How Many Children Does Jack Abbott Have On The Young And The Restless?

Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) has been a key player on "The Young and the Restless" for decades (via Soaps In Depth). Since arriving on the scene in 1980, Jack (then portrayed by Terry Lester) has taken viewers on a roller coaster of drama.

In particular, it's family drama that Jack frequently finds himself immersed in. At the heart of Jack's character, he is a family man. Being endowed with the role of "head of the family" comes with its fair share of ups and downs. However, nobody navigates the difficulty of leading a family the way Jack has over the years. Jack has always demonstrated a willingness to always put his children first, no matter the sacrifice to his own life and happiness.

Despite being the head the Abbott clan, Jack has only fathered three children. Each of his relationships with his children are unique and come with their own set of challenges and heartbreaking moments. Even though Jack's love life is often chaotic (via Soaps In Depth), his love for his children — living or dead — knows no bounds. Jack wears his heart on his sleeve and this is showcased whenever interacts with or discusses Keemo (Philip Moon), John Abbott III, and Kyle (Michael Mealor).

Jack fathered a son named Keemo

During Jack Abbott's time serving in Vietnam, he fathered a child that would eventually be revealed as Keemo. Jack was unaware of Keemo's existence until he resurfaced in the '90s as an adult (via SoapHub). The two never really developed a strong bond and had a tumultuous relationship throughout Keemo's tenure in Genoa City. Keemo eventually left town, faded into the background, and was hardly spoken about or acknowledged in the years that followed. However, all of that changed when Jack began receiving letters that were seemingly from Vietnam.

Unfortunately for Jack, he would not receive the moment of reconciliation he might've been hoping for with his long lost son Keemo. After a cat-and-mouse game of letters, Jack finally learned the truth: Keemo was dead. Keemo suffered a heart attack that ultimately cost him his life. Despite this tragedy, one good thing came from Jack's attempts to reconnect with Keemo. Jack learned he has a granddaughter named Allie that he can attempt to form a relationship with. This is the second surprise grandchild for Jack in recent history. His first came from his other son Kyle, who learned he was the biological father of Harrison Locke.

Jack's deceased son with Nikki Newman

Soaps like "The Young and the Restless" often dive into story lines that play out in heartbreaking fashion. One of the biggest examples of that came during the tragic death of Jack Abbott's second born son with Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott). Jack and Nikki are power players on the canvas, so naturally any story line with them involved is going to feature raw emotion. The death of their child John Abbott III did exactly that.

Unlike Jack's other two sons, John III wasn't featured much on the soap. He died shortly after Nikki gave birth, and he was played by a doll instead of a real actor. Even though the character wasn't around for any length of time, it still added to the arc of Jack's legendary run on "Y&R" (via After the death of their child, Jack and Nikki never truly recovered, but they've remained in each other's orbit in the years that followed. They'll always be tied together because of the baby boy they shared together, even if he didn't live a long life.

Jack also has a son named Kyle

Jack Abbott's third and final son is the one fans have grown the most accustomed to. Now played by Michael Mealor, Kyle's been a mainstay on "The Young and the Restless" canvas for many years. His relationship with Summer Newman (formerly played by Hunter King) has been labeled as super couple status, and it's been featured at the forefront of frequent story lines. However, Jack's relationship with Kyle hasn't always been smooth sailing. Like his other two sons, Jack and Kyle have a relationship that is rooted in its own brand of heartbreak and disappointment.

Kyle's relationship with Summer, his affinity to not play by the rules, and his desire to take his father's place as CEO of Jabot Cosmetics have all played roles in straining the relationship. More recently, Kyle has returned to Genoa City and is adamant about reconnecting with his mother Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters). She resurfaced after years of being presume dead and wants a relationship with Kyle (via Soap Opera Digest). However, Jack is vehemently against the idea, leading to newfound tension between the father and son. It remains to be seen if this will permanently drive a wedge between Jack and Kyle after everything they've been through.