What The May 16 Blood Moon Eclipse Means For Earth Signs

According to Forbes, a Blood Moon eclipse is coming to North America on May 15 and will last until early May 16. This celestial event hasn't happened in a couple of years, so it's a big deal. CBS News explained that this event is called a Blood Moon because the moon will appear to have a unique red appearance with possible hints of other hues, including yellow, brown, or orange. Since the moon is typically associated with its traditional white color, it's a big deal for it to turn red instead, even for such a short period of time. So, what does this mean? Well, NASA revealed that the moon will appear red due to a total lunar eclipse, when the Earth, sun, and moon all align. Since the moon will be hiding behind the sun, that's why it'll receive its reddish glow. 

Like most celestial events, everyone should be ready for the Blood Moon eclipse to affect their mood and daily routine. According to InStyle, this occurrence may intensify your emotions and feelings, and all the signs should expect some potential changes to occur. Along with each sign being affected individually, earth signs during the Blood Moon will also notice a common theme. 

What to expect if you're a Taurus

Allure explained that anyone born between April 20 and May 20 is a Taurus. People belonging to this earth sign are determined individuals who crave romance, beauty, security, and luxury. While they may come off as a bit overindulgent and stubborn, Tauruses are known for their devotion and caring personalities.

So, what will happen to this earth sign as a result of the upcoming Blood Moon eclipse? According to PopSugar, relationships are a prominent theme during this celestial event, whether those relationships be romantic or platonic. During this time, you may be inspired to communicate how you feel if you're not happy in any type of relationship. While it may be hard for a loyal Taurus to put a relationship at risk by sharing any honest feelings, communication is crucial for all relationships. Try not to let this Blood Moon eclipse give you stress. Trust your instincts and listen to what your loved ones say to you.

Here's what's coming for Virgos

If you were born between August 23 and September 22, you're a Virgo. InStyle explained that Virgos are extremely organized, meticulous, and notoriously strive to be perfect. They're intelligent, analytical people who like sticking to their routines. Although they can be quite critical and have a tendency to overthink, this sign is very helpful and thoughtful.

Don't panic, but it looks like the Blood Moon eclipse will significantly affect Virgos as well. According to Elle, communication is also key for Virgos during this celestial event, so get ready for intense discussions and potential conflict, change, and confrontation. You should remember to use written or visual methods of communication to your advantage if you think this will help you share and articulate your thoughts. Expect some issues surrounding themes of power at work, home, family events, or social scenes. Situations involving envy could be another problem that may arise for you, but don't let it get the best of you.

What this means for Capricorns

Anyone born between December 22 and January 19 is a Capricorn. Well + Good explained that this earth sign is known for its stellar work ethic, unbelievable determination, and ability to get stuff done. Capricorns desire success, and while they may seem a bit too serious at first and set their standards a little too high, they often loosen up with time and have a softer side — even though not everyone gets to see it.

So, how will the Blood Moon eclipse affect a stoic Capricorn? According to Elle, this astronomical event will affect most Capricorns' social lives, making this an excellent time to consider joining organizations that seem enjoyable. Furthermore, this earth sign is likely to get a lot of attention online or via social media, so you should use the internet to your advantage. Plus, this theme of technology makes this a great time to try using dating apps. Why not put yourself out there, Capricorn? And like your fellow earth signs are using the Blood Moon as a time to communicate their feelings, you can use this time to communicate as well when you're texting your new matches.