Here's How You Can Get A Glimpse Of Queen Elizabeth's Personal Jewelry Collection

Plans for the first-ever Platinum Jubilee are well underway at Buckingham Palace, where Queen Elizabeth and her family are preparing to celebrate her 70 years of service. As the longest-reigning monarch in the history of England, there's plenty of ground to cover — and the celebrations are bound to be memorable in their own right.

The entire British royal family will reportedly take part in the events, from a trip to Wales for Prince William and Kate Middleton to a horse and pony show with some of the grandchildren. Even Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced their plans to attend — with some restrictions. The entire city of London will be outfitted with special attractions, and events will doubtlessly draw crowds from all corners of the globe.

That's not all, though. For anyone who has an appreciation for fashion and accessories, there's a new exhibition in development for the Platinum Jubilee. The Royal Collection Trust has announced plans to display some of Queen Elizabeth's most iconic and impressive jewelry at different locations throughout the United Kingdom from July through October. For most of us, it's the closest we'll ever get to the queen's crown.

Honoring a long and historic reign

Queen Elizabeth is impressively serving as the longest-reigning monarch in England's history, according to Buckingham Palace. With such a long and storied record of service, it's no surprise that she has such a notable collection of jewels and clothes, each with its own historical significance.

Admirers of Her Majesty's collection can visit Buckingham Palace to see the Queen's Diamond Diadem, along with portraits and additional jewels, from July to October (via Royal Collection Trust). Outfits from past jubilees will be on display at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the trust says, and the queen's coronation dress and several brooches she often wears when visiting Commonwealth countries will be at Windsor Castle. According to People, the brooches — including a maple leaf worn by Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton, and other members of the family on visits to Canada — are symbols of the queen's dedication to her work.

"It's really supporting that message of the Queen as head of the Commonwealth and the fact that she has really devoted so much of her reign to that," exhibit curator Caroline de Guitaut told People.