64% Polyester, 34% Viscose, 2% Elastane| Fit: Relaxed

Best slouchy seaside t-shirt

A dolman sleeve and a bold stripe? Yes, please! We'll take one in each color. The blue and white version feels like a seaside clambake might happen at any moment, and don't even get us started on that charred citrus and Autumn-dried leaves moment the other option is serving up. Whether you choose one or both is totally up to you, but The Stripe suggests bringing plenty of tops with you when packing for seaside outings in places like Cape Cod, which may influence your decision.

Customers/super fans are eager to provide feedback, with one person saying, "The shirt drapes well over skinny jeans. I ordered another one after seeing how well made and versatile it is!" In terms of fit, another reviewer mentions the slouchy one-size style is comfortable and flattering, "I just love this top! It is an easy, complimentary style that works on my pear-shaped body. It is perfect for day-to-day wear but could easily be dressed up with white denim. Love!!"

The Captiva Terry Slouch Tee is available from MerSea for $98.

Size Range: One size | Material: 100% Cotton| Fit: Slouchy

Best classic rainbow crop t-shirt

A wise frog once asked, "Why are there so many songs about rainbows?" Kermit's much-loved rainbow song has long captivated audiences. In fact, 5.2 million people have viewed Kermie's unplugged rendition of this classic, where he sings, "Rainbows have nothing to hide." So, maybe you love rainbows for their connection to the LGBTQ+ community or just the symbolic optimism. Either way, the world always needs more rainbows, so this Aviator Nation cropped t-shirt is a sure thing.

Fans who've already scooped up the crop mention the "fit," "bright colors," and "soft" fabric as key selling points. One reviewer said it's "Perfect. Super soft and washed wonderful [sic], didn't shrink. Love it so much." Speaking of love, the California-inspired brand adores rainbow prints. Join the other 238k folks who have followed the rainbow all the way to the brand's Instagram feed.

The Rainbow Boyfriend Tee is available at Aviator Nation for $83.

Size Range: XS-XL | Material: 50% Cotton, 37% Polyester, 13% Rayon| Fit: Cropped

Best dressy work t-shirt for under $25

Unfortunately, yes, you need to go to work via the Zoom realm or in person at the office. If you've let your work wardrobe dwindle over the last few years, now's the time to refresh with budget-friendly options. The good news is that this work-ready tee is available in 12 colors and styles, including this sheer look.

The adorable dotted pattern is known as Swiss dots, and these are in a flocked style, which adds a little texture to the top as well. When you combine the color, sheer fabric, and textured micro-dots, you get a casual work-ready tee that can go from day to night with ease. It's equally cute with slacks, jeans, under a blazer, or layered under a sweater. Customer reviews highlight its "perfect length," "sheer fabric," and "flattering" style. One reviewer points out some additional benefits as far as the sheerness goes. "Material is light and airy! Doesn't stick to my body and makes me feel pretty! Must buy!!!"

The Short Sleeve Tops V-Neck T-Shirt is available on Amazon with prices ranging from $19.88 to $28.99.

Size Range: XS-XL | Material: 100% Polyester| Fit: Relaxed

Best whimsical Dr. Seuss t-shirt

One fish, two fish, this is the tee for which we all wish! With a wink of whimsy and a comfy fit, this Dr. Suess-inspired t-shirt feels like that one top you wear until it's perfectly threadbare. As it turns out, Dr. Seuss tees seem to be a favorite for that sort of thing, since one reviewer said she's done it before. "Years ago, I had a One fish Red fish t-shirt (over 30 years ago). And have looked ever since for another. I was thrilled at finding this shirt."

Dr. Seuss would be delighted to know that his Instagram page has 140k followers and is spilling over with bright, creative posts. So, if you're one of the followers or just a fan, you'll be pleased to know that overall, this happy-go-lucky tee has earned a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, and reviewers are pleased that it's "just as advertised."

Oh, the places you'll go ... in this fun tee!

The Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish T-Shirt is available on Amazon for $19.99.

Size Range: XS-3X | Material: Varies by Color Choice| Fit: Relaxed

Best ruffle sleeve t-shirt to glam it up

A little low-key glam moment can happen any time, day or night. A flirty sleeve and a tie-front waist combine superpowers to create the foundation for a play-all-day outfit. So, when you're short on time between work and evening shenanigans, here's the plan. First, pair this top with slacks — just untie the front, tuck it in, and pop on a work-ready heel. Then, when you're about to meet up with friends, tie the front again and style it with a bold statement necklace.

The technique aligns with advice from personal stylist and YouTuber extraordinaire Lauren Messiah, whose statement necklace styling tips have been viewed 15k times. Together with the fact that this tee is ranked within the top 200 t-shirts on Amazon, it's an easy "yes" from us.

The Romwe Women's Short Sleeve Tie Front T-Shirt is available on Amazon with prices ranging from $6.99 to $28.99.

Size Range: XS-4X | Material: 95% Cotton/5% Spandex| Fit: Relaxed

Best half-sleeve t-shirt to wear with everything

Joie makes swoon-worthy clothing. Heck, even the fashion experts at Who What Wear are among the 300k followers on Joie's Instagram feed. Along the same lines, some of their pieces sell out fast, like this 3/4-sleeve Lydia t-shirt. Don't worry, though, we found it on Amazon!

The brand's Twitter profile best describes its vibe: "Romantic, carefree, confident; designs for the adventurous heart." All of that carefree charisma earns the brand regular shout-outs from fashion experts, like those at Vogue. So, with all this love, it's no wonder that some of their most versatile styles — like this go-with-everything tee — can be hard to find. Luckily, it's available on Amazon in both tan and black.

The Lydia T-Shirt is available on Amazon with prices ranging from $64.50 to $118.

Size Range: XXS-XL | Material: 100% Cotton| Fit: Relaxed

Best brightly colored Zoom-appropriate t-shirt

Puff sleeves are having their moment, according to InStyle. So, it begs the question, will it last or be a trendy "poof, and it's gone" fashion bubble? Truth be told, we don't much care because we choose to live in the present, and presently, the puff sleeve is our favorite drab-to-fab style upgrade.

In a real-life scenario, one reviewer said, "The sleeves are EVERYTHING!!! The puff is exaggerated in the best way." The happy fashionista then shared a plan for a mixed media style look. "You can really dress this piece up if you want. I envision wearing it with a ball gown skirt for a Carrie Bradshaw vibe." Overall, a compelling review, especially considering their "Hall of Fame, Top 50 Reviewer" status.

The Drop Collection Mariko Puff-Sleeve Crew-Neck T-Shirt is available on Amazon for $24.90.

Size Range: XXS-5X | Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane| Fit: Relaxed

Best distressed celestial t-shirt

Picture this: It's a warm, but not too hot, day. You're relaxing outside listening to music with friends and dappled rays of sunshine sneak out from behind puffy clouds and wash over you. Maybe you linger long into the night, just chilling with no agenda and no schedule. Oh, and you just happen to be wearing this celestial-inspired t-shirt because you're all about the balance that the sun and moon represent, of course.

It's not just the delicate sun and moon illustrations that make this top special, it's that beautiful sun-faded green hue and distressed crop cut style. This tee is the mood for warm-weather styling and is best described by the reviewer who simply said, "Cute AF!" Overall, it's rated as a 4.4 out of 5 stars, and top remarks include positive reviews about the "soft" fabric and well-placed rips.

The Remidoo Casual Crop Top T-Shirt is available on Amazon with prices ranging from $7.99 to $19.99.

Size Range: XS-2X | Material: Polyester, Spandex| Fit: Cropped

Best casual lace sleeve t-shirt

If you add beachy waves to your hair daily, then you already understand that a bit of texture goes a long way. Well, the same holds true for fashion, so it's pretty clear that this t-shirt doesn't fall flat. It's designed with a waffle-texture bodice and lace sleeves, perfect for adding a little something extra to a casual look. A newcomer to Amazon's fashion frenzy, it aligns with Town & Country's assertion that lace is hot right now.

The tee is available in 10 colors, which might force you to make some tough decisions. On the other hand, all of the options are available for under $20, so it might be an opportunity to stock up on the lace look. A few trendsetters have already rocked the style and reported back with good news. One chimed in with, "I really like this top. Love the waffle knit material; the sleeves are very detailed and make the top look dressy. Good fit, loose and comfortable."

The SYZRI Lace Short Sleeve Waffle Knit Tee is available on Amazon with prices ranging from $14.99 to $18.99.

Size Range: XS-2X | Material: 100% Polyester| Fit: Relaxed